Lmao, this one I actually agree with

Lmao, this one I actually agree with.

should've used a pig

I'll allow it.

Not enough labels, what's that hairy thing? And why does the cat have that weird face?

Would the Democrats really be so dumb to run Chelsea when she hasn't even held an office? I could see her running as a senator or something, but going straight for the presidential run would be too blatantly nepotistic even for the Democrats' standards.

The Dems will find someone equally slimy but with charisma and political experience.

even when he's right he gets something wrong


the rest of your question doesn't even matter, the answer to this is always yes

Is that trumps daughter?

Anyone noticed the disturbing decrease in labeling in Ben's latest cartoons?

So much for most experienced candidate!

The lack of "Soros" and "the media" labels on those hands is triggering my OCD

Might as well be, jews stick together.

What the fuck is wrong with her face.

Anybody with two brain cells, even Holla Forums can put this together.

she's fucking hideous

Quick Holla Forums:
Fuck Marry Kill Chelsea Ivanka Marion

I love their guffawing, smug faces. It's like their laughing at the proles thinking that there's actually in difference in booj politics.

Fucking look at this, it's such a perfect smug reaction image.

She's been affected by the inbreeding gene

marry marion
fuck ivanka
kill chelsea
its not that hard

requestion the graph saying fucking your sister is better than fucking someone non-white.

And her children will be even more ( ( ( inbreed ) ) ) now.

It's all a fucking show.

I thought Garrison is a libertarian. But now he has a problem with people using money to get higher up? I thought that was the point.

He's mocking the democrats, it's that simple

I wish a suicide bomber would take out Chelsea and her kids. Nothing would be sweeter than Hillary going to hell having failed to gain the presidency multiple times and all her spawn being dead so that there's no genetic figurehead to carry on her bullshit legacy.

Dems have no idea what people want you idiot, they thought Hillary fucking Clinton was "charismatic" too.

Trump's win made them so confused that fatfuck Michael Moore is now suggesting The Rock should run because clearly people just want a cowboy as president, it's not like noone wanted to vote for Shillary because she's a neoliberal catastrophe or anything amirite lmao

Who the fuck is Chelsea Clinton anyway?

Like what has she done besides be Bill and Hillary Clinton's daughter?

Nothing, really, aside from the typical rich kid 'accomplishments' of running out being employed by various organizations and non profits organized by her parents or their friends.

yeah basically this, didn't she get right out of college into a job mummy and daddy got her

iirc no she isn't running for president yet. She said that she would run for NY Senator if either Nita Lowey decides to retire because she's 79 right now or if Kirsten Gillibrand tries to run for president.
2024/2028/32 would be a solid bet anyone could anticipate.

The great thing about muh republic is that the head of state is elected not like feudalism where the king is just whoever was born into it lmao

can anyone help decipher this? There aren't enough labels.

I read some news yesterday about the original creator of Pepe who tried to 'kill' it because it is now associated with the aut-reich.

Ultimately there's a bunch of Clinton hanger-ons now desperately trying to construct a situation where they can still cash in

Pepe is part of a comic the creator made and he killed him off as a way to stop people from using him. While it failed since killing off a fictional character is meaningless it actually made those who use him use him more and in turn embarrass themselves more so in a way it worked. Also now Ben finally bit the bullet and is now an unironic memer so some joy came out of it all if nothing else

Kinda feel bad for Furie. I dont think he ever imagined his creation will become something beyond his control.

Why are lolberts so fucking meme-y?

she looks like the pornstar Riley Reid