ITT: 200+ pound fatasses try to argue over who's fatter

ITT: 200+ pound fatasses try to argue over who's fatter

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Said the 80 pound meth head looking motherfucker.

200+ pounds is a perfectly healthy weight at my height, the problem is I'm not at healthy weight, at least I'll admit it

whats your height

the real problem is that you look disgusting.


veevee and cup post height and weight so we can compare bmi


who's this cupcake and why should I choke them

me. and because it gets me wet.

I'm 6'1 220 pounds


I didn't say I was at a perfectly healthy weight, I was saying someone can be my height 200+ pounds and not be fat

Okay but seriously for a second do I have at the very least a non-repulsive face?


You're not.

who VeeVee



so tall~

New guy.


I'm surrounded by fat fucks


It's heavy enough to have it's own gravitational pull, yes.

being on the other side of the spectrum isn't all that great either Tsuchi.

dude you are crushing it.

that is honestly a good joke.

I don't choke strangers, my meats reserved for Empty. You'll have to ask him

Twinks are better.

This is fun


Oh? Did he sit on the post now?

Glad you're having a laugh.

I'll survive. I've got plenty of others interested in my slutty services.

:fire: :fire: :fire:

You weigh less than me.

DarwinxTsuchi OTP 2k17

Dude, stop worrying about yourself and what not. Just be happy with you man. Like damn.

Also this is true. It's mine all mine.

Not everyday you meet someone who can fall off both sides of the bed at the same time.

Does that new guy have a name?


29 is my BMI, cupcake post yours you fat ugly bastard

Honestly I really am having fun I'm actually smiling for the first time in a while t-thanks guys

I like you

Depends on how severe it is tbh.


I still get cut off at the end

dude. you're gonna drive the poor guy to bleach cocktails.

are you a new poster?

for face looks fine. nothing noticeably cute or hot. nothing offputting.

your body reflects a poor lifestyle you could probably start putting effort into

if you are new, is this really how you want to start?

The finnish one, he has a name. It's Tee. He's a friendly little bugger, but he's mine.

Okay! Not sure what else to say, but lets keep it to okay!

Tee as in Tea?

Is this a bad start? Seems fine to me And yea I know I sleep miserably and don't get the gym nearly as much as i want to and typically eat fast frozen garbage because of my fucking terrible sleep schedule and complete lack in culinary skill.


It's a pleasure to converse with someone who legally needs pants that say "Wide load" in the back.

If he was poor he wouldn't be able to afford so much food.

It's a poster from /lewd/.


Wasn't Tea the guy who was basically just a more desperate Nezi?

WOKE AF after jus 5 ours instead of 8 like I promised me


The past fifteen minutes have been just great.

good morning!

so sleep.


and a momo to you too

In the linguistic sense yeah but never gone by the name Tea

it got boring there

Not so much for me.

I have 0 idea how long I've slept.


It was always boring there.

I had one more fat joke though.

Was Grimmy Canadian?


I like you guys, even the fat tranny to afraid to post his BMI because he knows it's easily past 35

Go for it dude

let's hear it

British. And a fail tranny. And covered in piercings.

I am pretty sure I don't.

don't make fun of people

attacking people's insecurities is something assholes do.

overcoming them or addressing them is better.

cupcake probably feels justified being a dick. doesn't seem entirely warranted.

Fuck wasps.


Wasps are cute, but if they come near me I'll fuck those little buggers up.


you quit at like 22-23 I think

He's ugly, I'm not. I can take criticism. This is honestly just a bit of late night fun to me.


It must be convenient that whenever you go to the beach the tide comes in to meet you.



New guy went after him first and hasn't stopped yet. Can you criticize Cup and not the new guy?

Just another hugbox circlejerk, oh well. This place is spooky with so many people though.


I just remember him being obese and now we have an influx of /lewds/ rejects.
Didn't know.

I'm pretty sure we've had this exact conversation in the past and you were like 130 lbs and a few inches shorter.

awww :3c

can't we all just be nice to each other?


I take offense to that.

No I posted pics and he made fun of me, and he won't stop either!


Shut up.

Stop hazing the new guy until I at least get dick pics.

that isn't a joke but I like it.


You both suck.

Unlikely. You should just eat some popcorn and enjoy the show.

Absolutely fucking not.


why not? it can't be any more disgusting than your tits.

What's so offensive about that?



How about we all just bully cup for good measure

I'm kind of surprised Sci and Grim didn't just randomly show to spam Cupcake's pics.

oh I didn't read the first reply because it wasn't directed at me and I'm only in this thread for the (you)s

ah. yes, that's solid.


