Talking to stranger comrades irl

How do I speak to strangers who're comrades? I've noticed this is ecspecially difficult for me, i feel by talking politics i'm being redundent cause i'll be talking about things they already know.

What do?

Pic unrelated

Talk to them like any other person but mention communism.

"You a commie as well? I thought I was the only fucking one in this area"

Ask her if there's any decent parties or whatever around

Wouldn't touch her, I don't trust people who have political pins

Ask them which side they are on.

How do you know it's an ancom pin?

Please don`t do this, even ironically.
Exception to this rule are during mayday,political protests and party/org meetings.

She probably reads crimethinc

She probably has a Twitter account where she spends all day complaining about all the left-wing dudebros who think she'll sleep with them just because they share political views. She'll probably hate your guts if you approach her like that.

user, never forget that left-wing women are terrible. If deep down that's just thirst, avoid her completely. Date normies and become comrades with leftist men.


unless she's a virtue signalling pseud, she wears it in the hope to find other comrades

it's to find other comrades, autist


Just join a political party/organization you sperg. Left has no need for people who are unable to organize.

Date normies and make leftists out of them

Stop projecting your baggage from one bad experience/relationship you had you sperg.

how do you know it was ancom pin?

the flag has origin within anarcho-syndicalists

It's not difficult OP. Just chill out


next time wear a nazbol gang pin and see if she notices

You're the male equivilent of those twitter chicks.

why would you ever want that

OP you are stupid. Just introduce yourself. Once you know each others' names you're not strangers any more. Fuck, have you never seen Forrest Gump?

Do americans really believe this?

it's the same thing really

are us euros more alienated?