This is a thread you can post in. you don't have to, of course. I'm not a tyrant like some test people I could mention

this is a thread you can post in. you don't have to, of course. I'm not a tyrant like some test people I could mention.

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but memes are all I have

As long as Alice isn't here I couldn't care less where we post.

I'd rather be gay than start having charlie horses again
fuck that noise


Tough titties cupcake.

I messed this up

Brake operator for what exactly? Manual labor job?
Are there even white people there anymore?
Lastly, I go on the waifu threads on Holla Forums. They are not the fastest things in the world but the posters are generally new and innocent. Reminds me of ks/b/

The strike-out "test" should go before the "some", you fucking RETARD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Me and every other poster.

Besides Soto, apparently.

I'll look into it.
Thanks, Dad.

I think I'm gonna go get ready for bed, and try to sleep.

tough titties sound horrible

Well you're cute!

nop. only you. you must have leaked it. you meanie...


Yes, they do.

nini kiddo

you autistique person you


... When will you stop saying that?

Omg you fucking cunt.

You can stop and it will go away.

that is highly inaccurate no matter what test thinks. he's a bully.

but soft ones are nice.

When he's not interested in rocks.

I could do a lot of things.


Oi, you fuckin' wanker.

For bags of sand, yes.

I need to buy her some Desitin


That shit is a lifesaver when you're hungover

I pretty much operate a machine that presses out parts, its not that much of a manual labor job

A few.
Lots of spics and Koreans/Vietnamese folk

Sounds gay
Im in

I trust our glorious admin to always be correct because I don't want to listen to whatever fake news you're spewing.

but they feel nice!

hitler did nothing wrong

that's probably for the best

Listen I know I'm dense, but I'm not that dense. C'mon now...

Well I have my answer.

They do, yes.

He's fetishistic about geology, you know.


Ready. Set. Go!


okay I can do this!



You say lazy yet you are going to work so diligently tomorrow, would that not mean the opposite?

Yeah. . . I guess I am like a rock then. Well wish me luck.


Another shit-show.

I'd engage in rock based puns, but I don't feel like hating myself tonight.


Ban do you like Sander Van Doorn?

Nice job, loser.

Casino Royale was probably my most favorite of the Bond films.

Which one.

Uhh... well you've got me there. I guess I'm not as lazy as I say I am, but still I'm pretty lazy!

It's okay, I understand, but if you find any that don't make you hate yourself, feel free to tell them me.

Hm hm.


I messed up my wording, but you still get what I mean.

I did, yes.

what did I do ;~;

Posted in the old thread.

Wait, what? You're the one who spoiled it, not me. Why do you turn everything onto me?

Good, good. Because sometimes things don't seem right to me in my head, when I type them out so I often worry about it.


Hm hm.


Because it's Spoilers fault!


Nerf dis.

... It's your fault!

Well there are worse things to be a little of than lazy.

nuh uh, Spoilers did it!

Test I'll fucking destroy your Reinhardt with my McCree

Yeah that's true, I'll give you that one, almost done with my last can, so once this goes down the hatch I think I'll be heading to bed.

You did it.

what's wrong with hanzo?

Soto did it!

Soto wasn't even in this conversation, don't blame someone that wasn't even in this conversation.

I'm sorry that he's blaming you Soto, that is truly unfair.

Wow, rude

I'm sorry he doesn't think you're a person, Spoilers

youre using the folder so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
i am super hapi

can u get me to master since my computer blew up pls

... Ouch Cato, cutting deep there.

bloodletting was a legitimate medacle practace at one time

bloodletting was a legitimate medicle practice at one time>>1660253


Sleep well, cute Empty.

You're a dweeb, I'm going to sleep!

Thank you and goodnight to you too!

Nezi and Guero can pretty clearly display that aim is very important on Hambone.

The season is ending soon. I'm already diamond, don't bully

It's okay bby ^W^

Spoilers isn't a person though

No, no sleep!

oh yeah, britishempty

Sleep well!

I'm just making sure he isn't trying to pull a fast one on you, making you take the blame and what not.

Yes, yes sleep. It's 3 in the morning, and I'm traveling back to student housing today, so sleep is needed you animal.

FUCK anime

Maybe you shouldn't be so shit at videogames.


pleas stop bully i am in sad mood pleas be nice

season is over.

Hurry up and do it!

She'd wreck your ass in a game of click on heads.

i was told

Cup where did you get those ugly images you've been posting anyways?

The Garbage?

