Thought on Algeria?

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Libya 2.0

Why is this a bad thing, you orientalist fuck? Hijab and niqab are great for the creation of a national consciousness among colonized Muslim women.

Pls tell me this is satire

it's Holla Forums larping as a liberal because he thinks that's what we are
whenever you see idpol liberalism here, 99% chance it's a Holla Forumsack

Ever taken a course in postcolonial studies?

Ever take New Testament studies? It's just about as valid.

ah yes the faux enlightened diaspora arab who cannot go a sentence without mentioning edward said or orientalism

I wonder if Pierre is going to vote against Le Pen again when another 10 million Algerian males make the pie even smaller for him…

There is no way France will take in that many in such a short amount of time.

It's more likely that the women and children will go to France, but the men will stay and fight, not to mention many diaspora Algerians will go back to join the party.

And yet, Algeria is still a neocolony despite the high level of "national consciousness" and burkhas.

lol dumb arabs amirite
…not idpol tho

Thanks for the article. If the president is so degenerated already, how is he holding an "iron fist" on the country? Does his party execute his ideology or what? The author also mentioned how interested western intelligence agencies were, but gave no evidence or even specific names. Obviously they're interested, but exactly which questions are they asking?

yes what a magnificent allocation of state budget you fucking moron.

ah yes the strawman

Nice idealism.

Because we aren't nationalists and realize that "national consciousness" is inherently counterrevolutionary.

What about anti-colonial struggles?

Lel the new Mosque is a huge waste of money. There's also a running meme about what will finish construction faster: the Mosque or the new Airport section being built by the Chinese.

It´s a fake democracy where a small group of whealthy generals and buerocrats controll the country. The president is elected with between 60 to 80% every couple of years.
If their is a power vacum, and if said vacuum whould trigger a major attempt for a military coup, this whould only lead to other groups trying to seize power themselfs. Dont forget about tribal forces. The Tuareg already cotroll a sizable portion of Libya, they could use that opportunity to establish some kind of second rojava in the maghreb region. They hate muslim extremists, so it could be possible that the goverment supports them.
A reason why a military uprising by islamist forces could be defeated with relative ease, is that up to 90% of the food are beeing imported. The goverment could systhematicly starve the regions where resistence whould spread. In advance the country maintains a huge stockpile of strategic reserves of wheat,rice,corn. To be exact, Algeria has the biggest strategic food reserves in the World.
Additionally, all targets, like oil reserves or populated areas, lie in the northern part of the country, making them easyer to defend against aggressionor sabotage, btw those are the primary income sources of the staate, so its difficult to hit them by their purse.
What also comes in handy is that foreign powers have an intreat, in the algerian Goverment staying in ower. Algeria provides a quarter of the European oil impoerts. Their pieline supply mainly the suthern countrys, that are the economicl weakest. If the flow of Oil and gas whould stop, this could trigger a domino effect that could trigger a global economic crises. Algeria also has splendid relations to both Russia, China and America.
China helped them to start their nuclear programm.
Well the only thing sure is, nobody has a interest in a War their.

I'm sure those "empowered" women will form the revolutionary vanguard you utter fucking imbecile.

They typically led to the creation of new bourgeois states, and the nationalists which ruled these states had the socialists murdered.

Supporting nationalism as a tactical measure for anti-colonial reasons, in 1960, is at least understandable. Supporting it in 2017, with the benefit of hindsight, is suicidally dumb.

To be fair, traditional gender roles are good for situations like Palestine where everything is dependent upon birthrates and demographics.

Lotta good their birthrate has done them. You can't breed your way out of technological and economic backwardness against an opponent that does not recognize your humanity.

Besides, that's a game the jews can play at too, their more kooky religious types pump out boatloads of kids also.

Pretty sure Israel has a declining birthrate.

You realy think people's bood boils with patriotism when their homeland is in crisis, and will happily run to get killed?
Too idealist
Also, there's also a huge amount of sub-sahs that would take adavantage to get into Yurop

Where do you get such obscure memes from? If you are an Algie you gotta say now

Indigopill me on the Tuaregs. Is Azawad is the "rojava" you spoke about? Are those one of those tribes that people complain about being oppressed by Gaddafi?

I read that a large part of the Mali rebelion were Lybian-hardened Tuaregs. Are they planning to span a Tuaregland across northern Mali and Southern Algeria/Lybia?

