The Black Proletarian

A white prole is oppressed and exploited as a member of the working class.

A black prole is oppressed and exploited as a member of the working class, though he is also subject to issues specific to blacks that whites may not encounter.

A black CEO is neither oppressed nor exploited; in fact, he is the oppressor and exploiter.

Is this correct?

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Of course

Class is the ultimate decider of ones fate.

A black CEO can still face or overcome racial discrimination - although, then again, the proportional number of black CEOs might be a more telling thing.

Yes, but doesn't he have the the economic and social capital to effortlessly overcome them?

Who cares if they're black or not? Just don't discuss it. It's a divisive topic by its very nature. Don't post that picture of the Black Panthers alongside the Young Patriots - those days are simply not coming back. Anything relating to race has been thoroughly coopted by bourgeois capitalist politics and been made to fall into sectarian squabbles over nothing.

Let it go. It doesn't matter whether these "oppressions" are real or not.

Stop namefagging already and take off that flag or stop posting here. Race based idpol is race based idpol and has no place among the left.

Classism is used by the white elites who run the Western World to divide and conquer blacks in their attempts to unify against racism/capitalism.

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For real. Comrade Fred Hampton would be ashamed…

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Who, me?

Yes, this is accurate. Although I'd argue that even with money a black CEO is still black, but that doesn't mean he isn't an exploiter and it doesn't mean he isn't a token who bought in to the ruling class and is contributing to white supremacy.

Pretty much. The issue is when liberalism uses idpol to present falss solutions, like more black CEOs or sensitvity training for pigs.

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There has definitely been more idpol around here lately. We need to fight it. I am not risking this place going the way of /r/soc and all those shitholes.
What's this "Afroplasm" guy even doing here? Is he even a socialist? I haven't seen any posts from him indicating such.

Yes, you.

Not everyone who asks these questions is a troll. Some of them are probably recent converts or people on the fence who are curious. We should use this as an opportunity to polemicize and only report if OP is proven to be a cunt.

Yeah, so then you know historically it ain't been black people without 2 cents to rub together who refused and still to this day refuse to join forces with other poor people of other races to take down capitalism, right?

You mean this one?

I'm a total newfag. Only got into socialism after the Fyre Festival story and the memes it gave birth to.

I think you'd have to be delusional to claim that race didn't play a major factor in why the proletariat never really organized in the US. Playing white and black workers against eachother is the main reason Unions don't exist in the South, once porky made it a race issue they never even had to union bust because there were no Unions to bust in the first place. But you also need to admit that black workers are nowhere near as radical or class concious today as they were even just 20 or 30 years ago. There's a long tradition of Black Marxism and radicalism, Du Bois, CLR James, Richard Wright, the Panthers, but I don't know if I'd say that reflects our current situation. I'm definitely not saying white workers are any better, if anything they're worse, but you're acting like it's 1968, and it's not.

god damn you faggots really need to read a book.


How do I put this basically enough for you to understand?


Just idpol fighting with idpol. Why do we allow these idiots here again?

Its kind of entertainment that allows us both feel intellectual superiority and amusement at the same time?

I have a 100+ webm folder showing your people's subhumanery but I'm not going to post it here because v& reasons

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Every normal human feels some kind of superiority complex in relation to others.

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Non-American here.

So wait, is the slur "cracker" based on cracker the snack, or on cracking the verb, as in cracking a whip? Or both?

Always thought it was the verb. If it's not you should make it so, pretty lame otherwise.

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That is exactly correct.

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"Cracker" doesn't actually refer to the cracking of a whip, but the welfare food poor whites lived off of during the period of The Antebellum South. Upper class whites during that same time used it to refer to "white trash" too since that's essentially what it meant.

Is there anything constructive besides the creative meming streak in nazbols?

Nazbol memes are pretty shit-tier to be honest.

cheers, gnossen

These are, hands down, the worst posts I've seen on Holla Forums yet - and that is saying something. This is why you need some level of quality control.

That makes it even worse tbh. It literally is used by black proles to degrade and attack their class allies and fellow workers.

This. OP got it bang on. It isn't idpol to acknowledge the existence of racism, since imo race does have a unique role to play. That being said class is the ultimate axis along which society is divided into ruler and ruled, and gives rise to the majority of racial phenomenon (racism was after all invented to justify slavery aka class oppression).

The key difference between idpol and proper socialism isn't between acknowledging the existence of racism vs ignoring it, it is how you go about combatting it. If you combat racism with minority identitarianism, segregation, micronationalism, demonization of the "oppressor" race as a whole, etc then you belong in a gulag. If you combat racism by urging cooperation amongst the workers, emphasizing how race is a concept designed to serve the ruling class, and work to eliminate race altogether, then you are a true comrade.

