R9k khv wagecuck here. Is revolution basically the beta uprising...

r9k khv wagecuck here. Is revolution basically the beta uprising? Or will socially muh privileged persons keep thier privledge?

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rest easy you'll be able to play video games all day without fear of needing to wageslave for food/shelter

But I don't want to do that, I only really do it because there are no better alternatives. I'd want to party and drink and have one night stands like others do.

The revolution will primarily be led by NEETS. Under communism you'll be able to have all your needs met without having to work.

I'm surprised how ready robots are to shit on post-structuralism, and post-modernism when those thinkers are literally /their guys/

Focaulat is the gay dude that talks about discourse. Why would I shit on him?

Well…then you're just too ugly and/or poor to achieve that.

/r9k/ is heavily reactionary, and woman hater, no? They're just the flip-side of the sjw's.

I mean in a sense yes, if you're technically a beta who wants to uprise against the corporatists and corrupt politicians while purging fucking normies then yeah, I suppose.

And what will socialism do about that? Keep in mind I'm not a "reactionary" when it comes to those things. I support hedonism, sexual liberation and all that. The only criticism I have of it is that I'm not allowed to participate in it, so obviously it's in my self interest for some facist anti degenewacy state unless socialism can offer a way to open these social channels up to everyone

For his sexual gratification.

Foucault was very kinky, but I don't think scat was up his alley dude.

In a better world you won't need to engage in hedonism and pointless sex to be happy and fulfilled, but if you still wanted that, then Communism would make it to where you don't need money to fit in with the normies, and normies would be more accepting of you because human relationships would stop being commodities to carefully buy and sell.

The NEETs will become the vanguard of the revolution.

This much is certain.

Would remove social status from economic reasons. Would remove things like social expectations from people based on shit like gender or whatever. Less consumerism and so more liberty to not conform to a general corporate idea and because of this, less shit like women being cultured towards specific desires for a man and vice versa. There wouldn't be propagandization towards women being socially urged towards chads.

Will you inherently get a gf? Probably not. Will you be less alienated and most likely become more social and socialized due to a more social system? Probably. Chances are it would improve the conditions you want improved as well as others. Social muh privilege would certainly collapse unless earned properly like if you saved someone and are therefore a hero – and even then it wouldn't matter nor give any actual muh privilege. It'd be stuff like directly heroes or something and not a social group like chads.

If I'm an ugly autistic loser in an asocial society, doesn't that mean I'll be even *more* of an ugly autistic loser in a social society?

Not saying I'm not a socialist. I'll remain committed to communism even if it holds no immediate benefit for myself, because I'm not a shitty person.

People can get over ugly, while ugliness would be less of a thing when people aren't expected to meet some artificial appearance.
People would be less alienated and isolated in Socialism, therefor making you more socially competent and generally socialized. People will also care less about hanging out with weirdos when the idea of social capital no longer exists.
Being a "loser" is usually directly correlated with what kind of job or the amount of money you have, which obviously wouldn't be an aspect in Socialism.

Thanks for the responses. I don't have any reservations about becoming a socialist now.

I think you guys need to understand that people's problems aren't only financial. Do I hate my wagecucking? Sure I do. But I hate the fact that that no one gives a single shit about me way more.

I feel like you guys sometimes come off as thinking that after society is reorganized everything will be exactly the same except now no one will be poor. You need to talk more about the non-financial benefits to people

Like I said before, there is almost no one who genuinely violently opposes sexual liberation (degenewacy) except because they were never allowed to participate in it. Because these people don't know that in a better organized society they will be able to participate in it, they turn to reactionaries who claim that in socialism they'll get an Aryan wife or whatever

It's kind of a lopsided idea, they want one person one wife because that's the only way they see themselves as having a chance to not die alone

I completely agree. We sometimes do have robot threads talking about these issues, but there's a lot of normies here who like to shit on those topics.

Here's a classic post talking about this kind of thing.

