Pakistani teen ‘has hand chopped off’ for demanding salary

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Aaaaaand inb4 postcolonial theorists keep pimping the idea that Muslim porkies aren't REALLY porkies and blame this all on whitey.

this lmao
neither the proletariat nor the bourgeoisie have a country

How do you get your hand chopped off and not lose your mind and murder the person who did it?

Maybe he should have worked and fed the cattle?
If he did everything would be fine, stupid dumb ass

1. wogs are feral beasts


2. people of postcolonial countries don't have the capacity to behave badly without whitey intervention

I'm not sure which is more racist

Because he's a starving kid missing a hand.

Maybe he should have worked more and complain less?
This way he would have keept his hand and get paid

fucking these.

pic related.

Does he not have a left-handed gun?

Im semi-serious, you work, you live

You dont work you starve/get punished for not working
Apparently that was too hard to understand for some people


where were you when you realised the noble muslims of Paki-stan are more progressive than Amerikkka

if you're not trolling, you're too underage or just simply retarded and impressionable to be on imageboards anyway

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I doubt he can afford one, let alone know how to shoot one.

Starvation is haram

Begone, demon.

But mommy CNN told me muslims only do bad things if they're being bombed by the western imperialists.

You should tell her crimes happen in every society, they just get reported more nowadays because of the advances in media.
And to stop making simplistic generalisations.

barbarity is a human thing.

he violated the NAP

But it's a good thing.This is just motivation to be a businessman.

Well dontcha know the Caliphate was ACTUALLY democratic confederalism and Prophet Muhammad was LITERALLY Bookchin? That's what Muslims would be implementing if they were following their religion CORRECTLY!!!!

fuggen liberals


A laugh because if i didn't, I would cry.

People with hands are there to motivate people without.

I can unironically imagine someone saying this on PragerU


Classcuckoldry in action

So much this.

I mean, white liberals are in constant denial that anything in orthodox Islam could go against their progressive, post-enlightenment values, so they write it all off as "corruption" from the religion's "true" teachings.


Did their contract state that she can do that to him?

This poor boy is fucked for life.

Injuries like these put people out of work for their whole lives; see: meat-packing industry, Rosa Moreno, and I'm certain countless others.

I was working an overnight shift at my job in Reynosa, Mexico, where I was cutting metal for parts used in assembling flatscreen televisions. I was working in my usual area, and the boss was pressuring us.

“I want you to work faster, because we need the material urgently,” he said.

I was moved to Machine 19, which can rip and cut metal and takes two hands to operate. It is heavy, weighing at least one ton, maybe two, and no one liked to work on it because it was too difficult. They always seemed to assign it to me.

I started work at 11pm. Around 2 or 2:30am, I was positioning metal inside Machine 19. My hands were actually inside the machine, because I had to push the metal in until it clicked into place.

That’s when the machine fell on top of them.

I screamed. Everyone around me was crying and yelling. They stopped the assembly line on the female side of the room, but the men were told to keep working.

Meanwhile, I was stuck. No one could lift the machine off my hands. They remained trapped for 10 minutes, crushed under the machine.

Finally, a few fellow employees created a makeshift jack to lift the machine up just enough for me to pull my hands out. I wasn’t bleeding very much, because the machine actually sealed the ends of my arms and forged them to the piece of metal. They took me to the hospital with the piece attached to my hands. The doctors were surprised when I showed up like that. I remember saying, ‘Take the piece off. Take it off.’ But they didn’t want to.”

My hands were flattened like tortillas, mangled, and they both had to be amputated. I lost my right hand up to my wrist and my left a little higher. I didn’t know how I’d ever work again.

Immediately, I started to worry about my children. I have six children at home, who were between the ages of 9 and 17 during the accident, and I am both mother and father to them. How would I take care of them now?

Working six days a week, I made 5,200 pesos a month ($400). Without my hands, I knew I wouldn’t even be able to make that much.

After five days in the hospital, I checked myself out. But I didn’t go home first. I went directly to the factory where I worked for HD Electronics. I asked to see the manager. He offered me 50,000 pesos ($3,800).

“I’ve lost both my hands,” I said. “How will my family survive on 50,000 pesos?”

“That’s our offer,” he said. “Stop making such a big scandal about it and take it.”

how do you guys watch stuff like this and not have an emotional breakdown

like serious


by not being an overemotional pussy

Just think of it as moving pictures on a screen with words, not actual people.



learn to pick apart what you can learn something from and what's not necessary
you can just read the article, or even just the title, you don't need the video

are you referring to the webm or the article's video?

Fugg that's revolting.

Labour conditions on the Indian subcontinent are appalling. They remind me of Charles Dickens stories bases in the East End slums of London.




the second is just a re-wording of the first to make it sound respectable/bring it up the standards of le current year

sage goes in the email field

Low-energy b8! A real mess! Very sad!

u wot m8? u ok?

maybe a friend could let him borrow one?

Do you think you're going to change anybody's mind repeating this shit over and over? Or what?

That's just The Onion, r-right?

this is a trend that really shouldn't be making a comeback

A steady diet of shock porn

he should take her to an IMPARTIAL private arbitration court

shit system tbqh comr8