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new thareaed since naobbot else eacied ot amek a new thrad so ehre it is

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the fuck

full version

Gonna save this for the occasion alice posts.


I binge watched Sakurasou no Pet na Kanojo in 2 days. What an emotional roller coaster. I'm too old to tear up because of anime aren't I? Anyways I need something new to watch so please tell me what that good shit is.

If you didn't watch Gintama before its an obvious choice. Best animu of all time for a reason.
All season rated 9+/10 for the same reason

201 episodes?! Jeez that'll take a while.


tbh he looks like andy from weeds

You might drop it twice or thrice
But once you pick it up you can't stop. Dangerous shit

Why have I not dropped Hand Shakers yet?


You're a religious extremist.


ill cut off your ahegao


That's my fetish, actually.


what if you add a turbo on your vtec with the lag configured to be the vtec rpm

hey is this even the active thread


You're a funny one, Emily.

Come to the Holla Forums threads and help me convince those dickless cucks to raid other threads
What could go wrong


not your personal army etc




I got the pc all set up now so I'm chilling in civ6 with some 0,5 litres.

ooooh comfy and nice

now you can blanketpc too

I actually have a blanket now to pc with

My phone just gave me a spook and almost made me spill my coffee.

hit it for being bad

Like, I'm just sitting here in silence, taking a sip of coffee and all of a sudden

All of a sudden your mind starts trembling? :3


The song, bwaka.




In the call. Might play Final Fantasy.

It's a tough osu map!
My aunt sent me a really nice shirt that turned up today and I wasn't expecting a present from her so I'm super happy :3

oh i am too

I hope I can cook good just so I don't have to go shopping for better food.

I saw, but you are muted and shit.

Post shirt.

im watching a tour of the iss

Or Intersect Thunderbolt?

Nice! Post shirt.

The what?

Oh the space station.

Ah. Any plans for the day?

hopefully no

You just reminded me to play that game soon.

Not int he mood to do anything?


I-I don't have a large mirror

Technically both
But the re:zero song especially


Ah. I might go get a new used desk today.

Have you been trying to Intersect the Thunderbolts? :3

I literally only just realized what S.S.H. means.

Space Station 13

Wanna be a dumb assisstant

I love how there's a bunch of porny pictures of Sayo and Kizuna and in everyone Kizuna's all over Sayo and Sayo's just there like "God help me."

*every one

did my digimon survive

Digimon don't die, so.

Also, any I name after people are only likely to get on the front lines when they're stronger than ultimates anyway.

Because I'm realizing the starter team has ridiculous starting stats.

ah okidoki
I hope I'll git gud then

Yeah, with the way the difficulties work it goes from perfect-able to 'struggling to pass' quite quickly :c

You'll have to enlighten me

I wish Subtle liked me.

That steep, huh?

It's Saitama Saisyu Heiki.
They did the music for eXceed 3rd - Jade Penetrate.

That would explain to me why their remixes always felt familiar.

It begins

Leaving forever brb

I wish Subtle liked me.


I will start posting Buzzfeed.
Don't tempt me, Spicer.

I wish Subtle liked me.

You shut down a YLYL thread ?


ok whatsupp

Isn't subtle the one that wants to join antifa or was that a different noname tripfag UK poster?

Hey tokai i missed you

Not like that bastard subtle who never misses me when I leave forever.

I wish Subtle liked me.

I wish Subtle was a dog who liked me.

I made this

look closer

I missed me too


Holy shit.

I just realized how bad that sounds when you vocalize it.

Posting isn't helping stamp out the crushing loneliness inside me. That black shroud is as insulating and thick as it ever was.

Goodbye forever.

See you next week.

where does the wire go though

Her tail is compatible with the Japanese plug so you'd get a power strip and plug her tail into it! :)

but where does the wire go though

You guys have a stunning lack of critical thinking.

magical wires



Magic wires are clearly invisible and hook themselves up.
I mean.
Everyone knows that.

Wires? In my head?

not when you have magic ability that reveals the power source

Yeah you're Kanna.

dirustpros are love dirsturptos are life

I'm dragon loli?

I spend about 15-18 hours a day on the computer

is that too much?

The cutest dragon loli.

You sleep too much.

Yall niggas will BEG to join later.

Who? Me?


its autistic

Fight me!

