The ironical shitposting atracts unironical shitposting AKA retards

the ironical shitposting atracts unironical shitposting AKA retards
can we move the nazbol stuff to Holla Forums?
pic related, jean claude van damme is nazbol

Unironic nazbol shit is bannable along with its retarded twin Asser ism. Be sure to report it if you see it.

why would you ban it?

please please do


I left Holla Forums for the constant shitposting. Don't let Nazbol grow at all here. Let them go take over 4chan or something.

To help drive home the point about the danger of ironic shitposting, consider the my little pony fandom. Originally that was all satirical, making fun of weird adults who like cartoons targeting really young kids. Now look what it turned into.

Fuck off

But nazbol is the only correct leftist position.

Forgot to sage.

I've been saying this for awhile now.
Let's all stop trying to impress Holla Forums, stop trying to throw anyone and anything we can under the bus, to our own eventual downfall, just to appeal to three thousand nazis.

nabol is good way to enter leftism at least if you're a nationalist I should know I used to unironically call myself a nat succ

No it's fucking not. That's like saying Asserism is good. It's not a fucking bridge, it's at best a form of right wing subversion.
Stupid tank.

you seem angry user

Strasserism is a bridge considering it has an ideology and is anti-Hitler.

You underestimate how sacred private property is to the right. A right winger saying private property is bad takes a huge leap.

But I can understand not wanting to have anything to do with the alt right. I just got out of it. The people in it bring the average intelligence of a room down a few notches.

This. The only thing this will lead to is us becoming more fascist. As anons have pointed out itt; there are countless examples of this from halfchan

You seem detrimental to the left, ex-nazi-kun.

It's a bridge that works two ways.
I don't want a bridge that works two ways because I don't trust the posters here not to walk down it a little too far.

have a little bit of faith in the users here user

It's not about the users out there. It's about users coming in.

I really can't.

A few months ago I was unironically a fascist and now I'm thinking of joining the communist party and I'm going to this rally they're going to have in a month or so, just to check it out. I don't know what to believe anymore, but I like anarcho-syndicalism and I admire Tito, Sankara and Hoxha. I just gotta read more, because I realized I don't know shit about shit and I come across as a giant pseud. Whatever. The point is that I liked here, stopped going to Holla Forums and it's having a huge effect on me.

I was an ex-fascist as well.

I genuinely wanted to help people and to bring justice in the world. The rise of the insincere memers of 4chan ruined the right for me. They tried too hard to be edgy. It stopped being about the people and started to be a competition of the self. I left and found this place. It is to the point and is helpful in finding reading materials.
I want to learn. I want to help. I want to cause change.

Don't ban Nazbol.

i really think we should go eventualy to Holla Forums and do nazbol shitposting
at least one thread in the half chan and the one here
if that doesnt turn them into leftys, at least we can laught at them


Comrade you're not being dialectical

Nazbol shitposting is Holla Forums culture go back to reddit liberal baby.

Something being 'culture' doesn't put it above critique, buddy. Unless you think FGM is fine because it's somebody's 'culture'.

Also OP is correct, ironic memeposting is the cancer that created the Holla Forums problem in the first place. 'I was only pretending to be retarded!' is a shitty excuse.

bump for this and the original OP idea
which is me, but i want to samefag a little

Actually this is a great idea, sounds like a lot of fun.

I agree, nazbol posters should go back to Holla Forums

and fucking stay there

And that "I was only pretending to be retarded" bullshit is caused by laziness. When people don't read and learn enough they say some bullshit they read on wikipedia and think that's the absolute truth, and when people call them out, they resort to "I was only pretending to be retarded", "no fun allowed" and other similar stuff. People have to read!