I've stumbled upon this tl;dr version of Kołakowski's Main Currents of Marxism, thoughts?

I've stumbled upon this tl;dr version of Kołakowski's Main Currents of Marxism, thoughts?


I would also like to see refutations of neoliberals and neoclassicals who argue that planning cannot be done. Are they entirely wrong?

Oh for fuck's sake, it's as if nobody wants to actually criticise themselves and their own ideology. I'm willing to stretch my knowledge and understanding of Marxian theory without even having read much to combat reactionary thought and yet nobody here seems interested. This is the second time I'm saying this: this board cannot get its fucking act together. In fact, some mod or another will be screaming and will censor me or make an example of me. No, I'm not asking for it; I just want some actual theory instead of the very LARPing that this board seems to hate, only armchair-flavour.

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I don't even understand what your mad about bud. Is it bc people didn't read the article or bc it's just an excuse for pseudo-cathartic self-loathing?

I often learn in a negative fashion by rejecting other modes of analysis, which is again something that I've said before. All that I would like to see is some refutation of Kolakowski and various neoliberals. Sorry if I'm opening up the floodgates for actual radical liberals to rape the board but this place could use some discussion. I'm a clown who can't even into IRC.

At last, Holla Forums BTFO'd, not even by the entire book, by but only by its summary

At least give a response to it; memeing doesn't solve anything unless you're on a very different board.

Where are the well read Marxists?

I barely got through the first paragraph without facepalming internally, this is just basic criticism of Leninism and autistic conservative screeching about muh culture and taking Marx more literal than most Marxists.

Nothing new for anyone who has some idea about states and hierachy.

Thanks, OP.

IMO, this is correct:

The review's reference to Zizek (on the problem of the ontological gap) is well founded. Only a model of a party that takes into account the embedded impossibility of subject/object distinction can hope to correct the past's mistake, and this means abandoning all hopes of Marxism reaching a "scientific status" ever.

What's staggering is how short the USSR was of having an actual state in the most critical period (1921-1938) of consolidation. It was ruled by bands, interest groups and nepotistic families, rather than a state in the modern sense.

A better tl;dr

Its not correct at all, you dont need capitalist nation states at all to practice your culture wtf National liberation was a core part of early Marxism.

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This guy blogs about anime marxism for fucks sake, just look at the sidebar. I wouldn't trust this to be an accurate summary of this book or any responses to it.

Are the examples given there what Leninist actually believe? You guys are dumber than I thought.

Of course planning can be done. The question is whether Communist planning is superior to a market economy (at what?)

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