Most people here are in favor of Roj, and you yourself sound in favor of Azawad.
Holla Forums seems to more on-board with ethnostates than it's comfortable admitting.
Not meant as a bad thing.

good post
also, it's "would" not "whould", and the first and last "their" should be "there"

The orthodox have higher birthrates than the Palestinians at this point, but they're a minority.

The pending socialist successes among the Kurds and Tuareg prove the islamophobic point.


Because both groups are extremely heretical Muslims and mix Islam with pagan and occult traditions.

Postcolonials already despise Rojava because the women aren't fighting in muh hijab. No doubt they'd shit on a socialist Tuareg project too for not being "authentically Muslim".

No, biological gender roles are good for that
Women are not going to have more or less babies because of the hijab

Now, if we are talking about rape, that's another thing

They have though. The two-state "solution" is pretty well dead and with Palestinian birthrates up Israel will no doubt become Palestine again simply by outbreeding.

This is just obviously not true. Cuba, Kurdistan, Sandinista NATIONAL LIBERATION Front, etc etc

yep I am half agerian, visited it two times, my father come from there. Sorry for the grammar and spelling mistakes, Im migrane and fever so please just ignore that.
I am/was pro Azawad. I think one of the main reasons why Africa and the middle east are so fucked up, are the artificial boarders and nations both consist of. If the indigenour poeple whould have thier own nations,micronations or automour territorys, that could reduce conclict and increase stability. Furthermore national soveirgnty is the first step to be more independent. And independence is always good since It can be valid counter to imperialism, which these reagions are subjected to.

On the Tuaregs:
Gadafi, like most people who know how to stay in power in this reagion, used classical divide and conquer. He played the tribes against euch other. It was basicly a gamble, the touaregs (or their Leaders and tribal elders to be exact) coose to support him, especially since he promised them some soveirnty, a promise he continued to break.They were basicly used and opprest a little less like other tribes. The tuareg are one of the few societys that are, atleast to some extend, matriarchial. Man have to cover themselfs nd women are the head of he family and have more economic and personal rights. Intrestingly their laguage, has no word for virginity. Even thou their culture is prude (talking about sexual topics in public is a big tabo) having a promisceous sexlive isnt seen as pr0blematic, well aslong as it is handled discret and behind closed doors.
Looking at these facts it is pretty obvious that the Tuareg are absolutely anti-sharia.
They usualy just leave their prisoners of war just in the desert, instead f killing or torturing them (atleast thats what I heard). They seme like nice guys, well exept for that they were slave traders for hundrats of years, which is the reason why some african tribes… dislike them
So I thik a Tuareg-State in the Maghreb reagion could have s stabilizing effect against radical islam. Azawad could be a potential second "rojava" among other nations that could form there. I am not really optimistic that this happens.

What exactly did you mean by that? Do you argue that they only have revolutionary potantial because they are relatively moderate, and that this relative moderacy will couse tensions and indignation by other muslims, leaving them in a position surroundet by hostile forces, thus undermining any possible movement in the area?

Color me surprised.

thanks for you thoughts then

As they say on halfchan, fpbp

Oh Another thing the article is wrong about, is that it implies, that women are generally becoming more oppressed. That whould be oversimplified. While there are regions were women have to cover, they usually stay uncoverd at home or when around neighbours,freinds or relatives. Anouther chanche is, when I first visited the country, the "best" thing that could happen to a women was marriing the right man. When I visited it again 5 years ago, things had changed. The "best" thing that can happen to a women now, is studiing at a university. I know this is dangerously close to idpol, I just wanted to give people a better look at the situation.

Are you serious?

So how likely is it that a new Algerian civil war would be one of those 16-sides-no-end-in-sight conflicts?

I'm also guessing France and the US would intervene a lot.

This is EXACTLY what the EU wants.


Actually they were nationalists, yes.

No, all the death of the two-state solution has done is to make the apartheid/ethnic cleansing-option more palatable to Israelis. Again, they don't recognize the humanity of Palestinians. The Israelis will expel or kill them all before they allow Palestinians as equals, they have the means to do so, and no-one will risk the ire of Israel to try and stop them.

Was very surprised and kinda upset to find a lot of Arab leftists on twitter hating on YPJ for this and comparing them to Israeli female soldiers.

care to show a few examples of that?

Is post-colonialism idpol?

It often is. It's pretty funny how reactionary it can get.

Jason Unruhe said something along those lines I believe.

The settlers would be the biggest beneficiaries of a one-state solution, since they'd be able to stay where they are and have the ability to steal Palestinian lands LEGALLY through mechanisms like gentrification and whatnot.