This opportunist piece of shit is trying to kill the PCF (Parti communist francais) now

This opportunist piece of shit is trying to kill the PCF (Parti communist francais) now.

Do you regret supporting him now Holla Forums?

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It's funny how Holla Forums laugh at Holla Forums because they supprted Trump,
but when some slightly more leftist (rethorically mostly) then usual socdem comes large parts off Holla Forums start to act like retarded trump supporters or like how liberals acted about Obama back in 2008.

user, let's not pretend those shitstorms about Melenchon being a Rosa killer didn't happen.

wtf I love Macron now


How does one kill a dead horse?

This. Communist parties in most countries are a fucking joke.

t. class collaborationist

Un parfait spectacle a observer de mon comfortable fauteil.

PCF is a dead brand. Melenchon is doing the right thing to build a majority in the parliament. If he stumbles FI's moment will be missed.

Wtf, I love tankies now.

They disagree on fundamental issues (constituent assemblies and the right to revoke, and getting out of nuclear power).

The guy gets a crowd of people to sing L'Internationale, has criticized capitalism, and there's that one time where he made it very clear he wasn't a social democrat. He barely almost made it to third place, and he's a serious contender for 2022 if the Left can actually organize together and stop with the petty tribalism

Trump supporters actually believed in the insane shit he was proposing.

People on Holla Forums who support major democratic socialist candidates don't do it out of a belief that they'll somehow directly bring about full communism. They do it because they know the left badly needs whatever victories it can get right now.

This PCF has all kinds of historical baggage and is going nowhere. Also care to explain whats going on, most people on this board are not French speakers.


Learn French.

The article's a writeup of some stuff floating around based on JLM's interview on BFMTV

There was a flap where PCF was using JLM's face on their flyers without his permission (JLM called it 'insupportable').

Pierre Laurent, chairman of PCF, told a different story about what was going on and JLM said he was lying.

Also, PCF wants to use FI's popularity to run in the legislative elections but JLM wants everyone to run under the program L'Avenir en Commun to get his movement's support.

The way I'm seeing it he's doing the right thing. FI is polling at 15% and needs to pull people into the tent and make them clarify their positions. Macron's doing the same thing with En Marche, and basically the two big parties are being pulled apart by this.

Isn't the PCF Maoist, Stalinist or something? In that case he's doing nothing wrong.

NK, who gave you Internet? You're even more obnoxious than the Stalin flagers.

Lmao. The PCF have been reformist social democrats since the end of World War 2. Take it from someone who's actually been in that party at one point.

The former head of the party, Robert Hue, didn't support Mélenchon this election but Macron. Yes, fucking Macron, from the beginning.
Not to mention they allied with Mitterrand during the 80s, the guy who imported neoliberalism in France.

PCF are becoming the CPUSA fast
I don't understand how they've been so awful since 2012

Hue have been fucking over and done for decades though, that's kind of an unfair point.

Left Front took the PCF under its wings for the last ten years and until recently, they were quite happy to have a man like melenchon to represent them and their ideas.

Didn't PCF choose the path of class collaboration during the May 1968 events?

The PCF compromised itself for years with the PS to keep those sweet statecraft offices.
Fuck them with a stik.

The PCF literally stranded the would be 68 revolution. They are the ultimate collaborationists.


The PCF is a bit anachronic, it must give way to something else.

If he can kill it, it deserved to be killed.

He is not trying to kill the PC, he's not against the PC and is supported by most communists anyway, he has a problem with the leaders of the PC who are mouthbreathers that can't get anything done, actually some of them even supported Macron and most are trying to get some positions by coming to him now.

You can dislike some ideas of Melenchon but you can't deny that he's the greatest orator that the left has, He is even converting a lot of pseudo-fascho FN supporters to the radical left.

Also he's pretty clear that he thinks capitalism is an awful mode of production and needs to be destroyed, he never gave up on that goal.

France should have burned in 1968. It's beyond saving now.

Regardless of the restrictions of power, even a socdem is an improvement on the world of Blair and Clinton.

Our first priority at all times must be to destroy the neoliberal "centre ground", even if it doesn't cause policy change. (One must temper their engagement, however, to avoid genuine faith.)