Is he hiding his power level...

Is he hiding his power level? He's always going on about "muh coops" but I feel like he is too smart to simply accept that as the end of things. What's he up to Holla Forums?

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I've heard him mention communism in a positive light plenty of times. It should be worth noting that he's mainly addressing an American crowd, so going on about socialism and communism would turn a lot of people off at first; that's why you mention co-ops first, then go from there.

He just know that you can't go full "free market is cancer central planning now" on americans

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I remember seeing a video of someone mentioning how Wolff would talk about politics for long hours, but wouldnt talk much of it in public. Tells you something about it.

He's an undercover tankie. He keeps defending the USSR and PRC.

All he's hiding is the fact that he's a Lassallean utopian under layers of "Marxian economics(tm)" for cred points.

I think he is seriously just giving American normies the closest thing to real socialism they can handle, in a definition that is accurate and understandable – worker operated businesses/workplace democracy is much easier for average workers to understand than "owning means of production" and "from each according to their ability to each according to their need", etc etc.

Whether or not he is actually a Market Socialist is irrelevant because he's doing an excellent job educating Americans about how capitalism functions and that is fucking difficult.

And it really isnt that much of a jump to think maybe a council or committee should be in charge of distributing goods once you accept that the market is only justifiable in a system in which it serves the workers producing for it.

There are really smart people who believe all kinds of stupid shit. Intelligence isn't a predictor of being right. That said, this guy is right
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Oh, he knows, my dude. Dore does too. It's all about that entryism. I'd know that since I was repulsed by everything communist when I wasn't one. I didn't jump straight into it. I slowly got pulled into it.

To add to this, he also frequently points out the problems with markets, not just capitalism as a mode of production. I've seen him say that it makes more sense to produce for use rather than exchange, although IIRC he did it by repeating something one of his students said. That's important because Americans are so poisoned on workers' interests that in order to communicate something so simple, you have to distance yourself from actually just saying it. In this case he did a "from the mouths of babes" thing by attributing the idea to a student. Also there's the bit where he talks about Silicon Valley republicans moving away from megacorps to co-ops, and he establishes distance there by pointing out that they started doing this and when he mentions Marx it's almost as if he's saying "wow what a coincidence, this guy had some similar ideas way back when."

Wolff's strength is not his understanding of economics or his mastery of leftist theory. His expertise and his role is in communication, specifically with ultra-classcucked Americans.

A lot of commies just plain don't know how to talk to normies. It's an art. I knew a tankie in high school who would constantly argue with me about wage slavery but none of it ever stuck because he didn't know how to explain it to someone without the foreknowledge he had.

Wolff is absolutely based.

People are just mad at him because he doesn't try to get out leftist ideas by LARP-ing and is genuinely interested in introducing people to the idea of organizing the economy in a different way

And excellently so. People do not run away from him, the harmless-looking, mild-mannered, funny-talking professor of Economics: he seems trustworthy enough.

Since he sticks to describing the issues without offering too much of a way to solve them except in the very mild way that co-ops are, I believe what he wants to achieve first and foremost is to spread class consciousness and then see what happens.

They are mad at him for doing exactly what makes him good, then. The only people that can be talked into Socialism by advocating for direct and/or violent action against the ruling class are either edgy teens or truly desperate. For everybody else, a much milder introduction is needed. A, ahem, red pill that is easier to swallow.

This is why I hate the "read *insert obscure lefty theorist here*" argument. That might work for the average Holla Forums shitposter, but there is n way in hell you'll attract an actual prole to leftism with that sort of academic elitism. Wolff has a much smarter approach. Explain why capitalism itself is a broken system in easy to understand terms, and then offer mild, easy to swallow solutions. In this interview he gives perhaps the easiest to understand explanation of dialectical materialism and historical determinism I have ever seen:
The truth is Holla Forums is shit at communicating with people.

This channel seems to take small, digestable portions of his economic updates and jazz it up a little for easier consumption. I recommend sending these to your classcucked friends.

This is what I've said for years, we need to accept that because of Cold War propaganda, for most people communism is repulsive and capitalism is a shining beacon.
We need to start with capitalism, and slowly modify all the details till it basically works close to communist principles.
We're boiling frogs here, our opponents did it successfully and we must learn or we'll make no progress at all.


He has repeteadly said that coops is the first step in a change of system. Coops are a mean, not the goal

Pic related, but with Rick D. Wolff's face instead of Idpol Blondie's.

You'd also be committing career suicide advocating for a revolution that won't happen in our life time. I think market socialism is more relevant today.

Published on May 13, 2017

Professor Wolff speaks to the attendees of Democracy at Work Los Angeles' fundraiser in April of 2017. Part 1 of 2.

part 2

That’s true. I’m American and his got me into socialism.


He did it again in the most recent Global Capitalism.


Well that's one way to put it, but he was being more specific than just industrialize…

He meant overthrow the capitalists who are exploiting the people, and start producing for use in order to rapidly industrialize.

most of China's wealth came from becoming the workshop of the world. Russia's from being able to more efficiently sell their resources.
I mean yeah going from a feudal form of government or being a slave nation to a fascist country to communism is going to be a better economically but it's not like the sole reason for why they became rich

Ok, you undersold this, user. He developed a fucking revolutionary praxis on us.

Everyone needs to watch these two videos.

Guess that's the end of taking this guy seriously for me.

I've been thinking of writing a book or something, about traveling between alternate dimensions and the through time.
In one dimension the future is a cyberpunk dystopia with people suffering, and in the other it's a communistic utopia.
Maybe you could have some They Live symbolism in it, with capitalists trying to prevent the world from becoming a communist utopia,
And then just sort of showing how actions, laws, and policies lead to different outcomes, and generally showing why that is.
I really do think there are only a few possible futures for us, corporate controlled authoritarian dystopia, communistic utopia, or nuclear war wiping everyone out.
Science fiction is easily digestible, it isn't as painful to be exposed to the truth in fiction as it is to have it shone in your eyes after a long time in darkness in stark reality.

Also I was thinking about a song or something, anyway the way to win I think is to build class consciousness slowly and in easy to understand way, and then once another crisis comes inevitably to rally them and destroy the last vestiges of this corrupt system, and then during the anarchy just make sure all the pieces coalesce into the right configuration.
It's like a slowly rising in pitch violin, the slowly gathering people, and there are drums keeping a 4/4 beat, the people making small steps toward socialism, I suppose you could even incorporate maybe a trumpet to be the opposing capitalist force, mainly I just personally hate brass instruments, they sound so obnoxious as if someone was mocking you, and the piano could come in with a major key melody, that's sad at first to show the suffering and explotation of people, but as the violin gets louder and faster it goes into a minor key, showing the hope socialism is giving the desperate people, and then everything crescendos, and there's silence, everything has come apart, and then a flute or some other wood wind instrument comes in, playing a gentle tune, every other instrument starts up again, the violin is slower, but still forever there now, the brass farts out a coupe notes, until it's finally vanquished by the violin, and it ceases forever, and the piano plays a sort of happy tune, and the drum is sort of plays a beat similar to a child skipping.

Co-ops is the best method to go forward on the long road to real communism. If we can show to the workers that socialist market economy really works hope is restored and millions of workers around the world will follow.

He was talking about the economic benefit of central planning, you dildo.

He's not even teaching them about capitalism, because if he was then his audience would realize how his coops scheme doesn't work.>>1658064