Liberals need to literally be conditioned on what to think


fuck off with this broscience

imagine being so autistic your mind is blown by observing that comedy follows patterns

colbert had to tell the crowd to not clap about comey getting fired lol since apparently now it's bad instead of good like it would have been a few months ago

500% certainty of being Colbert watchers getting stressed by cognitive dissonance; refusing to believe they got their minds on a leash.

yeah imagine nuance, dems didnt like comey but didn't think he should be fired because he was investigating trump


Yeah that sure looks like a journal and not a forum post.

Also I think Colbert is a smug prick.

You don't need to post this on a journal because those forms of manipulation and conditioning are already very, very well understood in psychology. There's nothing new to be showcased.

>imagine being so autistic that you read a book


You are too ignorant to know for a matter of fact, that I'm right and that psychological manipulation is well understood.

In fact, there are literally hundreds of papers on how people can be conditioned through humor, and how the false pretense of humor can be used to skip rational discussions. All it takes is a google search.

The unfettered power the liberal media has over the human populace is staggering.


Why don't we just do this for Marxism?

Lol no you retard. Thinking Colbert/Oliver/Bee/etc. do anything special instead of just doing really boring, predictable comedy is the cognitive dissonance. If your small brain finds this shallow retardation so "enthralling" and "hypnotic" then that's your fucking problem, not mine.

I'll stick to actually reading books instead of analyzing mediocre liberal comedy

What a surprise

Because it doesn't actually work.

Also I've never seen right-wingers debunk Oliver's arguments, they cherrypick his quips and mannerisms like the [current year] like the complete autists that they are but they never touch on the data he posits or its conclusions.

I agree with you but it's pretty hypocritical coming from the people who cried about pewdiepie's freedom of speech with nazi jokes.
Unless you actually believe frog and merchant memes are 100% genuine humour with no conditioning effects. (which you don't because you believe in meme magic)

Yeah, the people in power have better tools and resouces to dominate the masses, who would've thought. Don't act like there's a good guy in this story.

It's pretty hypnotic for the first 6 episodes of his you watch or so.

his conclusions don't actually come from his data half the time. They half of the time it does it's on non-ideological, easy answer issues that are only issues because of some really obvious corruption/bullshittery that even right wingers can agree on.