Converting Liberals

This Thread is for every tactic that you use to convert liberals.
My personal favorites are the:
-"Chomsky is a self described anarchist"
-"If a miner produces 75 dollars for the company and is paid 10 dollars, isnt that theft?"

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"Well the owner worked hard to buy the equipment to build the mine, and it costs a lot for upkeep."
This is where the conversation always goes so unless you can refute we're fucked.
Liberals will eventually tell you that the person who exploits is taking a risk and is thus justified in his exploitation if he facilitates the supply of a good.
Liberals are useful only for work camps.


Ive converted a few away from bourgie feminism and their liberal ways. And "if the risks really were so important why are the porkies so damn rich", inb4 they put the money back into the company, "if they do put it back into the company why are they so damn rich"

Ask them where he got the money to buy the mine

Better to use the example of a barber shop.

If ten barbers get together and cooperatively own a shop, and they each make $200/day, then they each pay an equal share of the costs to stay open and everybody walks about with about $150.

If one barber owns a shop with ten chairs and rents nine of them, and they each make $200/day he's going to offload the cost onto them and take a piece of their income, so nine walk out with $100 each and one guy leaves with $600. Despite them doing equal work.

Now, here's the real kick in the nuts. If he rents out the tenth chair, he does ZERO work, and ends the day with $500 while ten other people do all the work and end the day with $100 each.

Equal pay for equal work.


Tell them that capitalism doesn't even work on paper.

Tell them a communist named Lenin legalized gay rights in Russia.

And from space to non-existence in about 30.

Lenin was a brocialist prude though.


Man, that's a pretty good quote.

I convert liberals with the truth, no matter where it takes them.

just dont be a condescending dickhead

hahahahaha lenin was an r9k robot marxian autist

for fucks sake guys try to be better than Holla Forums and give the fucking source without people having to ask first

That's not really that prudish,although i think with the words "abnormal" and "excessive" Lenin gets one foot stuck in the same bourgeois morality trap. It's worth noting though that in his time contraception wasn't really widespread thing. Lenin's critique could be applied to a lot of pseudo-socialist idpol even today.

Same text. There is so much context and information but all you delivered whas this one little text crop without giving the whole story that only further shows how fucking badass Lenin was and that "cultural marxism" or rather identity politics as we recognize it is nothing new and a bourgeoise cancer that we had always opposed

maybe "poor choice of words" on that, but the context matters, he does not attack "abnormal or excessive sex life" but as he says in the same sentence rather the attempt to justify oneself and cry for acceptance in front of bourgeoise morality.
he pretty much says "there is nothing to apologize for in the first place, bourgeoise morality has no validity to begin with."

if the exploiter is taking the risk with a loan or investment, he's risking other people's money

I told my anachro-liberal friend that cummunism is good and he just said that cumunism is nothing but the capitalism of the lower classes. And it really made me think

That's easy to refute. The capitalist raises the initial capital (although whether they worked hard is debatable since they could have just gotten a loan), but they do so with the intention of making that money back. That money comes from profits which are generated by the workers, therefore the workers are the ones who pay for the equipment, upkeep, etc.

Ask them if I would be entitled to payment if I went around wrestling bears. I'm taking a risk and ridding the world of a dangerous animal everybody pay me.