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Right because black workers are soooo revolutionary. I bet BLM is going to use those Ford Foundation CIA bux to overthrow capitalism any day!

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To put it simply, racism is classism on steroids, classism is a byproduct of capitalism and who does and doesn't have power in a capitalist system is defined by who has wealth and who doesn't. A lot of pro-blacks/black nationalists try to empower their community by forming business cabals through voluntary association (buying black, selling black, owning black) to keep currency circulating within the black community and thus generate wealth, but I believe that it's far easier to just opt out of capitalism which racism draws it's power from and embrace socialism instead of even trying to play by "the man's" rules. After all if you say "Let the workers unite!" and reject the notion that hording large amounts of paper with numbers on it gives you more power in society than others those amongst the elite who the proletariat all around the world are oppressed by lose all power they hold over you.

Fred Hampton believed this and promoted Marxism along with The Black Panther Party until they were all killed or imprisoned by The United States Government.

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That's oversimplifying it. Class is first and foremost determined by your position the relations of production, though of course wealth is a factor of that.

A racist. Responding with racial slurs of your own means you debase yourself to their own level.


Only if they are Porkies or Hoteps.

A misguided potential comrade if they are a prole. A porky if they are a porky.

Yeah, but who owns the means of production though? It's by and by large white people that cone from old money who can always count on toothless hicks in in Bumblefuck, West Virginia to serve as a proxy for their class interests by pitting poor whites against poor blacks because again, "muh white pride". I mean, how the fuck does a guy like Donald Trump get elected as the leader of over 300 million people without class-cucked morons like that? This is why I'm reading more and more about Marxism and becoming less and less capitalist by the day.

I ain't on that MLK "we will overcome" shit, comrade.

Yeah call a Nazbol a racist, that will definitely make him see the errors of his ways.

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If you're not willing to put aside your differences and work with white proles then you are just as bad as the Klan. You have every right to protect yourself from irredeemable or hopeless racists, but attacking whites as a race is equally reactionary and serves the interests of the ruling class.

What the fuck does this statement have to do with intersectionality?

Is is customary for Holla Forums-dwellers to respond not with constructed sentences but with mere utterances of stale buzzwords? Some of you retards might as well be bots programmed to shriek "idpol", "damn liberal" or "back to reddit" at random at this point.

Like sabocat poster said earlier itt:
Or if they're being good little classcucks and keep pushing it beat their ass
Call them a good little classcuck for sucking that porky penis
Porky wants the proles to fight amongst each other instead of realizing it's the capitalists that are ruining this world.
I agree with not being on board with the MLK the liberals have sanitized. He was shot for speaking against economic inequality and then racism (if I'm wrong anyone correct me).

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Also Google Bookchin.

LOL @"Comrades" making this bout me like I randomly started spewing racial slurs at posters I disagreed with.

Well I mean race is clearly a spook. I don't see what you're driving at here.

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Seriously this identitarianism bullshit is cancer and needs to stop. You have more in common with Cletus than you do with Obama.

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How the fuck does anything you said here address anything I said? I don't even disagree with you, I'm just saying black communities are nowhere near as radical as they once were, that's just a fact. Most of them have taken to a sort of soft-nationalist reformist line, like crypto-Garvyism, like thinking that black owned businesses can combat white supremacy ethical consumerism with an afro

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Communism is about materialism. Niggers have no place in a Communist society, they would ruin it.

I was making it clear how posting that link to the video of "The Dinner Scene" from Trick Baby (1974) isn't playing "idpol", but relevant to the Marxist struggle since the elites can use their positions of power to move anyone regardless of race out of the communities they come from with the promise of wealth and power before they start to question the status quo.

Why are you here? Black Nationalism is trash and is in no way compatible with Communism. Why haven't you gone back to Africa yet?

Western governments and corporations *PAY* to destabilize countries in Africa to quietly fleece as much natural wealth as they can to in turn make billions of Dollars in profits. This is capitalism, not "muh savage niggers".

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The only nigger that would ruin a communist society would be your retarded classcuck ass.

I'm not a black nationalist. I want to red-pill blacks on the futility of trying to empower themselves through capitalism, pray other pro-blacks do the same, create a classless black diaspora and then spread it further to Africa and other races, but that's waaay in the future.

I have no clue what you're referring to fam, I never click on youtube links on Holla Forums as a rule. I only replied to this post because you're inadvertently toting an old Maoist line on settlerism and labor aristocracy that I personally think has never been effective in explaining why workers haven't organized in this country. I just don't think racism is so completely inherent to white workers that they'd sabotage every possibility at revolution just to cuck black workers. I also think the idea that the only thing that's stopped workers of color from creating Communism is reactionary whites is equally retarded, clearly this shit is a lot more complicated.