Did you see me post that video at you in DISCORD THE OTHER DAY

I only post the highest quality of pictures.

ur lyfe is sad lmao

But everyone always blames it on me

And Im fine with it


lonely :(

I am drunk and I need cuddles and maybe a little dick in the ass idk

that's why it's good

pedo confirmed


the fact that you can't see means you can imagine she is a boy. that's what I always do.

Wew, Cups.


no, sorry.

link me?

But I'm shit at that

He might just want Nezi.

Shitty clickbait title, but it's you versus Harbleu.


git gud nerd

I think if Fish x Sci would be a decent couple

fish could do much better.

I wonder if colbear found another bottle or if he's controlling himself tonight

What's wrong with you

is nezi cute at least?

Post Nezi's puffy post wisdom tooth face.

Post more, slut.

the corruption goes so deep...

I don't know where my very random and very small amount of images are lol.

this is worth dipping into the mega for

one sec baws

the concentration of cancer would be too great

It is if you want to be consistent, and get mad skrilla kills.

but often just spamming will get you kills too

man that game was so fucking annoying. we had serious miscommunication about who was playing what in the first round, then the top 500s on our team weren't doing anything and we kept getting rolled, so then we made them heal for the last round or two and it was closer than before, but still got shrekt by Harbleu and his smurf friend.

I had two good plays in that game though, I 1v1'd Harbleu with zarya and won, and I also self shielded and got in his face to stop him from killing our low health Ana that was way out of position. I need to clip them still, I forgot.

I also had a game with Seagull & MoonMoon but I don't wanna talk about that...I got nervous and made us lose rofl

ok that was a good one.


Are you spreading my wisdom to the thread posters? I'm touched qq

Sharing this picture was a mistake.

Well that is quite horrid. Probably requires punishment of some sort.

I saw that 1v1, close.

I hope I see that game at some point. I love MoonMoon, such a goddamn memer.

Even Sci could do better.

I can't say that without dying laughing.

we must cure the world of headaches and charlie horses together

It's art.


it's good that you laughed because no one else did


I'm getting real fucking tired of my recent habit of sleeping constantly forever.

are you depressed


Constantly sleeping forever probably would have been the more correct way to phrase that; when I go to sleep I don't wake up for ages, not that I feel like sleeping particularly often.

Isn't that Tokai's avatard?

Are you missing sleep during certain days

how long have you been sleeping >10 hours a night

do you sleep around the same time every night or do you just pass out

Little of all, yee

If only we could cure the threads more deeper issues like admin abuse or diaper fetishes.

I can link you it but I was seriously throwing

I had to heal in the end and got focused so hard as healer I couldn't stay alive much

go to 1:11:25

Answer the questions.

how's everyone else doing?

nah this is some sadistic angel
shes pretty good

Better than Satania

All white haired anime shit looks the same.

Watch something that isn't moeshit.

she would be better if she had red hair
and fangs

nigga don't break it

this ones a pretty good moeshit manga tbh

nice meme



Thanks. Don't worry about it tho, I'm bad so it's not like I can criticize you dude.

my nigga, i don't meme,

Did it end up permaing them or just fizz out

Test make me mod and I'll help you abuse the FUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111 out of the system

Which admin do we go to, to report admin abuse?

Ended immediately.

Which was the hope.

There is nothing in this world better than Satania

Who watches the Watchmen?

ban this faggot

except me

nah fuk u

I have variously reasons to be pretty sure that despite the various things fucked up with my head, depression isn't one of them.

Not that drunk, because it's only 8:30pm and it's a weekday, presumably.

come on

literally who tho

fight me

did you enjoy that artistic render of nezi

courtesy of boo



What does your little picture meme???!??
I am new I do not know uwu

your body might just be used to sleeping a long time
try to use alarms I guess

usually I like to snoop around /lewd/ logs to see what trouble the mods there are causing, animus is just a few chars away

It's only going to be worrying when test starts editing people's normal posts

but im sure he's smart enough not to fuck around too much

no homo

Winks are not homo.

Make Ian a mod

He's white and I trust him cause he's a claims adjuster and has taken a load in the mouth

Kentucky Fried Lolis lmao

With the way you roll those White Owls you gotta be a meme

lmao nice meme (x2)


nice meme


I also vote we make Ytse a mod.

I trust nobody.

Not even myself.

okay but a trap fucking me in the ass when

Hi Sinni

it doesn't mean anything, just a picture of a historical figure who I am fond of



no, I know who you are.
The sinnia anime girl




Shut up trap fucker.

Yeah but we already know your taste is shit.

i'd try and get cupcake to fuck me if he wasn't so ugly

I trust you!?


