What's the point of using this stupid term anymore? It's not like anybody uses "sir" or "mister" these days.

Xir are right we should all be called by our proper pronouns.

Do people actually say this in real life? I kind of like it , but it seems like it would seem a bit strange to say this outside of very specific contexts (like in a revolutionary period, war, strike etc.)

I used to view it in similar light too, but as I got more involved in party politics the word grew on me. It holds a place in our traditions and image.

Its still commonplace in political jargon and meetings of leftist parties.

we should stop using it because the nazis called each other kamerad and parteigenossen

The point is to feel like you stupid retards are all part of some dumb collective fighting "the good fight"


I use sir and mister

Just start saying onii-chan in public

it's just a way of saying fellow leftist

I agree, samideano is much better.

It pretty quickly identifies you as a leftist and expresses solidarity in two syllables.

weak dude, real weak

Love the word but I've never not felt cringed when I hear it irl. Mostly because any serious lefties I know are saddening and put me in a bummed mood just seeing them


I hate the word solidarity, but I like comrade

All the cool kids are saying "citizen" these days

I like bookchin but this is a meme

If everyone's a comrade, no one is a boss or a servant. It puts everyone on an equal playing field. The word of the day: Horizontal.

It's the best gender-neural pronoun we've got :^)

The GDR did, that's why they said "Genosse" instead of "Kamarad".

This. The left has to reword itself. "Opression", "Solidarity", "Collectivism", etc. have too much of a bad connotation or are worn out.


It sounds cool, tbh.

Alternatively: Tovarisch.

I like comrade. I don't use unironically use it in public conversations because I'm not that autistic, but it's a nice term. It can be used as a title, as a general synonym for "friend", and it's conveniently gender-neutral. It's a good term.

In portuguese it sounds natural and people who aren't commies use it all the time instead of saying dude or whatever. I use it too, but I wouldn't use it in english because it sounds unnatural and try hard.

Banks, and cashiers, and anyone you give money to does.


We should take a note from the Aussies and just call everyone cunts.


Really? Communists say it a lot, and it's not cringey like in English, but I haven't heard anyone outside the Party use it without sarcasm.

Indeed. You may refer to me as goshujinsama.

Old people and military people use it a lot, for example. Also, college students use it (at least in my area). It's one of those things that catches on sometimes. Instead of calling someone a "moço", "companheiro", "amigo", "pá", "gajo", some people just use "camarada". "Está ali um camarada que conheço", "oh camarada como estás?", "vamos embora, camarada?"

This might be dependent on where you live, however.

its what Lenin would've wanted.

Quero viver nesse mundo.

Amigo, vives em Coimbra? Foi lá onde apanhei esse hábito.


1) Customer service people still say it
2) This sort of familiarity is an intrinsic part of modern capitalist ideology

Sou da Margem Sul. Tenho muita pena de ainda nunca ter ido a Coimbra. Não sabia essa da malta se chamar "camarada" uns aos outros, mas acho muito fixe.

Toda a gente que conheço de Coimbra é do Partido, portanto já usavam camarada por definição.

we use "compañero" which means companion. you could use "fellow" or something like that?

because it's a meme now just like everything else associated with marxism

Its mostly LARPing bullshit

I can see the use in motivational speeches maybe

get out of your room

I hear it used unironically in the real world sometimes. Not like "will you pass the salt comrade?" but more like as a euphemism for communist, or communist sympathizer, especially if the person in question doesn't share those views publicly.

It only sounds cool when Russians use it.

Fun Fact: The Russian Army still uses "Comrade(s)" when adressing soilders.

I like hearing "tovarish"
I's the Russian word for comrade

I usually use it in a slightly goofy, self-aware tone kind of like how you'd say "my guy". ie "that's pretty gay comrade" not "Comrades! Let us rally the workers against the overclass!"

Wow a good GMIL comic for once

and senpai, but only in good company

No they don't.

They use "tovarishch". Comrade is an English word.

We should get with the times and use "tomodachi" instead.

Do they still say 'da' as well?

I can't speak for other countries, but here in Burgerland, our politics haven't advanced much beyond the 17th and 18th centuries, and people still make regular references to early liberal thought (in fact, one of the major conservative think tanks in this country is called the "John Locke Foundation"). I don't think anyone's politics being "dated"
Has anything to do with it.

The bourgeoisie will demonize any ideology that threatens them, and they're no so stupid as to be fooled by a simple rebranding. So call socialism "workplace democracy", use "fellows" instead of comrades, say "community" instead of collective, whatever. It will just be incorporated into the new red scare propaganda, and the attempt at rebranding will just make you look dishonest.

Are you stupid or somthing?

No shit they would say Comrade in Russian…

whats wrong?
youre embarrassed that Soviet Union managed to turn half the world leftist?

C'mon man. If you're an American you surely know that words associated with the USSR are so fucking taboo that people immediately refuse to listen to what you're saying when you use them.
You have to massage the classcuck's brainwashed sensibilities a little if you ever want them to even consider listening.

Most of the people violently opposed to socialist jargon are people who lived through the Cold War and were subjected to its propaganda, i.e. - the Boomers and Gen X to a lesser extent.

These people are basically permanently classcucked and won't be brought around regardless.

I like the word when used in proper commie context. Kinda irked that my liberal friend, inb4 you shouldn't have liberal friends, I only have like 3 friends who is aware of my redness, occasionally uses leftist memes. I think it's as a way to try and connect, but politically, we've become pretty distant. He's basically a Bernie liberal.

The struggle is real.

Tell him that the Bolsheviks legalized homosexuality, which was illegal under the tzar.

I somewhat relate to this feel.

do leftcoms have any redeeming features?

Here in Russia, if you didn't know a person you referred to one another as comrade (on the street etc) up till like 1995, and now it's grazhdanin which is 'citizen' and is so awkward.


No they wouldn't. Comrade isn't a russian word. Tavarisch, vodka, and da are.

They actually understand Marx