I'm opposed to degenwacy because of it's impact on society tho :\

Do you really? Have you ever participated in this degenewacy you hate? Would you even be able to if you wanted?

Please don't lie, we're all anonymous hers

Yes, I wish I was still pure tbh

It doesn't get discussed here as much as economic issues, but alienation was something Marx talked about, and eliminating it is one of the goals of a socialist system.

Could you specify what exactly you mean by that? It seems like 90% of the time whenever Holla Forums and the like use that term its referring to interracial couples or homosexuality, and I can't really see any harm in some white weeb marrying his Azn waifu or two girls making out with eachother.

Degenerwacy is essentially the degredation of a person/people and their society and genetic pool. This can range from materialistic forces causing social atomization (which is caused by capital in part) to hedonistic behavior which can cause both genetic and behavior deficiencies to yes even miscegenation and homosexuality. If you want a discussion on why both of those are bad for society(and the people involved) I'm more than happy to explain.

A lot of times Robots get shit on here because they start off saying that if socialism doesn't serve them a GF or if we don't guarantee forced marriages that they won't be a socialist. Obviously most of us think that if that was what tied you to an ideology we don't want you in the first place. You were received pretty warmly just because you didn't feel the need to act hawty and act like your individual support was the end all of a political movement.
It also helps you don't view yourself as entitled to having a romantic partner but rather you want the space for finding one or just engaging in fun to be more inclusive


Yeah I agree. There is ample evidence nowadays how inequality dissolves social networks, how rich people and poor people are forced into extremely destructive mindsets for themselves and others. The sickening pseudo individualism of capitalism forcing people to conform to unrealistic norms but blaming all the problems people have on the individual.

People often barely have identities anymore, no positions on anything. Total inabillity to actual self organise and express themselves. How can you know who you are when you have no way of showing yourselve to others? The sickening pseudo opposition of "community" and "individual" has to be dissolved, and that can only work by making social relationships and community relevant to daily life again.

I really should just make a thread about this topic. Social liberation is in the end the same as economic liberation.

With the advent of gene-editing technology and other advances in science and medicine none of that will even matter anymore.

Just end your fucking life, puritan.

Your theory is shit and incoherent.

All the anxiety and troubles people feel around relationships means that there is something taken away from them (when was this lack filled then? 1800, 1700, 1600?), communism will give this thing back so that love and sex will no longer have any of it's hardships, no broken hearts, no fear of rejection, no people working on their appearance because everyone will be seen as equally attractive.

Communism is a pathological fantasy of completion.

You speak about society as if it's some grand business to be run; as if these traits you cite as d.generate are detracting from some sort of metric you use to gauge the quality of a country.

Is it the number of babies born each year? Outlawing homosexuality won't fix that; they'll just go celibate and have relationships in secret. Or perhaps it's the percentage of non-European/j00ish DNA present in the country's citizens? This seems to come from the angle that nonwhite/"impure" babies are somehow tainted, which is completely and utterly ridiculous.

Why do Nazis obsess over race? Is it because it's all you have left? The only aspect of yourself that brings you contentment and pride? That, or an improper upbringing are the only explanations in my mind; otherwise, you're just very, 'very' stupid.

A better question: why is it so intrinsic to people in general?

Are Jews all losers?

Have you ever spend time around hippies? They are the subculture most removed from commodified relations and fears of appearances. While I dont think the screencap is entirely right or that hippies get it right they are a good example how less marketed society and its relationships can look like. Its not about not fearing rejection or everyone being equally atractive. Itsabout not being ashamed for who you are, and not being judged by others for how you look(judgement is not the same as rejection) or how much money you make.

And no I dont mean hipsters who like to wear indian clothes.

Go back to reddit

Hahaha not even close. It's Chad removing all barriers of dominating society through his chadness.

Think about it: Under capitalism, even uglies and retards can get women by bribing them with money. Under communism, the only thing that will count will be your looks and your charisma and your alphaness. Betas will literally be even worse off than they already are.

