Holla Forums, a friend of mine just added a literal fascist on our discord server

Holla Forums, a friend of mine just added a literal fascist on our discord server
she's a gril

How do I fuck with her? As in, she gets all of her shit from Holla Forums, it's going to be so easy. What books do I read to meme her?

I'll post a link if enough people are interested

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hi Holla Forums

google bookchin

she's a fascist, anarchism won't do shit to her. I'm thinking of going the nazbol route

stirner, duh.

just tell her she is fat and ugly, shit like that usually upset girls a lot. Or read das kapital

she's a fascist, and a Holla Forums at that. do you really think she'll fucking read something?

Send me memes, preferably nazbol memes so I can do the gool old fash>nazbol>strasser>ML route

Nazbols are just fascists LARPing as Soviets so I'm not sure what that will accomplish. Stop smearing Nazbol shit around.

Nazbol is the way to go, get her exposed to socialist economics: then erode her racial opinions.

then it should be obvious and you wouldn't have to ask

it's kind of late you should've done your homework already. See me after class.

Just bee urself

You don't commie scum. You'll never be able to fuck with her because she's already two steps ahead of you in the meme game. The best you can do is go into the fetal position like all you fucks do when confronted and piss yourself in fear.

Tell her to get back in the kitchen and be quiet whilst the men are talking. Is she married and popping out kids for the fatherland yet?

Actually fuck it, here you go


Bring your nazbol memes

then go Zizek route. he's one of /ourguys/ who get to be despised by liberal """left""" as much as most right wing guys.

Discord servers in a nutshell, it's what every circlejerk internet group comes down to.

I like how he says its going "to be so easy" and then asks for help, and 3 minutes later just gives up and asks us to do the work

more like with me, i'm memeing her too

you don't have memes, you just have rehashed Holla Forums images, or you have to 'memes' with too much text cause you have to tell her how to think and what to think

lol nah i'm just posting nazbol gang memes

Just ask questions. And whatever she says, critique it by asking more questions. Continue until she contradicts herself.