But why!


Because you're weak!


It always were
Always will be
This is autistic too. But boring as fuck to add.

I'm strong! I'll fight you!

I win!

Bitches please

What happens to the loser?

Kind of want to take the day off.


Was Jack always this autistic?


Wait, don't answer that.

You have to bully Darwinkle

Oh boi you should have seen me 10 years ago
My "autism" brought a personal army of dozens

lets see the progress

But he's an old, frail man.

guess I'll extend my current timeline.

I'll post on the day of

Well actually words of those who are so fucking painfully and obviously bored with each other that they take sometimes even days to fill a single damn thread are like fart in the wind
You have no shame. You are detached from reality and I certainly have no idea where do you take that arrogance from. Like, yo, you don't do shit. You don't do shit with your lives you don't do shit here
How do you even DARE to mock others

Fucking kill yourselves

this includes nudes, yes?

Yes, but do it pussy

Or like.
We literally don't care, and have actual lives outside the threads.

Don't you?






why u do dis


Suck my dick

I won't even start about that. I almost did but I won't. You know I simply don't take anything half assed, if you fucking spend time on something make it worthwile.
Or piss your time away like ya twats always do, truly fitting for creatures of your level.
You shitters truly sicken me after all

Okay ;_;


Haha, you got him!

He's crying now


Thank goodness

Like, what
The most interesting shit going down here was somebody who claimed to be a girl turned out to be a boy
Or somebody got their e-feelings hurt
And how much time you wasted posting here and reading bullshit for that show?
Fuckin' hell I don't want to sound like an avarage saging anti-weeb oldfag but FUCKING HELL THATS SAD. YOU ARE SAD.
Now bloody think before your open your whore mouth again or get BURNED

Help, I'm sleepy.


Go to bed!


It's too early for real sleep but too late for a nap ;_;

I want to go napping in Megumin.

windows please stop randomly making explorer.exe navigation sounds

Energy drink!

Oh so that's how its spelled

You learn something new everyday
On a side note, I had the weirdest fucking dream.

hm maybe itll help


Were you put in a oh so beastly outfit?


Hai guys I can't sleep and my hormone meds are not working ;__;
I need a uguuu~~ hugguuuu
*attempt at ironic shitpost which ultimately fails*
*3-5 irrelevant posts nobody replies to*
So I went to work but the boss was meh and I worked but then I eh and I went home to do that but then I ended up doing this instead
yall care right
yall do
Am I hitting your intellectual standard yet? Am I fitting in? Btw im a girl xD ^___^ x3

yukata is the dress thing.

What about?


Hai guys I can't sleep and my hormone meds are not working ;__;
I need a uguuu~~ hugguuuu
*attempt at ironic shitpost which ultimately fails*
*3-5 irrelevant posts nobody replies to*
So I went to work but the boss was meh and I worked but then I eh and I went home to do that but then I ended up doing this instead
yall care right
yall do
Am I hitting your intellectual standard yet? Am I fitting in? Btw im a girl xD ^___^ x3

Am I fitting in? Btw im a girl xD ^___^ x3

Hai guys I can't sleep and my hormone meds are not working ;__;
I need a uguuu~~ hugguuuu
*attempt at ironic shitpost which ultimately fails*
*3-5 irrelevant posts nobody replies to*
So I went to work but the boss was meh and I worked but then I eh and I went home to do that but then I ended up doing this instead
yall care right
yall do
Am I hitting your intellectual standard yet? Am I fitting in? Btw im a girl xD ^___^ x3

it's only percocet
>tfw immune to opiates
>tfw didn't get high at all

tfw no buff azn tier gains

best grilll
Am I fitting in? Btw im a girl xD ^___^ x3

Can I fit my dick in ur pussi

No it's too big

I've actually debated buying a yukata for shits and giggles when I go to Little Tokyo out here in LA
They look super comfy but I'd look like a fucking faggot probably, well more than I already do

I dunno man, random shit.


I can't remember exactly what happened but I was at a run down looking cabin and it was snowing like a mf, I was driving my old toyota celica for some reason and my friend was giving me bumps of special K (which I never really do lol)
I remember running from a stampede of Moose and then going to a fucking arcade and my friend just started taking a piss in there and I was like "Dude were gonna get kicked out!" but he didn't care

Everything else is so hazy
Fucking weirdest dream I have had in a while

I wish I was a car.

