All races are equal and exactly the same, right guys...

All races are equal and exactly the same, right guys? We humans aren't like other animals who adapt and evolve based on the environments they live in. That's just a spook!

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Vague, disregarded. Equal in what way.
obviously not, no human is the same and therefore no arbitrary collection of humans can be the same.

Fuck off, didn't you already have the shit kicked enough in the last thread?

Muh Makeup, Muh Youth, Muh Better Quality of life

The funny thing is Holla Forums, that you don't actually understand Darwin or evolution. Your social darwinist dream would see the elimination of your ilk ASAP.

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wow it's like ugly old people of all races exist!

Look at this fine aryan specimen! Very nice isn't it? I'm sure women are forming a line to be with him.

I dare you to find ONE good looking abbo, regardless of age.

I fully agree, OP.


Yes, a bunch of nitpicked images is totally going to convince us. If that is all it took to convice you, you are an idiot.

There you go.


The image is simply bait to get you to respond.

Aren't we humans like other animals, who adapt to their environments? Do you deny the Autism Level differences between races?

Wow, you really love censorship here, like true communists. Word filters are so fun.

The one on the right looks like it is dying of some terrible illness. It is not good looking. Do NOT prove Holla Forums right.

The 2nd point is the truth but the first point is still bullshit

Was he trying to say Autism Level and it got word filtered?

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You sperging out hilariously is exactly why we have it. You can relax, it's not like we don't know what you're trying to say newfriend

Is Holla Forums as obsessed with black booty as Holla Forums is with black dicks?

I think so.

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We like latina and middle eastern women and Holla Forums's obssession with bbc can't be topped.

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That girl is not black.


If she's not black then what is she?

It's not like race isn't an entirely superficial and arbitrary concept anyway.

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Small features > big features.

Stalin was right. Gulags now

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mixed, she only looks alright because of white genes

Nice """"evolution"""" cumskin

Look, I am not a scientist. All I know about evolution is what I learned in school.
Of course humans are subject to evolution. We are, however, different from other animals in the way that we managed to adapt our environment to us. Of course this lowers the selective pressure prevalent upon us.

Even if there are human races, I don't see why it would be important for anything. It wouldn't even be relevant for migration, at least not if you are trying to be reasonable. This whole concept of ethnostates is completely irrational, since it favours an arbitrary factor ("being white") over a direct and measurable factor like education or ingelligence. Even if you say that being white correlates with being intelligent, it would be much more reasonable to go for intelligence directly instead. Only a spooked retard would prefer a white toilet cleaner over a black surgeon when it comes to immigration. (Which is exactly what proponents of a white ethnostate are doing. Yet they call themselves rational…)

Look, I am not very good with English. It would probably take me two hours to sum up what I have to tell you. I would therefore suggest you to watch this video, which is very close to what I think regarding race. Especially the part about race, meritocracy and communism is important.

I think she looks good, but that's probably personal taste.

Shes like 22 or something.

By that logic, whites are less attractive without black genes.

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I don't think that this is how genetics work.

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Small features are nice sometimes. But thickness is king.

This is how every Holla Forumsyp justifies it to themselves whenever they find a black woman attractive.

I like how every thread about race becomes a black qt-thread

Us Nords don't get burned by the sun in our own countries, unless we sunbathe for hours.


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Ren och skär lögn. Är du säker på att du är nordisk? Du kanske är spanjor?

Not black, but latinas are proof of that miscegenation is good as hell.

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This is now a thicc lewds thread. Posting something autistic about race is optional


Don't try. He is probably some American who took a 23andme test and thinks he is a cool viking now.

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at least post something that isnt fake and swollen and a healthhazard.



That's because Scandinavia gets about enough sun annually to solar power one easy-bake oven.

I almost physically threw up.

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At least post good Asians, if you're going to whine.

What is god trying to tell us?

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irrelevant shit for the sake of the next generations.

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No race are the same. No race will ever be equal. There is only one race worth a damn and it's the white race. If the other races would finally bow out of the war to allow the whites to continue their reign unopposed, that would be the best course of action for all of us. Granted, we have to weed out the dipshits who want to mix, but it's a need that will be met.

I agree op. Mandatory execution for anyone with Autism Level below mine


I've seen more attractive non-whites then whites in my life son so tf you on about


We have a duty to the gay brown Islamic communist generations of the future to mix.

Name any environmental factor that you can prove causes a difference in human ethnic groups, and prove that this difference in group averages means individuals should be treated differently based on their ethnic group.

Yeah, everyone knows that, you don't need spooky "race" bullshit to prove it. That's not what we mean by equality.

This is the weak link in your argument, Holla Forums.

What was it supposed to say?

Whites cant survive naked 24/7 near the equator so they should be kiled off, tbh. Darkies are much more resilient.

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It's obvious jewish race is superior, I mean they have the highest Autism Level

It's not like Holla Forums have jobs or go outside.

slender/athletic girls will bring us revolution