Red hair devil girl


calm down bruh im only 2 eps in

as she post gabriel

white owls are trash
I only get GAMEs or Optimo's now

ty wish
I worked real hard on it

This post is art.

looks fiesty but the hairpin is screaming "IM SHIT"

My Angel Gabriel

np man

But Kud has the same hairpin

Art is an explosion.


what's up wish

Who are you supposed to be?


How do I report people on this website?

I have eleven whole animated videos that are of Japanese origin to watch and I don't really want to do that but I'm probably going to at least watch three or four of them tonight because I hate my life.

How about you?

wanna do something but there's absolutely nothing going on right now
i'm so bored

whatcha watchin?


should have been for having shit taste instead tho

owell :^)

you been watching draggo maido?


I wouldn't trust a person who likes Undertale but isn't a furry either tbh

Dude shut the fuck up already jesus christ, you bitching and crying about it isn't going to change shit if you're still the same failtrap ugly fat piece of shit

How about you fucking brace those knees for a fucking jog everyday and start dieting then maybe if you get thin you'll be able to get some dick

The manga is actually shit

Seeing the girl get fucking burned to death was nice tho

Bitch don't be mad just cause boys who wear skirts get more dick than you ever will, you ugly white bimbo

lmao youre so bad at being a weeb

Take that back, the White Peach White Owls are amazing

I'll let Optimos slide


Soto weren't you complaining about people multi-linking

Now you've got a fucking post wall

I only like the blue raspberry white owls
cause blue raspberry is the best flavor ever and no other brand has that flavor

why don't you like games?

I don't understand !!!

Get high.
These ones!

Oh okay, ty. Reported for bullying.

No never, what's that? Oh wow, it's by KyoAni? Why would I watch that?

Oh, okay.

I don't have anything to get high on ;~;

I wouldn't watch a single one
what is this trash?

No u

This guy at works makes constant incessant gay jokes and they're wearing my patience thing

pretty nice animation, feelgood, all that healing stuff

rip his heart out from his body in one motion

that should stop that kind of behavior

He's super fat so I'd have to dig through so much shit

I say as I posted a screencap from it :^)

Of course I'm watching it, I watch everything.

obvs wasn't talking about that one

Thought I could sleep, but it didn't happen.

I thought you liked Urara too.

Testing stop badmouthing our home

Obbles, good boy


Grouplinking and wall texting are two completely different things

Oh come on dude that ain't even that bad of a death

Didn't you watch Mahou Shoujou Ikusekai somethin something?

Now that shit was some fucked up shit
The ending was so shit tho

Those are oishii too

Pls no bully but the Swisher Dulce de Leche ones are so tasty too, but I usually peel off the first layer of those so it's just a thin wrap

Cause they don't sell any around here :^)


How do you even see if people get reported anyways?
Is there like a notification bar thingy or someshit?
You should check it out fam ^W^

Was that too mean?

I think that was spicy enough

lmao if youre a pedophile maybe

Gimme a few examples
I need to see if this guy is actually funny or not

Today's yuri releases.!mtBV1YbZ!eOYeX1Rm90yF3T0kS-K1k8EpkRDB3qsiatp2-zGWBYA

(C90) [ANGELTYPE (Nejikirio)] Shiritsu GraBlu Jogakuen (Granblue Fantasy) [English] [L-san]
(C90) [prism pink (Karuha)] ROMANTIC SUMMER (Love Live!) [English]
(C91) [Hajimari to Owari (Korikku)] Nep tte Honey (Hyperdimension Neptunia) [English] [potocat]
(C91) [Mizuasagi (Toma)] Wish On a Star (Symphogear) [English]
Futakaku Kankei Ch03
Yuzumori-san Chapter 14
Yuzumori-san Chapter 8.1
Yuzumori-san Chapter 8.2
Yuzumori-san Chapter 8.3
[EHScans] - Hakumei & Mikochi V05C28

(C91) [マロン工房] 改白露型の躾け方 (艦隊これくしょん-艦これ-)

only thing from the current season i have is gd


I have to be on the page. I already saw and dismissed it. The lmao gave away that it was you immediately.


i hate that stupid double layer in swishers
it always fucks up when i break it down

hey, even the great devourer of anime might miss one or two

you like it?



Oobles friend*, Good boy

He'll literally just throw in "cause your gay" in any fucking conversation


Shit taste

Mostly for Kanna, but it's pretty good I suppose.

