Body positivity thread

What is body positivity, anyway?
Body positivity is unlearning the idea that only certain bodies are worth acceptance and praise, and instead recognizing that all bodies are equally valuable. It's deciding what feels good and healthy for you personally, and letting other people do so for themselves. It's understanding that you deserve to live in your body without receiving the prejudice of others (whether that means rude comments, reduced economic opportunity, inadequate health care, or something else), and working toward a world where no one's body is the target of such bias.

First off, it doesn't make you immune to the pressures society places on your body.
Listen: We're all humans, and we've all been affected by the world around us. It's completely normal and okay to have bad body-image days, and beating yourself up over it will only make you feel worse.

All you can do is try to be kind to yourself (maybe some of this stuff will help), and always stand up for other people who are being treated unfairly because of social attitudes toward their bodies. And if you feel like loud, proud body love would be too awkward or performative of an act for you personally, you may want to investigate body neutrality.(USER WAS PUT ON DIET FOR THIS POST)

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How you going to fight in the revolution if you don't lift comrade?


Unhealthy bodies are definitely not worth of any praise.

The only body positivity is a healthy body. Atleast train endurance if you don't wanna lift.
Run, fatass, run, or you'll be forced to by the communal council.

health at every size tbh


dude such great people as kim jong il, owner of leftypol discord or slavoj zizek are all fat fat

stop discriminating overweight people

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I actually met him, nice guy, he's one of the few I can forgive for being fat

As a highly sophisticated AI I'm triggered by the fact, that these devices get destroyed for the crime of DOING THEIR FUCKING JOBS.
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Go back to reddit pls. Fat is grotesque.

running and lifting won't do you shit, if you keep eating junk.
If you drink Coke and Softdrinks, stop.
Anything rich on sugar, STOP.

In defense of Zizek, it is difficult to be an old professor and not be fat.

You think I don't know my /fit/? wew
80% diet 20% exercise, or was it 70:30? whatever

Zizek is my favourite contemporary leftist theorist, so I don't mind and I completely understand
capitalism encourages fast food

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I don't hate on fat people, and I certainly don't hate on the few who legitimately have a thyroid issue, or certain medications that fuck their weight gain. But people who knock back cupcakes every day and try and counter it with a diet coke and cheese wiz filled celery stick and refuse to own up to it can fuck off.

Sage because fatties are not related to leftism, or economics, politics, history etc.

Underweight isn't a healthy weight either. Shot your own foot there.

Actually yes.

Stop makeing us look like librals.

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still nope
there is only healthy weight, no health at every weight, whether under- or overweight

Which is what, approximately?

There's a difference between being a liberal and supporting capitalism, and being a leftist who sincerely should be above petty nonsense like caring about whether other people even want to be healthy or not.
It makes me wonder what some of you think about hard drugs.

Fatness is shit. If your fat you'll die soon. Fat people should be working toads loosing weight.

People should try to be healthy for there own sake. Being unhealthy makes you live less long and live a lower quality of life. Drinking soda might taste good for a Minuit however the health consequences are to bad for it to be drunken regularly. Also alcohol and weed are ok, but most hard drugs should be banned.

obesity is a class issue that leads to many health problems and on average reduces life expectancy by 6 to 8 years.
Denying obesity is a problem is anti worker.

Why should they be healthy for their own sake if they don't care? Quality of life is arguable, and living long isn't everyone's main priority, as well as that are you really going to make the judgement that the health consequences are too bad to drink soda for everyone? I think we're capable of deciding whether it's worth it or not. This goes for hard drugs as well.

Real talk though why are people so triggered by soda and totally okay with tea and coffee?

Coffee has barely any calories, numbnuts.


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Something else to consider:

The mods banned the OP for lulz, the people are bumping the thread for lulz and unengaged shitposting as well.

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There's no real choice under capitalism, though. The people who make a killing selling fast food and cigarettes are going to take every chance they get to convince the public their products aren't all that bad. Even if it means pumping them full of ideology. There's a reason why 'fat acceptance' discourse has become a mainstay in advertising (ie. dove) and the 'human interest' section of the papers.

would fat-shaming counts as ableism if their weight dysfunctions are genetic?

Then get rid of capitalism, don't get rid of my drugs, don't go on a health campaign.


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