Nah, see, racism/tribalism is just another tool to keep American workers fighting amongst themselves, but that applies more to the areas where there's been a significant black presence historically like in The South. As a rule of thumb what keeps workers from overthrowing the rich is the ability of the rich to make it just about possible for workers to move up a class to give them faith that if they just try hard enough they too can make it. They essentially let the workers eat cake or keep them distracted with bread and circuses when class mobility is as stagnant as ever.

Well, I agree with you there. I kind of don't know why we argued in the first place, maybe I was being autistic. Also, you should read Cedric Robinson's Black Marxism and Black Movements in America, you'd probably be into it.

Ahahahahaha, holy shit. You wuz kangz, rite fam?

I will at some point prolly. Been learning a lot bout Thomas Sankara too. Best president Burkina Faso ever had…till he was assassinated and France's neo-colonialist puppets took over for several decades.


This post is badposting made art. Congratulations on your epic fail comraderie

Btw, random fun fact, Cedric Robinson was close personal friends with the guy who ghost wrote Huey Newton's biography Revolutionary Suicide.

He prolly was. Commies tend to get on quite well with fellow commies.

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I completely agree. This is the worst. I'd be willing to go down.

Fuck these nerds, they don't know shit. Some of these race experts actually think that addressing the needs of the most brutalized first is liberalism. In reality, if you do not make the needs of the weakest among you the demands of all, your movement will fail, and you will get nothing. It is the only way to stop porky from dividing us. But no, if you have a theory of racialization any more complex than "porky duz it cuz he's bad" retards shriek IDPOL

I come here for the memes, nothing more. For sure do stop namefagging tho.

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Anybody else feel like harassing Neo-Nazis?

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so women first, the other sex has been dominated for millenia right?
but wait, surely trannies are the most brutalized, they suffer oppressive gender binary and violence
but blacks get shot on the street by the brutal and racist police!
Whose revolution shall we have first, dear user?

Never. Namefaggery's part of who I am on Holla Forums.

I agree with you that posters throw "idpol" round way too much. I ain't even tryna get people to address anybody else's issues related to capitalism first either, I just said that classism like with whites is used to keep blacks divided by giving potential leaders against the bourgeoisie class elevation before they turn into full blown revolutionaries like Fred Hampton was gonna be.


but wait user, you haven't considered how these oppressed identities intersect.
black oppression + trans oppression < black trans oppression
surely we must start with the plight of the disabled trans gay black midget autistic muslim, otherwise, you're not my comrade.

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I just realised the "cracker" is missing a second "c" on that guy's sign…

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Black American Mutualist here. I'm not going to explain everything from a black point of view but I'll give a very quick summary on why black people aren't into socialism any longer.

So the problem is during the Reagan and Bush Sr. years is that the black consciousnesses switched from a socialist view into a capitalist view. Black people today think it is successful to become porkies themselves and exploit people than try and benefit everyone.

The black people quote of "I don't care if you gonna gets yours… I'mma get mines." Explains exactly what the black motivations are today.

I'm only 27 but I haven't really looked into it too hard. A lot of the changes to this capitalist view had to do with that a lot of young black athletes, movie stars and etc were finally getting put into the porky positions. Coupled to the fact due to a lower lifespan of black men and that the average black person's life is seen like a rocket. You better enjoy it as fast as you can before it all ends quickly.

Black people as a whole view blacks within the media as leaders regardless of what they represent. That's why we have been divided and conquered even within our own race. Too many different messages and now white porkies don't even have to try too hard to prevent us from organizing like Fred Hampton. Black people are very spooked and are almost as spooked as Holla Forums. I don't have the solutions but I keep remembering that scene from the Boondocks with MLK Jr. We have a very long way to go and it start with ourselves. We black people don't even entirely believe Black lives matters.

The reason I don't support BLM is because if we can't convince our own race that our lives matter, then why should we expect any other race to think we matter as well as a whole group.

It's going to take a very long time to fix it but you can't blame Afroplasm from where he is sitting at right now. He'll have to do a lot of reading like I have been doing for months to get himself in a despooked state of mind.

I wish you wouldn't use the word redpill. It doesn't mean anything here. However, I am with you there. Our race thinks capitalism is the path and we've already forgotten that socialism is the only path to unity within the Human Race.

I will say this. Your presence really shows how many people of the socialist view just think we blacks are nothing and that socialism has a very very far way to go if we really want to have humanity united as one.

