I'm not American but could somebody tell me if the memes about the CPUSA are true and that they're basically a FBI honeypot?

The Wikipedia page states that they are officially Marxist-Leninist, but when I had a look at their website they seem to have a more moderate approach based on daily politics. I actually liked their website, it seems modern, not too autistic and talks about real issues like healthcare. They did however come over as being really big into IdPol.

So I'm not sure. Are they FBI? MLs hiding their power level? DemSocs?

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They've endorsed every Democrat since Clinton. Make of that what you will.

They espoused Hillery. The same dynasty responsible for the bombings of Yugoslavia

Should tell you enough about them

Did they endorse her because they actually liked her policies or did they just go with the "lesser evil" meme? I mean that's a huge difference, you could otherwise argue that Žižek endorsed Trump, which would be disingenuous

I made this thread because I could see communism gaining traction amongst the US rural population while I think the Democratic Socialists of America doesn't speak to the working class, are too focused on reforming the Democrats and feels more like a campus party in general.

So it would be nice to have a a united communist party. In my country, Germany, we have three fucking Marxist-Leninist parties, one is a crazy cult while being dogmatic to the point of literal aspergers, the other one are unironic Stalin/North Korea worshippers and the third one is made up of former GDR nostalgics.

I'm not american so I don't know them very well on a personal level, and I've never interacted to one of its members, but I read an interview with John Bachtell, the current chairman, and without exaggeration, even "social-democracy" would be too radical for them if he encapsulates their mentality well. He hit every generic liberal talking point, like the evil Koch brothers, how it's all Reagan's fault, how Obama is deep down a reform-minded person who wanted to transform society but was stopped by the racist republicans. Here are a few bits:

This "extreme Right", mind you, are the GOP. This could be acceptable if we were dealing with Fascists, but we're talking about Reagan republicans.

On Obama:

And you know Social-Democrats will never shut up about Sweden? Well that's too radical for them:

They're probably not even to the Left of Bernie, who is a legit Social-Democrat, and everything about that rhetoric sounds less ballsy and more liberal than Bernie himself.

And, as you may have noticed, there's no theory here. Everything here sounds like it could be said by a MSNBC host. There's nothing insightful, no penetrating observation, no theoretical framework, nothing. It's generic liberalism masked as something else, or not even really masked.

Here's the interview: gawker.com/talking-politics-with-the-head-of-the-communist-party-u-1723918251

If I'm not mistaken they went with the "OMG she has a pussy, having a pussy as president would be so progressive *_* meme".

From the U.S. here.
They are pretty much just socdems with a lot focus on idpol, which I think is to get the Third Wave feminists, BLM, etc. on their side.
It doesn't seem like they're really communists, and if so, they're the typical U.S. "communists."
Which believe communism is complete control of Industry by the government, under a bureaucracy, then believe socialism is the combination of "communism" and capitalism.

It's important to illustrate this by pointing out that the Chairman's Facebook profile pic is the safety pin


As a point of reference they endorsed clinton while sanders was still clearly in the race.

Wow that sounds horrible. So there is practically no actual communist party eligible for the working class in the USA? This is fucking depressing.

The USA has 321 million people. Pretty much every other country in the world has at least one resident ML-party. How is this possible?

Fascinatingly enough they were actually established by the ussr and were pretty ML at one point, but somewhere along the line everything whent wrong and all of the parties socialists left.

Due to the massive amount of Cold War propaganda and still some post Cold War propaganda, communists will not be seen as viable candidates for any political office. Since it is almost ingrained in our culture that communism is evil and capitalism is freedom.
So almost no one here knows what communism is and even fewer support it.

How the fuck do you end up with a party where almost a fifth of the members are agents wtf

Oh, and let's not forget during the Cold War a law was past that allowed the imprisonment of anyone who participates in "Communist activity." The definition of which is little more than that of the words itself.
So gotta love that capitalist freedom. Where even being slightly against capitalism can lead to your imprisonment. Sadly that law has not been repealed, but has been rarely used since the collapse of the USSR.

USA doesn't deserve to be saved by communists, anyway.

Same in Germany, KPD was banned in 1956. Gotta listen to the argument the court was making, it's fucking gold. They said the KPD was just as instrumental to Hitler seizing power as the NSDAP itself because they didn't "properly participate" in the liberal democracy of Weimar. So basically the people who actively fought the SA on the streets and were put in death camps one Hitler is power are apperently participating in the rise of the latter. This is your mind on lie realism.

*mind on liberalism

They exist to prove that all M-L's are secretly edgy democrats

The leader went on Glenn Beck, and somehow managed to make Glenn actually apear intelligent, and they endorsed Hillary.

To be fair it was already Ogre.
I don't think they're liberals I just think they're useless and under-read. They have a decent number of chapters but when do those chapters actually DO anything?

DSA is starting to run candidates and there's also the openly anti-capitalist but LARPy and largely useless Greens. Like they just became anti-capitalist recently by vote, most of the party is just weed smoking old guys and not even the cool ones. Not to mention their obsession with deep ecology.