Am I drifting in? Btw im a car xD ^___^ x3

*down shifts you*

Wow selfish

Do it pussy, you won't do it.

I imagined this story as if you were grinding up Special K the cereal and snorting it.

I don't want to die


You've fallen pretty far, SD

I just want a (You) from you.

That's Tee.

I'm someone far more degenerate than SD

I know


Shut up Tee, you nerd.

I'd probably buy one then my little sister would bully the shit out of me and ask what I'm wearing and I would probably throw it out
Its the Hoop Earrings all over again

LMAO You're so innocent its adorable sometimes

>damage control




I'm actually surprised you managed to get a gf/bf

Was she blind by any chance?



How will you pat me if I'm behind 7 proxies?


You're damn right I won't

I hacked you're wifi


Oh no, are you a Russian hacker?


Subtle will you (You) me so I can cuck Rin and make fun of her for it?

Chinese hacker. I'm stealing all your memes as we speak.


It's a chao editor.


Phew, I thought you were a Russian hacker rigging the elections again.

I don't want to live.

What the heck? How did you manage to bring that into this?

Subtle will you (You) me so I can cuck Rin and make fun of her for it?

If you control 9gag, you control the population!

Let's die.

what is a chao?

I knew Illuminati was real.

Actually fsb

anyway im witchering

Sounds romantic af.

Just a tip but you shouldn't go after chicks that are from a psych hospital, but then again you are also from a psych hospital so maybe it could've balanced out who knows.

Have you ever tried like just being a normal guy and trying to get at a chick like that?
Its so crazy it might actually work


Subtle will you (You) me so I can cuck Rin and make fun of her for it?

Let's dying.

I wanna play Rabi-ribi.
Tell me how to play.

Run type


Run Rules

I'm, dying.



If you guys don't vote Hammerless 0% on Hell with Alternate rules, you're all fucking fags.


bodyshot of ex


what is a chao?


Master will you (You) me so I can cuck Echo and make fun of her for it?


>Darwin's face when always

Knew KGB was still alive.
Have a good one.

some kinda sonic thingy.

I'm hungry but I wanna lose weight


cut off your legs

You're hungry because you don't understand how nutrition works.

Dont worry fish you always have your own triple D titties to play with instead

hidoi closetfag-kun

I dunno, whenever I think about bullying and throwing something away cause of said bullying thats the first thing that comes to mind lol

And your fat cock

I'm so happy that you're always thinking of me

Is FMA worth watching?


I have to shower, shave, and Iron some clothes and make myself seem like a decent human being for this fucking job training.

Wish me luck

It's rather immature though

Nigga calm down

Its anime

For what reasons?

Full Metal Alchemist is immature?




I liked it when I was a kid. But the whole mannerism of the show is immature even though it has a lot of serious moments. And a lot of the fights are just lazily made.

its funny, kewl, emotional, gripping, and a great adventure filled with science and mysterys!
and a classic made by the OG's Sqaure Enix!

super popular , for a reason, lol.

watch it to know what fun looks like~ and good things.


Like what did you think I thought it was? A Bollywood musical film?

To be fair there are few animes that try hard with fights. One Punch Man being a large exception, despite being mostly comedy lol.

FMA is objectively a 9/10 anime

FMA:B is objectively 10/10

Thought it waa a gun.

That's my problem with the genre. I don't want to watch silly anime girls fucking about doing cute stuff, I want serious drama, story and well made action. There are so few animes that fit that niche.

pretty much this

moe anime is objectively complete fucking shit

My little sister fucking washes her face with charcoal

u fkn wot m8

Might as well try it out too :^)



scuse you, that's HAREM anime

Shes not wrong though.

People like what they like, just turns out the majority seem to like the current stuff we get.



Wanna cuddle?

But it's objectively complete fucking shit

I've made a mistake.

this tbh

Tbh, Demi-chan does the monmusu thing better than MonMusu does.

Yes, you would be delighted.

next poster's waifu is equivalent to the poop emoji 💩💩💩

Weaboo genocide when

I just want Dio to fuck me senseless

I would be delighted? Nani sore?


Demi is about the same as MonMuse

At least I've corrected my mistakes.

more webms

what kind?

