Little did the liberals know, America was fascist since the 1980s when Reagan took office. Revolution is our only hope, capitalism cannot be reformed. This is the final grasping pull on the rope from the bourgeois. Capitalism is failing and they do not like it.


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shut up and go back to consuming, fuckpig

tell me something I didn't know

also, and I know this is gonna sound weird coming from a narcho, but USA isn't really fascist, overusing the term deprives it of any meaning

America is many things, but it's not Fascist. It's definitely Authoritarian and breaks its own founding document repeatedly.

Trumps gonna get killed now

lmao you sound like a r/socialism retard who has just discovered Leftism through Banksy. Fuck off.


Why are the bourgs panicking so hard though? Do they know another crash is coming?

Everybody knows, but at the same time pretends it isn't. This is the only thing that prevents it from immediatelly hitting us.

Fugg capitalism really is hyperstitial (runs on belief, like religion) isn't it?

You didn't realize this yet? Capitalism doesn't require any ideological investments of the people, so it's equally retarded for people to claim communism can only happen if everyone's a dedicated communist. Capitalism can live on even if there is a strong communist movement. There is no political party that calls itself 'capitalist party', there is (almost) nobody who identifies ideologically as 'capitalist'.

You can literally shittalk the market into collapsing.

why aren't we doing this yet?

I guess you could say a former FBI director isn't having such a victorious day.

The rumours don't even have to be about the CEO being dead - illness can suffice. Despite their despicable liberalism, the authors of The Dictator's Handbook explain the phenomenon quite well.

Legions of shitposting CEO 'goodnight, sweet prince' rumourbots wouldn't work very well, but a steady stream of 'anonymous tips' about the health of prominent CEOs to financial reporters and wall street bloggers would likely have a decent effect.

The bourgeoisie can leverage 'old media' for their ideological ends, but the Internet is the home of Actually Existing Communism. We can and should make occupying the internet a total quagmire for the capitalist class. We have the capacity to wage large-scale internet-based disinfo campaigns.

Frankly the only reason I can think of why we haven't already is because the Left chased away all the technically literate people in the 60s and replaced them with retarded arts students and useless philosophers.

this sounds fucking fantastic, why aren't we getting on this RIGHT NOW?

I don't know any wall street bloggers to drop a tip about Deutsche bank's CEO being ill.

nonono, this is something we need to plan and engineer in secret
why haven't we thought of this before


I heard this podcast recently. They're already doing it:


I'm down. Who do we target? What illness? We should agree on a specific CEO and a specific illness and spread it around. We shouldn't need any specific connections (although they would be helpful). Just put it out there via social media and bots. Everyone in the world knows everyone else within 6 connections after all.

Because you fucking pieces of Cultural Marxist shit, the left wing media is controlled by SJWs.

Holla Forums BTFO

Thanks for your contribution.

His name is John Cryan, let's say he has bone cancer.

So Trump is removing the guy who was going after Hillary and has now given up on lock her up completely? Yeah real btfo right.

Opinion discarded

Who says you need to know one?


Trump is an absolute madman

People need to seriously stop using the word fascist so much

le pen still lost


Damn good job m8. Now what we just tweet this at journalists?

Copypaste some news from actual sites to make it more believeable