Harvard Black Students to have blacks only graduation ceremony

Have we reached peak idpol liberalism, or is it gonna only get worse? 120+ Black students thought this was a good idea.

Also is there any more liberal a major than "Public Policy"


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Liberals and conservatives deserve to hang

We became full circle now, liberals became benevolent racists, segregation is a "good thing" as long as hatred isn't involved.

People never wanted to desegregate what more proof do you need.

Meanwhile working class blacks are struggling to pay rent, and these faggots won't do shit to help them out. Ivy league should burn.

Before BLM segregation was seen as bad for blacks

yes, segregation is merely a side effect of the celebration of racial fellowship. Genius.
These people are part of the upper middle class so it's easy to see why they do this. They have no real interest in the betterment of black working class lives, and are trying to push a agenda where the political agency of poor black people is used primarily to enrich and empower the segment of the cultural elite that these people belong to. Really insidious stuff, more reactionary than most of the alt-right, and much more dangerous, since most of these people probably aren't fully aware of what they are doing and use mental gymnastics to convince themselves they are helping the people they are preying upon.

The replies to this thread disgust me. As usual liberals are the only ones taking a stand against Racism/Anti-Blackness. You Bernie bros make me sick.

What are you doing to help them out? I'm pretty sure most of the black students are liberal/support free university college actually.

maybe that horseshoe theory was onto something…

Segregation is woke now.

This. This is your brain on identity politics.

Yeah, and fuck them.

Recognizing black excellence≠waycism against poor white males

I'm starting a co-op and one of the guys on board is black.

This is why I nuked the MIT in Fallout

Harvard, the school known for producing some of the worst war criminals to ever walk this earth, bringing back segregation.

I don't care about your white male approval needing sheboon coonified partner.

What do you have against recognizing African American excellence?

PS there's still going to be one that involves all students

I mean, this is a little subtle, so you might get a few nibbles.

Holla Forums go home

leftist segregation, i remember when it was the left who was against women's right to vote

Hard to lose old habits, isn't it lefties?

The left exists outside of this horrid place you know?


I have already said it and i'll say it again, feminism and anti-racism have to die

Just reading an anarchy book, there's more effort in writting he/her every time than any other thing. It's a fucking cancer

you need bigger bait

When Holla Forums comes here expecting a liberal response, doesn't get it, and tries to play the liberal in a desperate bait attempt.

Have fun with your pet niggers then cuck bich/


I bet you're the same type of retard who didn't side with yes man.

there's segregation :^(
and segregation :^)

Are you trying to prove his point or are you unironically another liberal idiot?

I wish black people segregated themselves from white people more often.

why do Nazis post here so often

they do know that their ideology can, in no sense, be considered left wing, right?

i swear 5 years ago we were complaining about these kinds of things still being segregated in some places??? wtf

The bourgeoisie are the reason my nice all white town turned into a brown reggaton shithole.



Assuming this isn't bait
Class is your objective relation to the means of production. It exists independently of any social perception. Identity does not. If a class falls in the forest and nobody is around to hear it, it makes a sound. Not so for identity.

This isn't wrong
But if you think that a unified idea of "the nation" elevated above the people, or any other cultural state of things, can make the bourgeoisie act in a way not inherently against your interests, your political activity will probably come up lacking. You have to solve the root causes behind your complaints.

Bravo Holla Forums

How is this a bad thing? They don't want to be triggered by the white colonial gaze during graduation.


profound conclusion

Read Rosa.



I woke a nigger on the bus by telling him something like this. Honestly I dont mind the kangz guys. At least they don't prey on their kind to enrich themselves.

Really activates the almonds


What passes for "ultra-left" in America is now spreading segregation. What a world.

I don't think anyone considers these people "ultra left" more likely they're considered "woke"

Reading comments.

I'm gonna die under capitalism.

They consider themselves work. It's an ingroup term. I'd say the American media is trying, and succeeding, at lumping the Berkeley smashies with the SJWs as far left.

Yeah, maybe non-idpol Marxists should just start calling themselves centrists

Or we could adopt the vertical axis. Up and down instead of left and right.

I'm starting to have my doubts about the very concept of an axis

How do they keep getting away with this? Like, we know exactly what they do and how they work, what misconceptions are fundamental to today's false consciousness, and how they'll respond to essentially any condition or state of affairs that comes about - like clockwork - but we're powerless to oppose this narrative control, dismantle it, preempt it, anything.

