Call him drunken Ira Hayes, he won't answer anymore. Not the whiskey drinking Indian or the marine that went to war

Call him drunken Ira Hayes, he won't answer anymore. Not the whiskey drinking Indian or the marine that went to war.

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Time for brush 'n bed.

Do that, especially Italy's nice.

mhm that can be true.
Go travel one day then.


Well, at least it isn't Detroit.

I'm just dropping it altogether for a while again.

Don't know if I'd like Italy.
Sleep well Tokes.

I will, at least when I have more money. Travelling is a really fun thing to do, well at least when the place you go is not horrible.
Like Detroit.
Night Tokes!

Interesting idea, hopefully it works out.


I don't even remember that spoils

Waking up late is terrible because I'm fucking hungry and I don't want to cook anything at 10:30 and all we have is junk food.

You haven't convinced me this is information worth letting into my bubble.
Even the author, who is a journalist and writer by occupation, and not some sorta scientist, doesn't make predictions.
Except for a potential team up between Russia and Germany if France starts sucking.

If I'm getting this right, the content can be boiled down to:

In his own words:
with few accountable institutions, power rests
with gangs disguised as ‘militia’ and ‘political
parties’. While they fight for power many
innocent people die. It looks as if it will be that
way in Libya, Syria, Yemen, Iraq and possibly other
countries for years to come

His ultimate thoughts being:

Tell me this is worth my time. How is this worth anyone's time?

Writing about Crimea in 2015 isn't insightful.
Writing about Tibet as if it was inevitable isn't insightful.

If all he is bold enough to say is that GEOGRAPHY IS TOO OFTEN IGNORED then I'd say he's wrong, and it's certainly no reason for you to ignore Dutertes and Trumps.
Or Viktor Orbans. Or Erdogans.

I don't need to dismiss it. But given what you've told me, it's pretty damn safe to dismiss.
My bubble already encompasses more than enough to consider this a waste of time, and the reviewers seem to suggest at best it's a good read for anyone that hasn't thought about rivers and mountains factoring in to events in the world.

But this started off by you saying geopolitics and large scale laws are the reason you don't care at all about Trump's rhetoric, or the lies and measures of temporary politicians.
In the scale of time. Geography will play less and less of a role, but an enternal one no doubt. Totally not a reason to be so macro. It isn't even convincing macro when he does make bold assertions, since he's sorta explaining the past from a limited perspective, which many other theories do better, but are also wrong.


Got a coffee shop within walking distance?
Youre waving a canadan flag i assume theres a tims every three blocks.

Check your D*



I do, cause it was really weird.

grom, manaka, have either of you ever read AI: A Modern Approach, by Norvig and Russel?

It's more about the title, I don't like the song too much :3

It always does, but the question is for how long.

Any day now he's gonna come out of the closet.

Hey is that dragon loli anime any good or is it meme shit?

I believe my lecturer showed that years ago

Happy Birthday




did you ever actually sit down and read it cover to cover tho?

Anything that's moeshit is garbage not worth watching unless you're a pedophile.


I'll be there waiting to give him the dick when he does

Its both

Finally someone I can fap to

Hope you have a good one man



I see like 3 other people in the thread you could do that with.

me neither, i only ever used it for revision before the exam, and when i told my assessor about it he looked at me like i was taking the piss :/

then again, my final year project is on agents

It was a core textbook for my intelligent systems module last year but I didn't read it

I watch it cause Kanna is thicc for a toddler

Just dont tell the cops cause that's illegal apparently

But Newport twinks that don't seem to like me is my fetish

nobody in my class read that book, we were young and ain't nobody got time for that

from how he react, it seems like we really should read the book

i mean, ive read bits of it, but most of the basic stuff was covered in the damn lecture slides, and the book is a fucking thousand pages long.

Manaka poster = Sci?

i mean, its a fucking big book, with a shitton of concepts in it, but it seems overkill for an undergrad

Would it help to know what were the background textbooks for my machine learning module?

I'm fat and black.

Alright I've come to my assessment that it's shit pedophiles should be gassed

sure, im just looking to see if im actually taking the piss by not doing the recommended reading or whether my profs are just expecting me to be all in on it and wont settle for anything less.


it's the professor's fault for not making it look like it's a fun book!