And you won't be able to hide in your house as a NEET either, because of "le obligatory labor if you want food" meme

Read this, and fuck off.

>>>Holla Forums

This, tbh.

I did, their disappointments, broken hearts and other relationship troubles were much worse than on average. Subcultures tend to attract people like that. The screencap does not go against marketization at all, to the contrary, it completes it by offering communism as a market in which everything is free.

Go away Freud, don't ruin our fantasy, the lack can be filled if we just try hard enough!

Hippies are a subculture of people who congregate specifically because they have certain traits. They do not reflect the general populace under any social system. Might as well say that renaissance faire enthusiasts reflect the behavior of renaissance people.

Society as a whole will reshape, most people at the fringes nowadays arent there because they chose so, they never where included into any community and never managed to develop themselves in relation to that community. You dont just become an anxiety riddled mess with horrible social skills on yourselve. The perverse form of family practiced under ever more individualising and relationship commodifying capitalism combined with erosion of all other social institutions without replacement creates it.

Read a book

And they nevertheless found a place where these problems are less pronounced. They have their own huge issues but pretending that relationships under communism boil down to capitalist notions of "alphaness" is retarded.

People who already have anxiety won't suddenly be saved retroactively though. They're already fucked.

Doesn't matter, they are insignificant compared to the infinite paradise in the future from that point onward.

True, but some will get better because some of their sources of anxiety get fixed and revolutionary situations often open up old social norms and enable some to live more openly and happy than before.

And for some the comradeship and friendships that often come along with political action will be very helpful too.

lol no. it will merely be a more logical way of allocating resources. that won't solve all human problems.

Half the people here call themselves feminists. I'm sure you can guess exactly how egalitarian any revolution would be.

I have severe anxiety about certain social things (not the usual r9k stuff) and I could definitely see myself being slowly cured in a sufficiently civilized and empathic society. The trouble is that society doesn't exist now and won't magically appear as soon as communism is implemented. People will still carry all the same evolutionary baggage in their minds: hate, fear, tribal instincts, contempt, anger, cruelty, etc. There will be less competition for resources and survival will be easier, so people will generally be a bit more civilized, but they'll still be happy to lynch anyone who happens to have the wrong sexuality.

Ultimately no one can really truly say what society will look like under communism. Anything to the contrary is lies or delusion. We can, however, examine how problems relate to capitalism and at least go "it won't look like that anymore." Exactly how society will treat those with social anxiety, we don't know, but you will absolutely feel better about yourself when no longer alienated from your own labor, which will almost certainly make you a more confident, social person.

Relationships will always have difficulties, and there's always the aspect of someone not feeling the same way towards you as you do to them, and not even in a romantic way. The point is Capitalism makes these bad things worse, and effectively makes them the default. It commodifies humans so that you need to buy the best (the best often being good job, good social circle, the type of personality to succeed in Capitalism) because your market value is correlated with the value of the people you associate with. People are overtly or subtly discouraged from associating with a certain type of people all the way from birth.

Additionally, like elsewhere in Capitalism, there is an artificial scarcity imposed on romantic relationships, where there's this certain idea that people can only be romantically involved with one other person at a time. This idea not only prevents people from pursuing relationships they'd like to, it also forces them to be like a careful consumer with a limited budget and pick out the best possible product while sacrificing certain qualities they would like, all while the forces of social capital acts on them to not associate with socially poorer people.

That's a complete contradiction in terms and the screencap doesn't imply that at all. It's saying humans should act and treat others like humans, not products that they're told to like by advertising.

Nah, that's definitely bullshit. Social anxiety treatment is an effective thing now, and we don't even live in a better world. All the robots and NEETs could be saved if the rest of the world actually gave a fuck about them and didn't just think they were pathetic weirdos or useless leeches.

We were always the alphas. A capitalistic society just so happens to be very adept at passing of betas and other lesser peoples as alphas.


The fix for social anxiety is discarding other's opinions.