Socialism is…

Socialism is…

…the real movement which abolishes the present state of things. The conditions of this movement result from the premises now in existence.

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this is true

a meme

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I thought Socialism is what we where to establish, and it was Communism which was the movement to abolish the current state of things and act as our guide star?

love for the people

I think the clear distinction between socialism and communism came from Lenin, not originally from Marx. Given that the person you are replying to is a leftcom, I don't think that they follow Lenin's definitions.

But I'm new to this, so it could be wrong.

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you forgot to post tsuruko with that post

I didn't forget
I just didn't have it


fuck you, vaporwave is a parody of hyper-consumerist culture under late capitalism

You're entirely right. Leftcoms are the only marxists who use a proper definition of socialism and communism.

explain this meme
like, I know this is some cosplaying girl but why the caption

I don't even like anal, am I part of the 3% communists?

A spectre