Hillary Clinton and Misogynism

TL;DR What is the appropriate response when a liberal say your language is woman hater if you criticize Hillary Clinton?

So I was at a healthcare protest recently. It was mostly liberals.
I made an anti-Hillary chant once, and a pussy-hatted white female seemed offended but didn't say anything.
10 minutes later she comes up to me and said that my comments were divisive and woman hater. I then told her that I agreed with the divisive part and I would consider not chanting it again, but I told her she was narrow minded for finding a political opinion like that to be woman hater.

She was buttmad and had her arms crossed.
Did I handle it correctly? What would have been a better comeback?

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I mention that Hillary refused to back civil rights bills and accuse them of being racist, usually mentioning my black and chinese great great great grandparents. It's not mature, it's not even properly arguing, but it shuts them the fuck down and gives you time to explain.

You literally could not have done anything more, liberal feminists will defend that woman to the death because they see her as their ideal.

ending the conversation

You hand her one of your Holla Forums business cards and let her come here to fight it out for herself

What is it with liberals and those fucking hats?

They're right. It's the same reason Marine Le Pen lost.

It's a clear sign that they're liberals. However I don't judge them too harshly for their larping, since the left is filled with larpers.
Honestly, they recently became "radicalized". The woman march was probably their first major protest. They probably view Obongo as an ideal president.

Why don't you stop being a numale cuck?

I don't feel like praising Stalin in the middle of a liberal protest. We are not going to radicalize liberals/the working class, but scaring them off.

You're a woman hater if you didn't vote Marine Le Pen too


I tell them I'm a feminist because I believe women can be just as bad as men.

Mind you, there *is* a lot of hatred of women that is prevalent within a lot of anti-Hillary sentiment. But that being said, that doesn't mean that voting for a neoliberal hawkish war criminal is in any way ethical.

Ask them what they think of Le Penn and if they dont like her call them misoggynisms

If there was any real hatred for her being a woman it was overshadowed by the "first woman president" propaganda. I can't imagine male candidate with the same agenda getting that many votes.

Sad state of affairs

This is a legitimate issue that should be discussed. Talking about how you should handle liberals in conversation is something we need to think about.

Should of just starting talking about how Hillary supported a murderous coup in honduras

do I make a royalist joke or a poopsoc joke? fuck.

You should have told her to google Bookchin

lame. Learn basic defence of stalin in russian and practice singing internationale in french.

The criticism of "you only don't like Hillary Clinton because she is a woman" is only true if you actually dislike her because she's a woman.

I was talking to a liberal girl about how I thought Clinton had a feminism that excludes working class women and hedges its bets entirely on the modest goal of getting as many women as possible into the ruling class or even more conservatively hedges its bets on getting one woman into the highest seat of power , implicitly saying that the structure of patriarchy or sexual inequity can be eliminated simply by capitulating the very system that maintains the inequality between the sexes. I also pointed out how Clinton isn't even a feminist and how Thatcher actively promoted sexual inequality.

She responded by calling me a muh privileged white male who can only say that because of my position as a muh privileged white male.

protesting =/= radicalization.

They're still not radicalized and might never be because their activism lets off steam and blinds them to the possibility of an actual left. Who knows?

I voted for Jill Stein.

It's impossible to engage with wastes of air like that, some people will never be anything other than an obstacle to be marginalised as much as possible

How much you bet she's a porky?


Ask them if they supported Le Pen. If they say no tell them they have a special place in hell waiting.

You lost me. Why wouldn't a nazbol have voted for Trump?

What was the chant?

Jewish marketing, literally: jwa.org/media/creators-of-pussy-hat-project

Bakunin was always right.

This. The problem with feminazism is that women are just as awful as men, and there is an endless parade of examples with which you can beat this into the skulls of even the most stubborn.


"Fuck off"

Kind of hilarious to see her portrayed as a young fresh faced girl considering how old and fucked up she looks.

Talk to them about her support for Islamists in Libya and Syria.

You regard, that's the comeback.

Fucking phone.

This. If anything Hillary did better than she should have done thanks to misandry.

It's almost like "feminism" is a meaningless word which can be used by anyone and everyone as an ideological cudgel to beat others with. Since it appears that the idea of feminism itself is sacred, maybe we should all start calling ourselves feminists. Hell, Holla Forums would be well advised to call themselves feminists. If you squint and tilt your head enough, almost anything can be made to appear like a fight to protect women from the evil patriarchy.