Something one can get off to

I don't have the data to browse /gif/

help me obi wan kenobi

Rabi-Ribi has a lot of neat movement techniques.

I'm wasnt a huge fan of the bad dragon dildo threads on /gif/ until I saw the massive creampies on some of them then I was like "Hey this shit ain't half bad"

Though the funny looking one where it shoots eggs inside you is pretty fucking weird tbh fam

Still fapped to it tho :^)


Reminds me of Kurovadis only there's no nudity

shit game/10


Oh shit I never knew Charlie came out on Hot Ones lol



Technically speaking, I think the hammer counts as 1% of item collection.


B-But it's my opinion

Darwin is soft and fluffy.



I bloody hate you cunts and the feeling is mutual but professionals don't let feelings intervene when it comes down to business.
Alice already fucked with this place and promised me personally that she'll visit again and often
I'll get furfags, waifufags and all kinds of uninvited guests to her threads soon enough, I'll throw the link in here and you either come and join the fray or sit on your asses.
That cunt needs to fuck off and this might be the only thing we agree in.
Now keep your irony and sarcasm shoved up in your asses its a simple fuckin' yes or no question

In the same way as Barney to attract kids?





Anyone else with BALLS

Hopefully I get cucked to death.

More Dragon loli for you.

Your saving grace is your taste in loli

Thank you

The best taste

We Kanna-chan now?

No. Get good tastes.


No problemo.

Maybe! How are you doing Soto?

Not even I can argue with that.


Pretty good

Have to head out to an interview/training in like 20 mins

Ban all posters of sexualized children.

Oh that's good to hear. I wish you all the best in the interview and training. Well what am I saying, I know it'll go well.

Its 2d tho

easy there

The rum ran out

Help me


Antifreeze tastes nice.

I had a sandwhich today and I already feel guilty

but I'm still hungry

I should just tell my psychiatrist my meds are making me hungry as hell and she'll give me something to reduce my apetite

stop making me want to fuck myself


I have washing machine detergent

wait is that actually tokai?




yeah I'm kindof a newfag



now I'm horny

Yes, Jackie.

The folder is done.

kronks new groove was great


Dodged a bullet did I

I think what I'll do is post nudes of myself

Then I'll be too embarrassed to come back here and I'll be free

oooh great!!

I've been abandoned by cold hearted, apathic and selfish namefags
We've been through so much together and their response is utter rejection.
Can I count on you my friend?


Shes thicc


Uploading it then I will send it over steam? Unless you have discord.

I also have discord yeh *Tokai*

ooh well well




In all fields too



You wouldn't have it any other way, would you?

You wish to partake?


in wat?

I might reconsider if you write my name on your dick

Sent add, Dysnomia is me.

Hey there, how are you doing today?

Skype : ^)

Lets drown Alice in her own blood


Why did you video call me then


I am doing alright. Gonna do a little drinking tonight.
How are you doing?

No I like a lot of things.

wats the name mean?

Who have you been sending dick picks to, wasn't me..


Well I was bummed out earlier in the day, but I had a small nap and my mood perked up.

Now I'm just sitting around watching a few streams and talking on here. Glad to hear you're doing alright. ^^

Oh um, well I'll just keep posting dragonloli.

It's an attempt at latin

Poor bastard

so you will watch fma then?


It is both a joke on a disorder I never knew existed before hand but mostly I picked it cause it is a moon of the dwarf planet Eris and the name of a deity of lawlessness.

I am happy you are feeling a bit better, I hope it keeps going upward mood wise.
What are you watching be streamed?

Probably sometime in the future.

Yep, I talked to you even after I dropped my family. I'm gonna talk about it but not here.
I need time : ^)

She has HUGE eyes even compared to animu standards, bitch has optic nerves arm thick, no room left for brain over there


it's worth it~


I know it's good! You don't have to keep point that out, mister!

I was watching PyrionFlax play Dota, until my stream frozen and I clicked off it, but I'll watch him again.

Also thank you, I'll try to keep it on the up, I can't promise anything though.

Her eyes are no bigger than your bitch's.

ooh cool
mine's just a guitar or a sea

If you are this understanding at Trianon we could fully share Tatry

I don't know who is that. The weeb you are posting

My bitch is almost older than me tho. You know 90's animu

Oh and you. You will return.