Shes like a 1000 years old though so its okay.

Harambe 3.0

Damn bro sounds like you have shit tastes

I would rather be Gabe.

Mostly this.
Theres a thread running on b, /love/ and one of the posters casually puts out thats he got 40 gigs of loli stuffs he had just downloaded and was gojng to start sharing.
Thats 40 gigs of nope on a 5 gig card.
I was thinking of using it as my goto, or hangout, but hell with that.
So i decided to come find these people again.

Idk why i keep wandering back but i do.

Yeah nice try

no, the professor gave very passionate lectures and delivered the content discussed in norvig relevant to the introduction to AI course rather well, and from what i can tell hes a very busy man.

i basically got a very stern telling off for delivering a threadbare interim report on my work so far, and as he put it "norvig has a better finite state machine in the first few chapters of the book".

If it's stuff beyond the lecture slides and not applicable to your project it's probably not worth it?
Seems a little overkill unless it's really relevant

I'm only white on the outside.

Fuck it I'm watching it anyways because I'm a fat loser that lives in my parents basement, I may as well work on becoming a weeb while I'm at it.

What's your username? :^)
Lots of experience fapping

Kinda yeah, no drinking though, I'm not a degen :^)

these seem more relevant to my machine learning algorithms module, where we basically used excel and weka to investigate data patterns and repair a broken flat file database with the decision rules generated.

You can do it however long you need, you are strong willed.

Don't worry about it lol
Who knows I might pop up Osu in a bit and play a few games I'd ask you if you wanna join but I play on normal with no mods cause Im a fuckin babby at it
Oh you too?

That's good dude, is this your first anime con?



She said as she posted on Holla Forums

Dude you should try stand up comedy
You're good at this :^)

But you're pink on the inside right? :3

Fucking fat piece of shit pedophile
Enjoy your thicc loli dragons

Need to call it a day now though, g'night.


Not even fussed i didnt get an answer now.

Holy shit that top play god

subtle is stalking soto


This is like beyond bullying, this is sexual harassment

Kono hentai

Good afternoon. It's a beautiful day.

his acc is better than mine
how does he do it

Not quite.


Is it?

What's wrong with it?

It was raining nicely yesterday now today is all dry, fresh and sunny.

Why do you have such terrible acc ._.


How 2 stop embarrassment

Subtle how do I get good at Osu?

It's over.


Idk ask Emma
I'm like a handicapped child compared to her at osu


Hello. Are you new?

It will come again.

Holy christ I can't stay awake.
Sup, people?

Never. The day is done and can never be repeated.


probably cuz i always play the shit thats above me

my D is fine
I checked

Sometimes im spontaneous

No, but for time being, yes.

O great Emma-sama how do I get good?

dude, if Subby is like a handicapped child compared to you what would I be?
I don't even wanna think about that dude

Do you two use a tablet or something?
How are you so good at that shit?

Post beard





Man, I'm too lazy for that shit right now.

Not yet...

Have we met before?

Man I love how me and my friend are so in sync in that video

Also me burping at the beginning of that video is like the cherry on top


Close enough.

Didn't watch it.

How's the Sunday treating you?

What are you drinking tonight?

not sure if it's the correct D

Not bad. I got really tired for some reason about an hour ago.
Dad and I got a little drone to fuck around with. Had a blast there.

Play more

Yeah we both do

And compared to me you're pretty much a slug

Neat. Aside from if you have to go outside, rain is quite nice.



Long ass time ago.
TehFoxWnbr if that rings a bell.
Cupcake never answered me last thread so idk if he remembers...
Test and scoot certainly didnt'

It's been five years.

Cut them some slack.

Is he Swiper?

The fuck is with old posters and playing this idiotic guessing game?

I kinda hope not.



I should.

I think in his case he's using the only name he has and no one remembers him.

B-But I have a life tho

Yeah thanks for rubbing it in Mr. 22 yr old

Good to see you get along with your dad

Me and my dad usually get drunk as shit and watch Nat Geo
He's kinda old so yeah




He's like that one guy who tries to crash a party and he's liek "Oh yeah, I'm with _" and he ends up saying _'s name wrong so everyones like Uhhh, yeah

Eh. Most older posters seem to only come back to revel in their own "mystery".
I have yet to see many stay long or actually add to anything here.