How do I report the admin for dissolving my reports against the admin?!?!

try talking to him semi seriously about it


False reports are against the rules and I'm about to ABUSE



[Not my style intensifies]

nice fucking wall kuus

or if you're normal enough to appreciate moeshit in small doses






i still haven't seen the last 4 eps of gd
I don't have time to watch all that shit


But you just said you're bored!

i wanna do something else!


*aggravates Test*


ur done kid

yeah man, stick it to THE MAN

Fucking LMAO, indeed

Sasuga Test

I'm still responding to every reply though
Its not like I'm responding with the same shit
Unless you want me to

LOL same
Which is why I always peel that shit off
My friend was one of those swisher cutter thingys, it fuckin slides like butter and perfectly cuts it down the line

This is just one of them and it's a pretty light one
They get fucking crazy later on

Wait, does he know youre gay or bi or whatever?

Jeez, you're so sensitive sometimes

It's like if you actually were a girl irl lol

Though I havent dropped it cause of lolixKanna tbh
Shits fluffy af

Also weeb-kun and Fafnir are enjoyable too

Go play in traffic or something

test is a faget


Oh you're Sinni.

haha lol xD


Hi I'm Sinni!


kanna is so chubby and smol
the loli's fuckin forehead tho

that's literally what you were complaining about though


never heard of that before
optimos are the same way tho
the other layer is much easier to work with than a swisher for some reason tho

We kanna posting?


Is staging an uprising against this BLATANT ADMIN ABUSE against the rules?

Hi Sinni. I'm am the terror that flaps in the night.

The fuck ?

Hi, I'm Sinni!
I like animal crossing and uwu posting or w/e

This just looks like an autistic kid.





k but i want you to drive the car that hits me


Hi Sinni,
I'm a charismatic and not shy person.


have you never played in the rain

or were you born as a coldhearted adolescent that hates everything

ravioli ravioli do not fuck the dragon loli


oh sweet
something you both have in common

I'm fucking dying lmao

All I hear is "HMMMMMMMMMMM?!!!"

Awh yeah!

But I can't drive.



This is adorable but that file name.

I'll teach you


Shy boy!

God help that man.

I know how to, I just can't.





The file I saved had it named as that :^)



Hi!!!!!! I'm Sinni!!


You're still a weirdo.

I want to go swimming in Nowi's navel and then die.


Grim pls


He's also constantly asking if other people's wives are hot so I mean



I played soccer in the rain or went riding bikes down wet hills.
Kids who just stomped puddles were autistic.

But Oobles said she'd be mad if we got you posting.

Ravioli ravioli give me the death I deservioli


Whatever. You're fake as heck.


your eye is even worse than mine then

Do you own three dragons?

It's very rude to lie to people like that Kyle

nowi isn't so special


yatse pls

want me to kick his butt for you

toddlers-6 year olds do that shit all the time.

You made me giggle right now, and I don't know why.

I did it of my own volition, so she shouldn't be mad :p

How do I make my own hip, fresh, biznasty thread?


Probably, yeah.

Shes a 1000 year old loli that turns into a dragon.

I know lol

someone response to me

I have known you for 4 years.
I think I can say you're weird.

Fair enough.


Guero, you have to say bump sad face for replies.

My memes are ironic

My depression is chronic


I'm over it tbh

Do you even have rice?

she's cuter than the dragon
who dat is?

t-thanks guys


No :C

Sounds like that really annoying coworker everyone avoids

Im gonna wait till the perfect time to post this Kanna doujin

Maybe cause Im a funny (looking) guy



I don't know, but it had me in stitches maybe it's the alcohol slowly taking affect.

i'm tryna do that eyepatch thing to fix mine but i hate wearing it cause i can't really do anything

Ian is biased.




Make new thread.

Just pretend you're a pirate like I did.


would be better if he wasn't hiding behind the window like a pussy





That's it. I'm giving your rice away to some rich white kids.


Arr me matey!

Shiver me timbers!


triggered by what?

r-right now? >///

brb Im gonna rub one out then shower then dinner


Bark bark!

I don't even know what "shiver me timbers" means.

Lions are cats.

But cats are not lions.

me either
sounds like some gay shit tbh

...That's not the point.

There's a webm with that dog falling down the stairs with long live the king and Simba screaming. It's hilarious.

It is employed as a literary device by authors to express shock, surprise or annoyance. The phrase is based on real nautical slang and is a reference to the timbers, which are the wooden support frames of a sailing ship. In heavy seas, ships would be lifted up and pounded down so hard as to "shiver" the timbers, startling the sailors.


If I wanted to, I would

I'll just settle for blowing him off whenever he brings it up

And yet he is somehow fairly popular

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haha knew it