Keep learning and keep fighting. Just stop being baiting into idpol fights because it solves nothing and then there are too many nazibols and other racists here that want to get under your skin. (Ironic, isn't it.)

Never start throwing insults because that means they have won. Keep arguing with facts.

I will tell you this, I'd find a form of socialism that you would personally like to be within and then start applying that to how we can fix the black race and get ourselves back on track.

I choose mutualism because I think markets can be a useful thing to use and I see Proudon as a better theorist than Marx. I'm way too Anarchist to accept communism, thus I found mutualism to be the best place for myself learn from.

Good luck my fellow black socialist.

Thomas Sankara would take you up on that.

Well, it is a fact that black proles usually have it even worse than white proles be it only for historical reasons. That doesn't mean one is "more important" than the other however, their struggle is one and the same.

Thanks, brother. I'm an entry level leftist so I'm nowhere near as well read enough to know where I stand on the Marxist spectrum, but I know that capitalism is a hindrance to black power since it forces us to legitimize the power structure of money which white elites have hoarded for centuries. We might as well take a shortcut to black power by simply refusing to play on their already rigged playing field.

What about all the unique problems the white prole faces (such as the knockout game and other general baboonery that originates from black people)?


Pretty much. People will always be prejudiced against according to various superficial characteristics, but they can only be oppressed if they're subservient to the oppressor (whether due to brute force, discriminatory regulations or lack of financial independence). This is actually orthodox SJ dogma.

In the modern developed world, brute force outside of the state is forbidden and the state regulations are in most cases non- or even explicitly anti-discriminatory, so the only viable manner of oppression is economic.

I dunno boss.

Yes. Flash in the pan criminal violence is definitely equivalent to institutional state-sponsored bourgie-approved racism.

It's not like the state already takes those cases seriously.

hahaha what the fuck still believing in the tabula rasa THIS TIME EVEN ON AN ECONOMIC LEVEL

holy shit leftypol

Maybe niggers should stop being criminal baboons if they don't like institutionalized racism (institutionalized racism == police asking them for ID).

No I think institutionalized racism=killing and sending them to prison for no good reason.

There is literally nothing wrong with identity politics. It just can't be the sole way you reason about power.

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Where do people like you live? It's obvious you've grown up in the white part of town your whole lives.


I live the UK.

Okay, I assume you have some hot anecdotal evidence as to why black people are VIOLENT THUGS. What is it?

I don't need anecdotal evidence just look up crime stats (but those are racist too I guess)

Niggers are subhuman criminal sociopaths they are NOT good boys who dindu nuffin they hold entire cities full of hard working tax payers hostage with their general niggery

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If you looked up crime stats it should be obvious to you that sentences on black criminals are disproportionate to sentences on white criminals for comparable offences and with comparable backgrounds. Or indeed that despite the fact that crime as a whole has been falling to record lows the prison population is skyrocketing with no end in sight. Or that the reason the majority of black people are in prison is for non-violent drug offences.

Here in the UK if we applied the thinking American white supremacists do about prison population being an indicator of genetic inferiority we have to conclude that Eastern Europeans are worse than Africans since they're our most disproportionately incarcerated minority.

Niggers are violent savages they are NOT oppressed gud Boyz who dindu nuffin one day you will learn this like all good eurocucks do when they come here to rent an Airbnb right in the middle of coontown to show how notracist they are. Niggers are given more time because they are repeat offenders or are pleading down more serious charges. Mcfucking kill yourself you wealthy white bourgie fuck

Actually I used to be a Holla Forumsfag like you and changed my mind when I realized that my views were totally unscientific and did not at all reflect reality.

Did you not even finish reading that sentence? The white offenders were being sentenced for comparable offences and had comparable backgrounds.

Your entire world view is unscientific and denies evolution. I'm fucking done you're an idiot.

Flawless comeback.

Bye bye now.

low-energy bait.

If you live in America, yes.

How is this "unique"? The majority of violent crime is intraracial. Whites are victimized mostly by whites, blacks are victimized mostly by blacks.

t. sociology major

Takes a savage to know a savage.

Yes, us blacks commit crimes and get put in jail at a way higher rate than whites.

Yes, us blacks do have our own porkies that exploit our own race.

Yes, us blacks have issues and do fucked and crazy things at times.

But the funniest part of it all is that I think you racists have to keep reminding yourselves that certain groups of people aren't human otherwise how else could see someone from the same human race as something less than yourselves.

It's time to either figure out the idpol and spooks or go back to Holla Forums where you belong.

Have you started any reading yet?

Yes, it's unlikely a black CEO is gonna get slapped with some bullshit drug charges cuz they can afford an actually competent lawyer.

Yes. See OJ Simpson.

Why is America relevant again?