We use to be at ends, but I visit more than my brothers and we got along as I got older.

Tehfox is pretty much the same thing as Teh penguin of DOOOM

osu! is life tho

Fuck i hated that arc

soto subtle's trying to kill me

*Raises spork*

Ban all old posters.

Kind of want to post, but I want to play PS4.
Not sure what I should do.


Don't they all have their own little clubs to hang in?

I want to play BB, but I hate doing chalice runs solo.

Thx Socks

No! Im lonely and bored, dont do that!

Thats stupid.

I can't bee ALL of them


Me and the admin have diddled each other.
I could have you banned.

If you lack a social life maybe

Whoa, what's going on an osu deathmatch or some shit?


I'm extremely jealous.

Bow before me.

I think so, yeah.
There's always been like 80 different places tangentially related to this place.

I've done them solo but that's because I have no friends. :(

Ban all the gays and the faggots.



Ok Socks.


Master please spare me from your wrath.

So many clubs.

And one of my friends ran most of them with me.
I'm only 2 away from being done with the main ones.

Post tummy and I will consider it.

yeah I got rekt

The only reason to do any of the ones that don't end in the queen is for the crazy person outfit.

Look at what you have done Subtle

I don't get this meme unless it's making fun of Luka.

big and hairy or small and flat ?

I've seen this.



Have you ever thought about not being a gigantic weeaboo faggot?
Food for thought.

I can step up my game.

The what?

Big and hairy.


2 episodes in it's alright I guess. I want to cream loli.

Wait so are you gay or do you only fuck animals

or how do furries work anyways

Sounds like you need to git gud
Guess we're in the same boat

I'm scared dude

This is probably your way of getting back at me after me making fun of you for being a closet gay for so long


He was picking maps he knew I couldn't do with hd

That looks stupid.

Game time.

I haven't seen Shark Tale in a decade.

I'll do chalice runs with you Sushi

It is.

Will Smith should of never played a fish.

Feku is your acc actually lower than 85%?

In my defence, ive not been hanging around online at all...shit posting style i mean.
These vague memories of these people i have is what i can collect as my old "club"
not an unexpected heartbreak no one remembers
I wasnt a main character or anything, i just really really liked these people i was origiannly introduced to back when, from what I nderstood, was a mission to have just one good place/thread people could come to on Holla Forums.
Ponies to me was just a theme, but the message rang.
Then it evolved...

Wtf, no. Let me remind you.
Im not a furry, i just used foxes before I gave into posting ponies.
Plus ive been in a relationship with my girl for 7 years now. Gay anything murders my boner... cept lesbian...if theyre bi.

Rain is the best to listen to.

Doesn't that hurt?

Rings a bell but not really.


Were you that guy who posted Minato?

That... was an interesting emotion that just washed over me.
Ill take it.

I would believe it


"firetruck those jews sub" - Soto 2017

Just say the word and I'll leave forever.

It is, I could sleep for like ever with that sound.


Omfg.... i had forgotten i had posted as him. Yessir.

There was some kind of half baked logic to it. I was smoking alot of weed at the time.

Did you teleport a lot ?


I remember you somewhat.

It's been too long to remember much.

Im just imagining a meeting in the Admins chateoom as they pass back and forth this nametag
"Fuck anyone remember him? Whos this guy? Good guy? Bad guy?
I cant remember if we like him or not. Shit."

Yes but it takes alot of energy.

That memory lane is a two way street. im pretty fuzzy... no pun intended.

No. I would miss you.

Prove it.

shut up darwin

Actually the entirety of the conversation was me asking Cupcake "isn't that the guy who posted Minato?" and he was like "What"

I's Neru yo

What the fuck is Minato?


A Naruto character.

Thanks dad.

Jesus fucking Christ.

I have no room to criticize and won't.

Did you ever post Naruto characters?

*chuckles at shi*

No, but is Undertale any better?

He posts an undertale character and that's even worse.


*laughs in anime*

shut up anyways

Thank God I've never played shitty furry games.


stop breathing

how long do you think it'll be before humanity is rid of religion


what about me ?

How long do you think it'll be before humanity is rid of 200+ pound failtraps on welfare?

Ban me

[banned in Japanese]

Once we can just make them into real girls and pick our bodies.

