ITT: autistic things you do thanks to Holla Forums


back in the day I could talk to lib normies, but now? FUCK!

You should seek professional help and block Holla Forums on your computer for a while.

good lord

good pasta Holla Forums

I frequent Holla Forums.

No one is that autistic yet able to hold up in a conversation with multiple people.

The furthest I ever got to that was when I criticized Clinton to a group of Democrats post-Trump

my gott


I watch the news and point out propaganda

i pretend to be a nazbol IRL sometimes


Well, the most autistic thing you can even do is go to Holla Forums and believe the horseshit.

Kill yourself


This is where he starts going off the rails and you know it isn't real.

I've found myself being more vocal about us not being a union state, even though I know very little about unions and how they work… and like a lot of people I pretty much associate union work with hard-labor physical jobs or low-level entertainment work, so it sounds stupid as fuck to me when I complain about it. I just want employers to stop screwing me - "right to work" my fucking ass.

who needs the glasses?

However to answer the OP question sometimes I imagine montages of the revolution/propaganda of the deed set to the music I'm listening to when I'm walking.

I have a small shrine in my room deticated to Piper Wright from Fallout 4, it started out as just me keeping pictures of her printed out, and eventually I ended up collecting figures/custom drawings of her. Sometimes I imagine us living in the wasteland outside of capitalism, and truly being free. I know that I'll never be able to be with her in this life, but I've never felt love for any other women besides her.

40 keks of usury

I spend too much time here, for a moment I completely forgot that most normies find belief in religion and the supernatural to be a completely healthy belief that shouldn't be ridiculed.


Little pigs are still pigs.


I hope this is a made up story because I am genuinely concerned about your psychological well being.

There are like three of four red flags that indicate it.

I quote Zizek frequently. Normies think I'm some kind of intellectual.

same. I'm always kinda surprised talking to people irl that they haven't read theory or listened to zizek lectures it's gotten so bad

well that's the charm of Zizek fanboys none of them read his books they just watch his videos on youtube. I've seen alt-neckbeards quoting Zizek ffs


I can't be the only one who does this, right?


Being a communist has fucked my GPA.

Glad to see I'm not the only one who went through hell. Thank god for STEM fields, I would have dropped out if it weren't for those safe havens of objectivity.

Yeah this is where my problems always start. Also talking about violence is the number one way to frighten people.

oh and one time I used the word "spook" in a conversation about gender despite the fact no one knew what I meant.

I do this also. I don't think its that autistic though. Everyone fantasizes but most just do about normie shit like becoming a rock star.

If just thinking this makes me autistic, what does making shit like this make me??

This is some gud pasta m8.

I have just started calling things spooky and nobody knows what I'm referencing. A little jokey just for me



You did the right thing, user.

Haven't slipped up yet but I really don't want to explain edgelord meme philosophy to people in public.

I once went on about muh material conditions in a history class on the American revolution, and autistically asserted the dialectics of the class struggle.


The vodka really helps.

You're supposed to shout "SPOOKS SPOOKS SPOOKS" while running away, comrade

That doesn't work any more because the shock value is gone. Basically like racist jokes are funny when they're in isolation and out of nowhere and not when they're on a list of lame puns and one liners on or whatever


A based OC producer

I like you


…why bolivia?
and do you have any examples?

Not "Bolivian", "Bolivarian", as in pan-Latin American. And It's probably because I did virtually nothing for the preceding week but watch TeleSUR and read about the region.

It only happened once just this Sunday and I was already very fucked but I do remember seeing something like pic related but animated.

so what do you listen to?

there's not difference m8


All this stuff about how voting is a spectacle is correct. It angers me when people say "just vote and change it!"

Mate you need to go back to commie 101

I'm so autistic I got fired from the only good job I ever had (high school chemistry teacher)

Some right wing nationalists found my social media and communist views and basically spammed my school until they "had to let me go."

Socialism is viewed very negatively in my country and you can easily be ostracized for espousing it.

I wrote google bookchin on my Classroom's board once and I even said "Communism will win" to the class chairman



Latin and Celtic folk, flamenco and some jazz

Not saying they're the only valid forms of music, but they're the only ones that I both enjoy and can attribute some sense of authenticity to.

It's honestly hell at times. Pic not really related

So much for the tolerant Right.

Damn dude. Where do you live? what did you do to piss them off?

I know that feel, I can barely make myself tell racist jokes to my Jewish friend.


oh god too often

I know what I'm doing on the way home.

Once while I was at the pub I used spook and someone asked what I meant and I started talking about Stirner and the concepts of spooks as a whole including looking up quotes. Wasn't my proudest moment.

Consider visiting young Labour meetings with the one socialist I actually know even though all I do is get drunk and regret it later.

Or maybe that's just the actual autism. Either way the fact I actually know some leftist things now makes it half tempting. Or maybe I just want to impress.


You're supposed to make a racist joke about yourself.

its not really Holla Forums per se but i do definitely plagiarize some opinions from the big Z in some of my in class discussions (especially this gender studies course i'm in), mostly because A. i genuinely agree with a lot of his ideas and B. it allows me to be a contrarian without sounding like a tryhard

It's a pretty obscure and old slur, most of the people that know it are probably racists themselves.

Hi Jason.

its a lonely feel

the plus side is that i get to feel like an intellectual snowflake

who makes these? they are fucking awesome always see them posted around here

i use the term spooky alot


i was drunk with some normie friends the other weekend and accidentally used 'kulak' as an insult during some smash bros banter

i then had to explain the history of term to them mid-game, it was weird.

After all, isn't that what studying psychoanalysis is for?

What subject was this for?

Shoulda backed him up, you could probably discuss theory and shit with him

"shut up Stacey"

I mostly just fantasize about killing politicians and my bosses.

Although, this has been a daily occurrence for years, not something I developed from Holla Forums.

All my autism was finally worth it.

It was Latin.

Hey, thanks! Check out my garbage videos on (the capital letters matter 100% for this my brand, thank you for respecting this when visiting my url)

just say fixed-ideas or social constructs.

what do you say to Deleuze, Foucault, and Guattari who completely dismantled psychoanalysis?

I bump every alt-right post I see on social media, let's make the average normie fed up with their cancer.


I have vivid daydreams about going off to Rojava and dying for the YPG's struggle. That or living on the rest of my days working for a co-op over there.

I like the way you think

I gave a speech in my college about Stirner thanks to memes.



I do admit, Nazbols got spicy memes.

Good way to be labelled racist real quick