What exactly is a porky?

What exactly is a porky?

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ruling class

read marx.

kosher word for jew or their shabbos-goyim lackeys

Who exactly though? How much of the population would fit the term?


Anyone who fits Marx's definition of the bourgeoisie - those who sustain themselves through extraction of surplus value from the workers by means of owning property and capital and the workers being forced to work for them because they have no other source of sustenance. Porky's an abstract concept representing all of these CEOs and investors and other rich fucks who take from the workers.

The distinction between the merchant and Porky's pretty indicative of the vast differences between the boards in itself, tbqh.

We don't care about porky's ethnicity or his greed; he's acting is his self-interest and only exists because of the system at hand. Holla Forums on the other hand only cares about exploitation when a Jew does it.

Under Marx it's simple

Do you receive a paycheck? Prole

Do you pay other people paychecks? Bougie

Tbh it's a dated description of the enemy though, most of the productive economy is small business which would be petite bourgoisie but isn't really "the enemy" of the working class right now. In Marx's time, when unbridled capitalism was new, the enemy was the relatively few business owners who used their old money to become General Electric and Standard Oil. Nowadays Investors, capitalist class people, banks, MNCs should be enemies #1-4. Small business owners and well-to-do expert proles like doctors and lawyers don't get the guillotine, they just probably get rewarded less from now on. Capitalism has hit a late enough stage that small business owners are essentially licensees, not owners, but the meta-controllers like investors and banks control what those licensees do, and along with MNCs extract all the surplus wealth from the productive workers of the country (and other countries, often by passing it between the two and taking a cut).

Porky is the bourgeoise. It isn't a conspiracy, it's just in their class interest to exploit labor and to consolidate power through the state and media. Think of it less like a conspiracy and more like a social phenomenon. Also, if you don't know this much you need to lurk or to at least read the most basic Marx.

Why do you want to kill people?

Meant for

They'll be the leadership of the opposite side during the world revolution? My point is explicitly that we shouldn't lump all well-to-do people in the same category.

We dont let white capitalists off the hook just because they're racial "brethren"


About 3%

a porky is a capitalist, but porky is the system of Capitalism and the reign of Capital over human affairs.

its the Left's version of happy merchant

We don't hate capitalists for their "greed". We simply recognize that the interests of the bourgeoisie are antagonistic to our interests as proles. If anything, the proletariat is not being greedy enough.

Jews still have a fuck ton of wealth tho, its disproportionate just not enough to be said to dominate global wealth


There's like 16 million Jews on Earth and somewhere between 780-850 million whites.

Let's kill them all then, and throw in the poor ones into the mix because let's be honest, we know you don't care about them either.
Porky is porky, whether it's white meat or dark meat or whatever.

The CEO is a bastard category though.
He is technically hired by shareholdres to lead the business in their names.
He can have capital participation via stock-options or being a shareholder himself independently of his job as a CEO.

owners of multinationals and board of directors, stock exchange workers, bankers and and bank employees, insurance company owners and employees, IMF workers, EU commision workers, EU parliamente workers, central bank workers, credit rating agency workers, investment bank owners and employees.

why specifically EU? why are non-EU political staffers different in this regard?

damn, that's a great image