What's the final word on this incident?

What's the final word on this incident?

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IMO it's totally justified to shoot an 8 year old girl if it leads to the death of a US commando.

IMO any 8 year old girl which manage to kill US commando deserve at least statue and eternal praise.

im glad libs have started to care about war deaths again. going to be wicked rad to see some anti-war marches. I remember going to one 16 years ago. good times

They have?
I don't think a couple of rare moralfags on an imageboard are going to start any marches.

Just the media throwing everything they can at Trump. Gotta pave the way for the impeachment.


t. O'Brien

You should've showed up to more stuff, there was a lot of antiwar protesting in 2011-12 at least in my part of Burgerstan

No one on the right-wing cares. The airstrike happened under Dindu Trump's orders and as we all know he can't do nuffin wrong cuz "muh deleted emails". Also, the little girl's of middle eastern descent. They're perpetual foreigners in The United States no matter how integrated they are. Been like this since 9/11 and their situation ain't gonna better itself any time soon with the far-right climate we have in the west these days.

liberals will only bitch about this stuff for a while, or even just ask for "war without casualties"
we need a proper anti war, defeatist movement

hell yeah dude you see you /r/esist and /r/neoliberal


t. Leddit Democrat


I have yet to see any proper mainstream coverage on this, so you're wrong. It's been swept under the rug

She was really cute.
If the story is true, she suffered while she bled out from the neck.
Can you picture this girl in that state?

At least she's now free from this nightmare existence.

Damn now you've made me angry and upset. I really hope I live to see the day when the parasites responsible for this shit are held accountable.



NATO should build Greater Israel and spread female arab refugees across the western world tbh.

More suffering wouldn't fix anything. Then again, there are days I dream of slowly torturing billions of people to death so I can empathize.

I don't believe in torture, I would just take a pistol and walk down the line of hooded figures and only stop when I passed out from exhaustion

The raid was sanctioned by one guy, and you know who that was

you only care because she's a loli, pedoscum

Another sad victim of the USA.

Why do you fucking septics go nuts over Mia Khalifa? Her bolt-ons are fucking abominable.

It was what showed that "lel trump'll do anything if you tell him Obama was too pussy to do it" wasn't just a joke, the raid was literally planned out but then turned down under Obama on the grounds of shaky evidence the target was even there as well as being too risky to ARE TROOPS

Wasn't this exact pic posted here a few weeks ago?

Her dad fought on the ultra-reactionary maroonite side of the civil war against the PLO and the Communist Party so I think it's pretty hot that the christfag got cucked like that after being an imperialist pawn.

I find that really weird. You and Holla Forumsacks are the only people I've ever heard of who claim to be able to jerk off to abstract political principles. Don't those nightmarishly terrible tits and zero on-screen charisma affect you a little?

Not him, but a little backstory like that adds to my fap. Also, she falls into an under-served porn niche.

Reminds me of a story where one /a/non accidentally referred to a friend or family member's child as a loli and was ostracized as a result.

To be honest it's highly disturbing
This got little to no coverage and yet this is one of the defining moments in our history. If Anwar was the test to see of they could get away with it and his son the test to see if they could push it further this girl is the final nail in the coffin as far as human rights in this country are concerned. Just to be clear this wasn't a
Drone bombing she was shot by an actual US soldier.

People like you are the reason why I wish for violent revolution without monopoly on violence.


Howso? Tons of cute little girls have been killed by US bombings in the past. What makes this one definitive?

american dogs have killed thousands of little girls on their history of satanic military incursions.
I don't know what's so special about this specific case, if it's just because the girl was american then people are just being dumb.

fuck off

Roses are red 🌹, all flowers grow 🌻 But what if……………… 🤔 THE CHILD CONSENTS THO 👇 😂 👇 👌 👌 👌 💯 💯

entire villages were massacred in vietnam??????

This is significant I guess because she is a US citizen. Doesn't really mean shit unless you see rule of law as somehow sacred or valuable. Government officials already violate the law constantly.

Found the liberal

you're not arguing that it isn't sad

and everyone threw a shitfit over it, causing the war to be end?

it's not like there was internet then, man. it took a while for it to get out.
this, this whole thing, it's baffling how it's been swept under the rug. you'd think libs would have had a FIELD DAY attacking Trump for this, but no.