Past 15 minutes is the time I've just been awake for and I feel pretty beat.
The usual morning drowsiness and dehydration.

Oh right.
I think I woke up at like 4 am then went back to sleep too.
I'm surprised it happened so early.

You sure that was me?
That sounds more like subtle.

Shut the fuck up


Your opinion doesn't count on that matter your whore

He receives sexual pleasure from that though. No fun in it.


smh you're just jealous of my pecs bro. And also I don't post my dick because I only show that to people I like.

he's not, but I sorta see why people are pointing out your negative physical qualities.

you shouldn't be an asshole, but you're an asshole which makes your body more offputting.

funny how that works.

Cup you fucking Katawa shoujo ass nigga

Because hugboxes are gross.


Subtle is barely taller than Test.

take me in and care for me :3c


Oh shit, well hopefully you feel more into the waking hours soon. Drowsiness in the morning is shit.



I went over the new guy's posts.

he seems like he's on the defensive, and Cup was randomly poking him, and he poked back.

just from the last thread, unless more happened previously.

Good girl.

ow tall is test?

It is, I got some tea so it's cool.
Nothing to eat though.
I might go for a walk or something, fresh air never hurts.

I love this gif

Test is 5 feet tall. Subtle is like 5 feet 5 inches, I thought.

Yeah if you can drag yourself out there, usually lends a hand to the whole feeling.

It's a good one.

More happened previously.

The new guy asked him to post pics, so he did, so new guy went on a rant about how he's a fat fail trap and should kill himself.

Nigga... And whatever I don't think I'm being an asshole honestly, although I'm shit with people so i dunno

Yea that's jealousy for sure



the other day he told me I looked so disgusting I should kill myself after giving him a picture that he asked for. begged for, more like.

not that this justifies my behavior, but I also do not care if I'm justified or not as long as I'm having fun.

Just because I'm fat doesn't invalidate him being a fat fail trap that should kill himself tbh.

I mean, is he wrong?


It personally offends me what somebody on the other side of the planet I will never actually meet looks like, tbh

I'm just funposting man. but seriously he's an ugly ass dude

*Slathers you in butter and rolls you in bread crumbs and cooks you until you're crispy*




I like this board, good drama.

So are you~

gonna lay down and snuggle my pillow x.x

You're like 5'8", right?

goodnight nezi

Thank you~

good night!

*lightly seasons you with the fixins' and some taters and corn*

From what I can see he made up in his head an image of Cupcake as a woman with a 2 inch dick, could suck a basketball through a straw, and can cause earth shattering orgasms with a picture of his "Girly" body. Then his hopes and dreams were shattered harder than his jeans the last time he tried putten them on. So at the revelation he got upset and shit on the board.

We try to keep it fresh.

You mean Nezi?



why are you two going through eachother to talk to me


I am actually taller than one or two people. This is nice.

I-I'm not sleeping!
just gonna lay down for a bit and snuggles...

please stop im really self conscious about my body

I am shy.

Not that bright, are you.


Honest to god I have a great big grin on my face right now, this is fun

Go to sleep.



So are you going to do anything about it?


You're stupid if you didn't get the joke.

same fam.

Why are you just trying to bait (You)s then?
Just attempt to converse like a normal fucking person.

We've been over this.

He's shy

Like, even Gilligan got the joke, Tracer.



I saw the attempt at humor. It was indicative of you being dumb.

You know what fuck it honestly, this was wake up call for me, I didn't realize I was THIS bad. I guess I'll diet harder, stop going to work and sleep normal, do more cardio, fuck it maybe I'll post results of whatever is to come of it.

You know I'm just shitposting right? Like whatever dude we all have out lives.


I enjoy having a reason to riff like that. I don't often get to use 1/10th of my savage power like that.

Don't diet, make lifestyle changes. Only drink water, cut everything else. No snacks, only proper meals at the same times every day.

Post shoe lifts.


savage is only for telling people they are bad at games

Don't have to get defensive if you didn't get it.

ur bad at games

that changes things.

you're telling someone to kill themselves and mocking their appearance,
cup does have a back thing that makes certain aerobic exercises harder,
unsure if he could do other things to balance his lifestyle

but you're an asshole with a bod nobody should be proud of

somehow attacking people for their looks, makes you downright repulsive

not saying either of you need sympathy,
but take away your both your assholishnesses,
and the guy you're attacking is actually good people. great even. hard to glean that given what little he's shown.

who are you? do you want us to know?
you could probably apologize

Not that bright, are you.

stop these lies.