If the Matrix is ever made real, it'll be nothing but fat dudes pretending to be girls.


I will not be doing that, and you are powerless to stop me.



Don't worry, you're on thin ice.

You're done, kid.

I'll enjoy the sport of it, then.


Don't overcook me though.

No, paper was flying, people were running and yelling, archives burning down, phones ringing...
Yes... i like imagineing it this way

Wish and Subtle are fucking my shit up in Osu rn

and my dumb ass is chugging a beer every time I lose

Smeone help me

When mankind dies.

I will tell on you.





Sure. Complete bedlam.


firetruck me


Guys I cant fucking chug If Im laughing
Just shush for a sec lmaoooo





dragon maid is such a cute anime


I'm finishing up some assignments.

Watch things because they look cute is gay.

alcohols always give me the worst heartburn ;~;

poor baby

Wish and Subtle are fucking demigods at Osu

I just beat Amygdala for the Loran chalices

I'd do a solo run, but I need the ritual blood


Amygdala is by far the hardest Chalice boss.
The rest are manageable for even non-optimized characters.

my tongue also feels gross

I mean the original Amygdala

I didn't find her that hard

There's no margin of error with Amygdala in the second to last Chalice dungeon because of the halved health. You will get one shotted by any of the stronger attacks. Especially the leap that's got a really buggy area. If you don't move, it will always end up on top of you. But sometimes it just lands directly on top of you. Same with once they rip of their arms to extend their range. Its hitboxes are really wonky and will one shot you.

Yeah the fight was super awkward, but I imagine in a cursed chalice it's even worse

Wish fucking destroyed Subtle

yeah I did

Well its getting late for me.
Couple minutes past the day changing hour.
Tis time.
Probably be back tommorow or next day.
Stay friendly ladies.


It isn't at all
maybe if you're insecure about yourself tho

Nevertheless its good to take a break from the action and the drama with something lighthearted

I love the animation style when they're draconic, and how it reflects in their personalities


You can hear fool moon night in the background

I don't like it.

Doesn't mean i'm insecure.

soto has a rap group

it's a numb feel i get every time i drink
like i'm sick but i'm not
it feels super weird

so um, yeah....

omg lmao

hi MFF


Stop drinking urine.

I'm in bed!

I have Nowi and Tiki now.

Suddenly the dragon loli master.

Yo neko r8 my flow

Blame Subtle and Wish for making me drink this shit


I thought you were asleep
Quit lying to me nigga

where's Kanna though

Sorry for lying but Subtle pm'd me and threatened me saying he wanted you all to himself.

Way to give into peer pressure, idiot.

cant wait for the mixtape/10

Literally who ?


I know thats a lie cause subtle hates me

on a side note Imma make some food

Yo if I ever went to AN would you kick it with me?

Kill yourself Australian nigga

me either

I wanna live on my own so I can sing the pokemon theme at the top of my lungs without being judged

Best loli dragon


I swear on his life he said that.

Yeah, I probs would.

Man Im fucking drunk



i can barely understand them but it's still dope af

Oh boy accidental sleep

Of course not.

I was saying how if you think watching something because it's cute or moeshit is gay then you might have some insecurity issues. That or you're just a huge bakabaka



well I just watched 6 episodes of that dragon maid show, I'm too lazy to find the 7th one but I don't even know if it's out. Anyways it was okay I guess Good way to waste 2 hours of my life. I want to fuck the loli

Not alone she wouldn't


If she can beat me in Osu she can beat me up irl



lmao you'd let her cuz you're a nice guy

Welcome to the Kanna clubhouse

You fucking pedophile piece ofr dhit


No that would be Nowi.

I'm scared I might be gay. . .

what's a decent music player that's not itunes

Lucoa is bae


If you're scared you might be gay, you're gay.


everyoe already knows you are

thats the joke


No i'm not.


Daily reminder to ostracize the gays

I used to use winamp for streaming when I was a DJ and it has way too much shit going on in it tbh

I'll check foobar

What's the romanji for that?

don't worry i still accept you

Do you like penis or guys assholes? If yes, sorry, you are gay. If you just like pure traps, at least you're not a faggot, but if you like muscular hairy dudes with AIDS, I'm sorry but you're a hopeless flamer.

