How do we win over the growing lumpenproletariat?

As automation and globalization increase, jobs are increasingly being moved to the third world or automated, creating a growing class of lumpenproletarians in the 1st world.

This class of lumpenproletariat includes younger individuals, who cannot find a job at the beginning and become NEETs after education, and older blue-collar baby boomer workers who lose their long-held factory jobs as manufacturing plants move to China or Mexico, or automate as Porky continues his quest for lower labor costs and a bigger slice of the surplus value pie.

Many of these elements seem to have driven support for alt-right candidates and activist movements, who generally blame economic problems on globalization (overlooking automation) and love white nationalist idpol, with younger lumpenproletariat elements blaming liberal idpol movements like feminism for their social and sexual failures, which are to some extent caused by their lumpenproletarian status. Basically, their entire platform is summed up in the phrase "Make America Great Again", suggesting that if everything became like the 50s (economically, socially, culturally) again it would magically undo the current stage of capitalism and fix everything.

This lumpenproletariat class is just going to keep growing.

If they were commiepilled and started seeing capitalism and automation as the roots of their problems instead of niggers and jews, they might have some revolutionary potential, especially as their numbers increase due to automation.

So, Holla Forums, how do we turn these people to the light? It's not like most of you aren't lumpenproletarians yourselves.

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Porky will create a "basic income" allowance to keep them happy

Open source software and open source hardware. Communize.

I don't think you're using lumpen correctly/the concept is irrelevant in this day and age

Marx used lumpen to refer to lower class people like highway robbers and streetside prostitutes who weren't directly exploited by capitalists and thus were not interested in revolutionary advancement

The "lumpen" of today, (refugees, NEETs, petty thieves, precarious workers of all types, vagrants etc.) are a DIRECT RESULT OF CAPITALISM whose lives would be improved by revolutionary advancement even more than the average worker

The only real "lumpen" that exist today are organized crime syndicates

Just mentally replace "lumpen" with "unemployed" when reading my OP then.


Probably gonna come within the next few years in America once they shitcan Trump for fucking Comey

Wouldn't that make the remaining workers less likely to want to wagecuck then, if they can just collect a steady UBI check every month and spend all of their time doing whatever they want? I'm not sure if Porky would approve.

This is what the 2011 town square movements managed to do across the world. By going out and either starting their marches in low income neighborhoods or occupying town squares they bridged the gap between disaffected highly educated youth and lowly educated "unemployable" youth.


I've heard a lot of "this is the end of Trump" scenarios, and this is by far the most asinine (and probably wishful on behalf of liberals).

You've clearly never been to a trailer park, or ghetto where everyone gets the SSI check.

Can't find the video, but there's a bit where Maxine Waters is screaming into a megaphone that all of them are gonna get their checks during the LA Riots.

That will happen a lot more often in a UBI society

tbh with the current rate of succdem reform progress i'd say that UBI is pretty far off. Hopefully we get a massive economic collapse that triggers a revolution before then.

This is because SSI doesn't provide a living, it provides something just short of subsistence. Thus porky has established a system where he can pretend to be magnanimous while still maintaining artificial scarcity that forces people into wage slavery.

Because when you absolutely need $100 and you only get $99, you're not much better off than if you'd gotten $0.

There would still be a growing number of unneeded people barely surviving off of welfare that might become dissatisfied with capitalism.

Maybe stop calling proles lumpenproles for starters

What is Universal Basic Income to you?

No, this

call them precariat for a start not lumpen

More like the unnecessariat. Precariat are those who do have jobs but with high levels of insecurity

Le Pen won mostly older voters, not the unemployed youth. (Melenchon won bigger in that demographic.)

Le Pen voters are mostly blue-collar workers who lost their jobs or have a tenuous grip on them. Not to mention that Le Pen isn't really "alt-right". She's more of a left-economic, right-social protectionist, in the vein of the BNP. If anything, nationalism and populism are the arch-proletarian positions, made to the detriment of both the capitalist and the lower lumpen classes.

The growing lumpenproletariat and precariat class is mostly staffed by immigrants and young folks, who mostly vote for either establishment parties or for "left-wing" candidates who promise them more gibsmedats.

However, Melenchon and Le Pen actually have some overlap in terms of voters, particularly amongst the native lower-income youth.

Basically, the native precariats/lumpens are divided between nationalism and succdem, while the actual proletariat/former proletariat is full-on nationalist and leftist economically. Immigrant scabs and lumpens are full-on succdem and mostly are for welfare gibsmedats.

Also, most Le Pen voters are aware that capitalism is the issue. They either want a reformed capitalism or to abolish it. Immigrants simply are considered lackeys of the liberal capitalist order. This is why labor unions traditionally were highly nativist. (Most Le Pen voters also aren't alt-righters, a lot of them are actually dissatisfied Socialist Party voters.)

fuck you lenin

Black markets and tearing down the divide between individualism and collectivism.

I fucking swear annils are undercover ancaps

Is collectivism not a thing except or ancaps?
Do you, as an ancom, not recognize that the idea of collectivism and individualism being mutually exclusive is false?
Would you not gladly say you're a collectivist, not an anarcho-collectivist of course but just within the umbrella of that sort of ideology?

I fucking swear, ancoms who want to be leftcoms, giving up useful fucking tools for the sake of idealism.

Black markets are a viable strategy for anarchists of any type. Provide services that the state monopolises or bans and helps people make a living that isn't taxed by the state or appropriated by a boss.

Especially since they all worship Silicon Valley so they all think UBI is the way to go.