In no way was that joke indicative of me being dumb.

Don't be a dolt.

Nice getting stuck in your main when I force field the ramp, nerd.

Fuck now I really wanna give him the dick



Honestly at least I had the balls to post myself shirtless, yall can't roast me if you're too much of a bitch to post yourself tbh, cup is allowed to because he posted himself, and even though he's ugly and fat like me that gives him roasting rights.

Well there you go all in good in fun.

That's what I meant really

We're just shitposting dude it's not like we've been friends for years or anything, calm down.


I'm too pretty to post myself.

tfw to intelligent to post myself

You have to drag him out of the closet first.

Jhin buffs when

I don't doubt it.

Finns are smart


I'll fuck him in the closet

There's not need to drag him out when I could just corner him in his own closet

S-stop it~!

Don't forget adorable.

Even Wildturtle can play him and win. He needs no buffs.

Jerashi pls go

He'd probably just yell "b-but I'm not gay" the entire time.

You watch lcs now?

Too many people have seen me as is.

if cake is okay with this painful nonsense, so be it.

you are tho~

you're a new poster, are you saying all you care to add are insults and shitposting?

maybe cup doesn't realize it, but that's awful.

Not much.

at least I flash better than wildturtle

Has Jerashi/Derium even posted in a year?

go eat a sherlock, ugly

Soto: Make fun of test for being short af
Soto: iots the best feeling
Empty: I mean it would be like picking on a toodler.
Empty: He'd have no way to fight back if I put my hand on his head.
Empty: That's just too mean of me.
Empty: I'll just adore him from a far for being so tiny.

Someone said he hangs with the Alice tard squad.

You're both banned for life.

very rude to bully

You know I know there is no one to blame but myself for my weight and appearance, but my parents really didn't help.
That and constant reassurance that I don't look awful.


I mean, he's always been an Alicefag so it's not really shocking.

Still fun.

I only know Kermit from that group.
I hardly talked to Jerashi. Forgot about him 'till someone mentioned him.

Thats like my fetish dude

Nah, thankfully lmao




I couldn't resist, I'm sorry! He told me your height and gaah! I want to cuddle you and never let go.


Stop being a self absorbed dick and start taking responsibility for your own problems.

Alright jeez fine.


I want to pump the new finish poster full of baby batter

Doesn't Kermit still lurk and try to add every "girl" that posts?

What did he mean by this


i wanna fug the drooling scissors girl...

Nothing, you're mine.

He wants to fuck you.

I don't know. I was open about my penis when I started so he never went after me.

Empty gave me permission to cum inside Tee, which would happen to be you

Hi, nice to meet you

careful. I think she's older than 11.

how old is stocking?

Fair enough.

huh. I actually don't know but I assume they are both 18 or older. anarchy stocking, I'm assuming you mean?

both being panty and stocking.

hey what show is that scissor girl from do you know?

Why can't people lust for me?

Brother that's gay as hell.

Cupcake I'll give you 30 bucks if you cut that long ginger hair of yours

I actually assumed you were referring to this

do you mean the girl from kill la kill?

And? It wouldn't stop me from cuddling you like the teddy bear you are.

it premiered in 2010 so 6 years old at least

are you fucking kidding me? I literally wouldn't cut my hair for anything less than 50 thousand dollars.

Because you post creepy shit like "*slathers you in butter*"

i'm beautiful on the inside.

if you really cared about it, you'd be doing it. ie. eating better
really, just eat less. exercising is a painful way to lose exercise.

You need to adopt Luka-isms and have people desperate enough to buy it.

it's from a meme.

no the creepy girl with the shiby dar blue hair that sticks in all directions that neko posts

I'm not sure if boys are for impregnation

we've all had these fantasies.

the only thing standing in the way was his sexuality.

oh, yeah I have no idea.

You're not, I told him you're off limits.

Damn, I guess I'll have to go elsewhere then. Maybe in a different life.

*I stroke your hair as I slowly slide inside you*
"Your fur is so soft, Veevee-chan."
*Your ring clenches as I slide my magnum dong deeper inside your cavernous opening"

everything is

I have standards for myself.


lmao your whole body isn't even worth that much, let alone your hair

Oh they fucking better be

take it or leave it, faggot.



Jesus fucking christ i lost my shit at that

fug yes i found it



tfw no gf creepy like drool girl

White people shouting nigger is like the next best thing since sliced bread


now hold on

and who knows wtf that show about? i sure dont. but im sure it's creepy

You shitposted in the wrong neighborhood

Always makes me giggle.