I totally butchered that reply to you Tokes but the gist of it is there.

I would hope so.

Oh some like pro player? Not hugely into mobas so I would not know myself.
Hopefully the rest of the world helps with that too, you deserve to have a great time.

Well both are very cool things still!

the anime is called evil
i think you'd like it

He's not a pro player, He's a British caster and personality, he plays CS:GO and Dota mainly, and on his youtube channel, he plays a lot of random games. He's pretty funny, well I like him anyway.

Also thank you, that means a lot. ^^


*points it out*

I will bite that finger off...

Oh? Maybe I will look him up! British accents are very good for listening to while multitasking.

I feel like rum but all I have are stuff aged 12+ and it would feel like a waste to open any of those

I just thought of th japanisiest name I know

The anime is called Saga of Tanya the Evil, not just "evil".

He's got a great series with a few members of the yogcast on HOI4, that's really good if you want to see him get frustrated at his friends.


You sure thought of a cute name.

I already have it on watchlist but only after all the episodes are out

I'm already wasted off my ass so my advice is to break open one of those sons of bitches

B-but no special occasion and ruining the collection

A decent win! I will take it.
I will check him out probably later tonight. If I manage to remember well enough. Tomorrow if my memory fails. lol

thank you

It will grow back.

Well if it fails you, you can always ask me for his name, I'll always remind you no matter how many times you fail!

No it wont, I'll make sure it wont.

I-its not like I will open my 18 years old w-whiskey baka!


watch it sooner!!! faster!

And just how are you going to accomplish that ?

30 year old baileys

Uhh... I'll just keep biting it off? I don't know, I didn't think the threat through enough.

That sounds disgusting tbh.

Looks unreal enough to be a reasonable animu

Son you gonna shit yourself


Doing well tonight?

Aw, adorable and helpful!

That girl sure does not look like how her name sounds.

Kanna napping on your pillow

Someone buy me Shantae.


Pfft, you're too kind. You're making my face turn red!

Like this?

Yeaah! finally having time to relax.
so I'm happily playing civ and drinking

but don't actually or



You would have to eat a lot of fingers.

it will surprise you

i agree, the anime sytle is strange! :o


who is shantae?

H-h-how did this get on my wishlist?

I have one more, but then I'm all out!

I'm prepared to do it, don't you test me now!

and what conditions are those?

you are supposed to shake it and mix it in afterwards

I don't know what I'm doing with my life and the world doesn't stop to let me catch up. At some point you have to decide to dig yourself out of the hole you're in but at what point does that hole become so large it's better to accept living in it? I ask myself this everyday, and I still don't know.


I also still need it

sorry, wrong login


ayo good night


Shantae is fine, tho there are cheaper things on my wishlist.



But I tried to age an already expensive wine without even opening it
Earning profit simply by the clock ticking. Fuckin' hell I was naive. If I'd know I wouldn't waste all that cash on ice wine Tokaji

I'd like to see the day evil surprises me

Oh shite.
I forgot to treat my wine like cocktail how foolish of me. Thank you, oh, greatest sommelier of our time. I was too proud to heed your advice


I'm ready.

Oh uhh... well then!

Fire Emblem Heros is good and I keep getting lucky with my summons.

*nervously empties the cart*

risky revenge is the first one right?


oh cool a belly dancer girl.

watch the anime :)

my characters are level 10 ! ^_^


I got like 3 gold units already. and Nowi

i dunno wat a gold unit is.

Well, the first one is on GBC, but Risky's Revenge is the first one on steam, chronologically.

She's a Genie!
Well, a half-genie!

A 5 star hero

each person has a rank 1 - 5 stars

Maybe if you stopped calling him that


He likes it tho.
He told me so.

I'll think of something soon enough!

I thought putting it near the wheel in the garage equals the same
Well, shit.


It's the holidays and I'm generous, which one?

Think faster.

No, I'm going to take my sweet time now. You brought this on yourself!

well... i gues she kinda looks like genie from aladin if i squint

i have a 3 star!

You mean the GBC one?

whichever you want

Are you summoning things with your stones?


If you're asking me to tell you what you to get me, then the answer would be the cheapest one on steam.

How is that awful?


nope... i have 0 orbs.

can't afford pay to win.