Every ideology is both incomplete and useless

Every ideology is both incomplete and useless
Revolution will be made by the worker class and it doesn't need your help, otherwise it'd be screwed
Ideology is everywhere, it corrupts everyone
-ists eat ideology like porkies, but we know the true enlightenment comes from the absence of ideology or your so-called """thoughts"""
No -ism did any good to anyone, it rather destroys things


also pic related, it's John Frusciante.

the working class always needs intellectual backing to formulate alternatives to the current system, as the intellectuals are the ones who have the time to truly explore alternatives and identify the problems. (they aren't being oppressed like the people they are fighting for)

although i agree, ideology is posion

don't know if i got my point across here

they aren't being oppressed to the same degree or incapacitated by exploitation to being wageslaves like the people they are fighting for*

I'm pretty sure this is not how capitalism overtook feudalism


Agree, you don't need to know dialectics to see you're getting fucked over.
Getting mired in discussions about ideology slows the whole thing down.

i'm talking about a general pattern that can be seen in lefty revolutionaries

Marx ruined everything

surrender to nihilism.

Non of their suggestions were implemented.

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it's Niandra. Good album, prefer The Empyrean I think.

indeed, but empyrean is not the best, c'mon

Didn't say it was the best, said it was my favorite. I like Shadow Collide With People too. Don't really know the others.

listen to smile, its peaks are prolly the highest

ok listening to it right now

This is an underappreciated point. The bourgeoisie took political power not because some over-educated nerds told them to, but because it was in their class interest to do so.

fuck off popper
read either stirner or zizek, you cannot escape ideology as it forms your worldview, there is no such thing as 'objective pragmatic politics'

I hate John F. and RHCP so god damn much

And the whole idea that as a communist you are 'outside' or ideology is laughable. Everyone on this earth is likely mired in some kind of ideology if they have even a shred of interest in political matters. It's unavoidable. I feel like the whole 'ideology' memes are no different than liberals who are always claiming to be 'skeptical' and 'unbiased' ..

Wait wait.
So as a member of the working class, I need to wait for the rest of the working class? Or, what?


Is that a real quote?

This is so wrong.
You are not a member of the working class. The working class isn't 'anything that's not the bourgeoisie' but 'people working right now in factories, or in distribution, transports, or anything where the cessation of work would produce huge economical impact.
You were not working in any of those sectors when you posted so you can't be of the working class.