Is there like a discord server or something?

fuck you furries are worse than jews

Fucking niggers I swear

They come up with the funniest words

now hold on.

fugggggggggggggin kill all furries dddddddddddddude im with the newbie bbbbbbbbbro

Also no, my pictures isn't an artists rendition of Veevee, just putting it out there.


i own this goddamn board

r u hitting on my bf rn?


Yeah. You're not getting in, tbqhfam



You'll get along with Squash, Moogs, Darwin, and like 24 other posters on here

wow pls no bully on my board

you want to be a furry fine, but if you post furshit at me, THEN IT'S TOO FAR


the sound of my diaper crinkling as I run into the shadows to please puppet master daddy

O-oh... Okay.

*Your hole pushes against my onslaught of meaty vengance*
"S-stop" you whimper in a drunken haze of pain and pleasure.
*I slam with renewed vigor against your whore hole*

*You soil your diaper through your fur suit. I lap it up with my canine tongue*


no not fine disgusting

does this count?

I'm sorry. My sides are in orbit right now. I'm too happy, I need to bring myself back down to earth.


This is vile.


this is vile.

do u like um wanna uh go?

hate furries pls

but does that count


furries ruined this community

quit hitting on his bf you finnish nigger

Okay fuck furries, yiff in hell, etc...

no. But it's fucking vile.

oh haha uh yea um [blushes] errrrrrrrrrr heh

okay cool. we'll be friends

*The pungent aroma of your fresh mess drives me to soil my own diaper in turn*

"Hnnnnng" I cry as I push a hot log against my Huggies.

[Enter Cupcake]

leave me and my fresh diaper out of this you freak.

My sides are completely gone, this all too much for my poor body. I'll see you guys on the other side.

furries actually ruined this community it's not a conspiracy theory it's the truth

bye bye

"I don't cyber" - squash

Tee i got some fucking Vorschmack for you right here bby

Internet community gets infiltrated by furries, gets totally destroyed! many such cases! sad!

it's the honest to god truth

"L-leave me out of this" you protest.
*I grab you with force and throw you on the bed."
*We rub our dirty diapers against each other. You moan and turn away. Blushing redder than a rashy booty*

squash. cease.



IT'S TIME TO STOP !!!!!!!!!!!

So Test is there any reason I can't join the discord or like... Do you just not like me?

It's Oobles and Guero's. You have to ask them.

*Your protest only causes me to become more engorged*
*I reach in your diaper and I EAT THE POO POO*


me:envelops your entire essence with my own


also I just got this captcha

there's no official Holla Forums discord anyway

Oh okay they're not here though are they?

not after squash tard raged and deleted his anyway


"It's time to stop" Test cries as he bursts from the closet. Hand still firmly wrapped around his dick.

this honestly seems like something he'd do.



All these (You)'s I wasn't expecting any at all, I'm still recovering from the laughing fit.

psst get me an invite link for discord bro..!

I don't like where this is going. I didn't earlier either. But now I really don't

what discord?

Go on

me: squeezes tight but it doesnt hurt and isnt scary
like what up boyo

i didnt think that far ahead

C'mon now, please don't do this to me, my sides can't handle it at the moment.

like le literally wdymbt

I should've went to bed hours ago but I didn't and now what? I bought an expensive knife, and got made fun of for being fat on the internet. What a night.

Are you going to cut the fat off?

Something happened. I don't think I can post right now.
here bro

Cut as in literally or cut as in fitness terms?

not clicking this shit...


it was just him and he kicked me.

I just wanted sci to be alone in an empty discord
Is that so bad?

honeymoon discord server all to ourselves?


That's not even the actual discord lol.

jokes on you I was going to leave as soon as you joined

I'm aware, I'm just clicking on them for fun.

Run little rabbit.
But remember. I run faster horny than you do scared.

jokes on me how? i didnt join and instead u had to explain the plan to me lmao!!


Diaper fetishists are the most disgusting people on earth to be honest.


5th dimensional chess bby u didnt stand a chance!

bro you know there's ID's right?

Grow a thicker skin

Why'd you take off your name?

also the diaper fetish stuff is all just a joke nobody likes that shit

Me right now.

look at these losers

Yea I know, my name just went away for some reason

I didn't, accidentally clicked on another board and it got rid of it.

I like it dirty.

I love that shit.












I love it when there is corn still in it and you can have a side with your meal.



I regret letting things get to this point.

may heaven have mercy on my soul.





not you me that seems rude I shouldn't have quoted you

im so in love with u cupcake cant u see it... i would risk going to prison to molest ur younger self, babe