Comrade Fred Hampton's Story Is Coming To The Big Screen!

The guy that made Training Day's gonna be the director so maybe whatever the finished film will be won't be complete shit.

They'll erase all class consciousness and make it solely about idpol.

Fucking hope not. Anti-capitalism is essential to Fred Hampton's legacy.

hollywood trying to cash in on communism

At least we're past the Cold War era Hollywood propaganda of the unfeeling Russian or the conniving communist.

Wasnt there a 'scandal' early in hollywood's life that all the writers and directors were all secret commies or something?

Ronald Reagan becomes President
Donald Trump becomes President

First as tragedy, then as farce.

google huac

You mean that committee that Trump or someone said to be coming back?

Thiiiis. And honestly don't even fool yourself into expecting better, Fuqua is not really a political director.

The problem with those movies is that Hollywood wants regular liberal politics with an edge, so in order to do so they occasionally bring up a few radicals of the past to the screen, but always make their politics vague and easy on the audience's sensibilities. A movie about Douglass, or Newton, or X, King, Hampton, Jackson, Garvey would all be virtually the same because only the sentiments that find common ground with the audience would be properly shown, and it's not even because the filmmakers are deliberately manipulative, but because most people, including the people making those movies, have a very limited understanding of politics and don't really really grasp ideas beyond the liberal vs conservative framework they're used to. They assume everyone is saying one of two things, but in different tones. Different shades of Blue and Red, but still Blue and Red.

So all the aspects of an individual's political worldview that don't belong in the prevailing archetypes are dismissed as contextual, as irrelevant, or something they were not really serious about. It was like that with Malcolm X's racial, nationalist and socialist views, which they barely touched at in Spike Lee's movie (and in most of his media portrayal today). The same thing will certainly happen to Hampton's Marxism.

In fact, you can already see how they will explain his Communism away. Oh it's because it was the 60s, oh it's because he was young and radicalism was cool, oh in that period many turned to radical ideas because they were angry about Vietnam or segregation, and so on. There's always a reason to allow them to dismiss what these figures have said that they don't already agree with. They whitewash them by portraying what made them unique as deviations from the norm, and that norm is bourgeois politics. They can't grasp the idea that Newton, Jackson, Hamton, Shakur and others really studied Marx and Lenin, really challenged their worldview based on their theories and really meant it, because they've never been through a similar process. This is something alien to most people. They see the experience of being "re-programmed" like that not as enlightening, challenging and fruitful to a person, but as brainwashing, as something cultish, as "losing your way". Their politics was handed to them, and they've accepted it.

I like to use the term 'bluewash', where people who were red are made out to be more apolitical or generic liberals. Orwell, Einstein, Wilde and so on.

I think "whitewash" still fits.

IRL they were red. But now that they've been whitewashed they're cuddly pink succdems.

Wow, you don't say.

you mean liberals

It's essential to almost every one in to the entire Civil Rights movement and today all libshits pretend it was about the colour, it shouldn't be shocking if they pull that out again, or at best make him sound like he wanted free healthcare

There have also been a few relatively recent WW2 movies like Defiance where the Russians were good guys.

it will be shit

Considering where we are with the healthcare debate rn, I'd take it

MLK was about to tear shit up, even as VP him and Bobby would have set the US ablaze.

RFK was that liberal/left? I thought him and the rest of the Kennedys were centre at best?

Bobby was immensely anti-corruption and organised crime. Both of them were set to destroy the American establishment.

funny how they both got killed
real funny

RFK was the guy who authorized Hoover to tap MLK's phone and led the subcommittee that oversaw Operation Mongoose. Don't buy into the meme.