I want to set up some kind of twitter page or something bringing it to the public eye, but I'm just too much of pussy. Can't handle it.

Reminder than huge naturals are the only true revolutionary preference

Her soul is free from everything on this earth.

Truly free at last.

You're the one trying to prove something is true, that I should be outraged by this one individual's tragic death, and base what I think on that. Defending your argument's on you. Keep acting smug though, it works just as well as actually having something other than rhetoric to back you up.

I think the fact that there was more outrage over the operator that died than this little girl shows how worthless the USA's lib media is- they don't want to interfere with our ability to assassinate our own citizens, so they play the story up as "muh Drumpf wuz so stoooopid!" instead of emphasizing that not even cute little girls who are US citizens are safe from the capitalist security state.

Not all outlets cover every newspiece. I'm sure that in any outlet you'll find plenty of terrible hitpieces only that outlet printed. "Trump's face appeared on my pancake, and I nearly choked to death on it" and the like.

Cops kill someone every 8 hours or so, including in no-knock raids. Not all that different really.

Theirs no need to save the children if you kill them all first

Capitalism kill children around the world daily and in many horrible ways. They bomb them, shoot them, starve them, burn them ect ect.

Ive seen too many dead children and adults to care anymore about one in particular, as if focusing on that one makes me any more sad or angry. Can we just stop them from bombing people?

the US empire kills children everyday, part of the war on terror


why this

What argument? I'm open to anyone disputing the events, as I don't even know what really happened. I wasn't exactly present.
You did no such thing, you just came in crying "propaganda! waaah!"

as someone already said in the thread, a bloody raid is different than some haphazard bombings, sad to say but it is true.

This is serious. We're talking about a raid that was planned by Obama, aborted then sanctioned by Trump.
One of the first things he did in office caused the death of a sweet little girl. You don't think that should be more significant in the news?

Do we have any way of knowing she actually died?


somebody give that man a peace prize already.

So Abdulrahman Al-Awlaki is the elder brother of Anwar Al-Awlaki?
What has that family done to get targeted by the U.S.?

why would anyone ever leave america to go to the middle east? it's a death sentence

a cursed family

that will never make any sweet little girls again

Anwar al-Awlaki = killed in September 30, 2011 by a drone strike.

His son, Abdulrahman al-Awlaki (16 years old) = killed in October 14, 2011 by a drone strike.

His daughter Nawar al-Awlaki (8 years old) = killed in January 29, 2017 by a drone strike.

It wasn't a drone strike that killed the girl, geez. Check the facts, or at least the thread, you lazy ass

why didn't we try to get this trending on social media? How about a real reason to complain about Trump instead of the usual BS?

No one would have cared if Obama just dronebombed this girl instead, it's literally just selective outrage

Everyone did care when her brother actually got droned. Are you 12?

The media outrage over this outweighed the reaction to her brother's death significantly

You really have to be an ass-ravaged liberal to think that the reaction to her death is sincere, and not just cynical manipulation of anti-Trump liberals


Lmao no. Every story posted of this girl mentioned her in relation to her brother's murder at the hands of Obama. Anyone who thinks this wasn't a big fucking deal when it happened under Obama is a child or was himself the liberal safespace idiot caricature you're describing.

I never understood the point of fighting a strawman. You really must not have a point to make other than "lol caring about this makes you an obama loving lib"

wtf I love extrajudicial killings of innocent civilians now

Duh, murkans being murkan. Noone cares.

What media outrage?
Are you dense? Did you even read the thread?

epic bro, that doesn't change the reality of an innocent little girl dying and no one caring at all

There is no "reaction", even these news outlets are presenting the whole thing in a neutral tone.

That's the whole point, it's baffling how this has been swept under the rug, when it could be used against Trump. Try paying attention.

somebody explain it to me. am I just dumb?

user read my mind, irrelevant. its completely inconsequential whether its real or not, what matters is that the """"War on Terror"""" is continuing under the new administration and is being waged with just as little consideration for civilians

so it does matter then? talk about a self-defeating post