Antifa and Tankie Hate Thread

What do you hate about tankies and Antifa?

That they inspired you to make this dumb ass thread.

Nothing since M-Ls are not going to do anything relevant ever again and anarchists are more or less considered by masses as their own political faction outside of left-right division so they are essentially powerless.

What can I say, success breeds jealousy. For Anti-fa though I don't know why you even care about that rabble.


Sage btw

Spread love not hate.



i can't tell who this is aimed at.

God these come off so fucking forced, and contrived.

I have nothing against gay interracial porn.
I just find it amusing how self important most ideologues are, whether they are neoliberals, marxists, anarchists, nazis, liberals, conservatives,etc.

Isn't that too Idpol?

What "success"?
Failed regimes and societies are not "successful".
Holla Forums has a bizarre fetish for defending edgy Antifa teenagers that smash windows, attack everyone they claim is a "nazi".

The Far Left is so political impotent and emotionally charged, you all celebrated Richard Spencer getting punched and a black guy killing a few cops.

And autistic neo nazis and reactionaries fight each other over the Confederacy and feudalism.

Human beings where a mistake.
Cold rational egoism is the only path.

Fail to sage twice in a row.

Go fuck yourself ya asshole

How eloquent.
You sound unintelligent, poor and uneducated.

It's true that the far Left is politically impotent, emotionally charged over anyone attacking the failed, collapsed Soviet Union, Catalonia, Cuba, Venezuela.

The Far Right retreats to nonsense such as "tradition/family values/religion/racial science" in order to "address" economic/political catastrophes.

Human beings are stupid, emotionally charged, ignorant and incapable of bettering themselves.
Humanity deserves their prison, the hell that their ideology, their governments, corporations, socioeconomic classes, religions have built.
I have no sympathy for human beings, they are shortsighted, arrogant, ignorant, egotistical, disgusting.


Not everyone.
I have high admiration for Zizek, Nassim Taleb, Stirner, Marx, Lacan, Gore Vidal, Christopher Hitchens, Chomsky, HL Mencken.

Watch out lads we've got ourselves a


I do think we as Human in our raw forms are vile creatures but I do think we can better ourselves to finally see each other as a human beings first.

What will it take? Probably an alien invasion or something of that magnitude. Even thenm the Superpowers would probably let Africa get destroyed to save the rest of the world.

I kind of agree that we have a lot to do. Egoism from your point of view seems like losing all faith. I'm not ready to do that yet.


hi Holla Forums, do yourself a favor and end your life, you'll like it

My guess is you're a leftcom donuthin

obviously some fucking lost Holla Forums retard


Smashies inspire DnC posts like OP's, Tankies use stock Comical Ali-tier propaganda talking points straight from Molotov's lying mouth that don't and didn't stand up to login and evidence outside of his gulag-enforced echo chamber, and they get personally offended if you, Orwell or anybody else refute them or point out the mistakes everybody else agrees/has evidence that the USSR made, much like the common Stormcuck getting smugly dismissing disagreeable sources as >muh kikepedia or >muh lugenpresse. Tankies are also way closer to Shitsocs (spooked, imperialist, gratuitously murderous statecap police state) than they or most people other than the NAZBOL GANG would care to admit.

zozzle, saved

yup, and his smugness makes him right

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