D mano?
no idea what it means

the fact that it's in katakana probably means it's the name of something

Didn't take long for me to wake up.

Nono, the "that's wicked" line

We should to a group vocaroo singalong of fly me to the moon.

I don't need to be accepted.

I have a female penis.

Maybe next Friday. I'll bring booze and we'll tc, maybe do it on there?


I like it here.


fuck off then, flamer.

I would unironically sing Goodbye Horses right now at 1:20 AM if everyone else did.

Female penises don't exist.

A refugee from lewd, because the board is dying and what not.


no surprise there
what's up

no wait come back


Nothing much, just woke up feeling extremely groggy, put on Draskyl's stream and now I'm comfortably talking and watching streams.

How about yourself?

Today's yuri releases.

[ifpark] Anata no Kawari ni (Kantai Collection -KanColle-) [English] [Digital]
[Terimayo] Christmas 2016

(C90) [SWEET AVENUE (カヅチ)] 4KOMABOMB!! (アイドルマスター シンデレラガールズ)


chilling in bed and smoking/talking to people
what are they playing in the stream

holy shitttttt

your avatar a cute


Draskyl is playing Dota with a good mix of 80's and 90's music, mainly go for the music and his occasional flaming of chat/players.

Also sounds like you're pretty comfy at the moment.



oh yes ty
miu is the cutest thing on earth

i wanna get outta here but theres nothing much to do at this hour

Thank :3

Oops you asked for romaji anyways "maji yabaku ne"

Forgot the link!y9pEgK7b!6zODho4yhyoMIi7lTzyTgZa5nddrQu1YYXDzYCb4jiI


I know that feel. Nothing to do at 5 in the morning, and I don't have much planned for today. So it might be a very slow and boring day for me.

yeh i hate when i end up sleeping all day


I did that today, because I decided to be a pleb and not sleep the day before. Really regret that now.

time for the nees


that happens to me often lol
but it feels super good when you finally do get to sleep

Yeah it felt really bloody good. Managed to fall asleep from 11 till 8, out cold and felt amazing when I woke up.

Decided to be extra lazy and fall asleep again at 12 now I'm here 5 hours after. So much needed sleep.

As long as you don't kill any trannies you're good.


cute pic.

You forgot "saved".

what a bully




O-okay, senpai...

makes me feel like i been slacking too much tho

Yeah, I know I've been slacking too much. I just need to kick myself into gear sometime soon.

What do you want.

Man it's been awhile since I drank a glass of milk, last time I did it wasn't a symbol of white supremacy.

same here lol

Not a thing.

Needs artificial banana flavouring.


Yawn, k


lol, I need to do it before my half-way point assignment hand ins. I've got like 20% of my project done and I need at least 50% of it done for the half way point assessment which is in 2 weeks.

Is that an Australian thing? Jesus Christ your toilets flush the wrong way, you have spiders that will fucking kill you and you have banana flavored milk. Truly the lawless wasteland portrayed in mad max

what's it about


It's not an australian thing.

Sounds disgusting anyways.

Designing a game scene in Irrlicht, and the game itself needs to run on Windows XP at above 30 frames or above.

Tedious work.

What do you want.

I mean, 30 frames or above. Don't know why I said above twice.

Oh shit, are you gonna yawn at me too !!!!?

Yawn, k

Tell Christopher to EAT YOUR ASS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

what's irrlicht?




Christopher. Eat my ass.


It's an open source games engine, I don't really like it that much, and it has some weird model formats which I'm not experienced in so I don't really have much drive for this assignment.

luka can i have a *huf* please :(

Well done.

*hufs Guero*

I thought "huf" was a Neru thing.

;~; *huf*

What is huf

can't use anything better?

I take my hufs wherever i can get them
neru doesnt notice me

*hufs colbs*

t-thanks luka *huf*

probably soemthing gay


Nope, we can't. It's either that or bust, but hey I'll get around to passing this assignment soon.


thats super sucky..
how many neko girls do you have?

Yeah it's super sucky, and to be honest, I don't know. I'll keep posting them if you want.

k-k-k-k-k-k-kill yourself my dude


I already did, see

Me neither. ;_;


how is luka

a bit tired
spent all yesterday doing some cleaning stuff.
so i'm jus relaxing at home

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