When is Holla Forums going to realize that niggers will always be niggers? They're never going to actually support your leftist ideology, they will support whatever benefits blacks the most from a materialistic perspective. That's it.

the jew alarm is ringing in my head

100 million wasn't enough

Ashkenazi are mostly European in origin, and are therefore white.

so, communism?

aside sankara or biafra there's few based niggers

I actually could not care less, who the fuck cares about this?

Kek. Bizarre.
Welcome to historical materialism 101. I'm your professor, Horace Shekelberg.


I don't condone when others are racist towards others. Why the fuck would I tolerate when others are racist towards me?

Bout as much of a useless gesture as Florida State post-humorously giving Trayvon Martin an aviation degree or whatever the fuck be wanted to study.

What was based about Biafra? I thought it was just ethnic separatism, altho less bloody than Africa's standards.

Well I'd say it's a matter of economics of scale, with a dash of pandering/lowest common denominator/Spectacle.

It's notorious that Marx almost completely ignored the role of culture in class struggle. This might be excused, because in his time, the only mass medium in existence were newspapers. That put all political positions in more or less the same footing. The process of making a newspaper remained the same, as did its costs, for everyone, and said costs were relatively low even at the time.

Then more mass media come along. Radio, cinema, TV. They became more and more expensive just by their technological nature. A union could easily afford a newspaper, but not a film or TV studio, and needless to say, Porky could. So the left (among portions of the right, for that matter), were pushed out of the public debate due to simple economics. Now Porky likes to pose as an egalitarian as he allows freedom of speech for everyone, nevermind the fact that he controls virtually the entirety of mass media. You gotta have capital if you want to have a voice in capitalism. It's soft social control, something which American Poky have turned into a science.

The pandering/lowest common denominator/Spectacle is simply the tool with which Porky attracts people to their culture-eroding mass media. Entertainment over information. And it works, of course. It could be argued that, when and if all other media are subsumed into the internet thanks to mobiles, the left will be on equal footing again, but I very much doubt it, because of this factor.

Boy I'm about to blow ya mind. Have you thought about the concept of a horseshoe?

Sure. I've been familiar with the notion that media clout, professorships, and the like are a form of abstract private property for a while. But it seems to go very deep. I've observed the same exact, almost stereotyped, cognitive biases at work, every time.
It's been said a major part of the revolutionary project is to explain things truthfully to the masses rather than be opportunistic and feed them what they think they want to hear, or expect them to change and conform to some ideal. I'm wondering how practical this can be in a world where the left is locked out of these engines of discourse.
Does opportunism or the politics of deception take on any conceivable revolutionary role under late stage capitalism? And if so, or not, how do we reconcile all this?

Why do people keep calling neoliberalism "late stage capitalism", I feel like the idea of giving it a bunch of different names just obfuscates it to the general public

Well, it's more than just neoliberalism. It also implies a sort of cultural logic and things like postmodernism as a natural product of advanced alienation.

Just listening to activists I know that any end to capitalism will only lead to social justice based reverse apartheid with just as stringent a class system

Was this decided democratically?

Mumia Abu-Jamal
Sundiata Acoli
Ashanti Alston
Charles Barron
Veronza Bowers
William Lee Brent
Elaine Brown
H. Rap Brown
Stokely Carmichael
Bunchy Carter
Mark Clark
Eldridge Cleaver
Kathleen Neal Cleaver
Marshall "Eddie" Conway
Aaron Dixon
Emory Douglas
Lorenzo Kom'boa Ervin
Fred Hampton
Tim Hayes
David Hilliard
Elbert Howard
Ericka Huggins
John Huggins
Bobby Hutton
George Jackson
Jamal Joseph
Judy Juanita
Chaka Khan
Warren Kimbro
Robert Hillary King
Lonnie McLucas
Huey P. Newton
Pete O'Neal
Larry Pinkney
Geronimo Pratt
Alex Rackley
Malik Rahim
Nile Rodgers
Bobby Rush
Reggie Schell
Bobby Seale
Robert Trivers
Denise Oliver-Velez
John Watson

For what purpose?

Well fuck me, I googled his name to see what aliases he's gone by and ran into this shit

I was just listing famous members of BPP
excluding known FBI informants, of course

There are many, many more based black freedom fighters.

Stokely Carmichael was a panther? Fuck, I need to brush up on my history.

If you ever needed proof that black nationalism is a Porky-approved spook.

She was talking about the bourgeois tendencies in the women's suffrage movement, she wasn't actually against the woman vote.

How's that not antisemitic?


ad victoriam asshole


Is it possible to have a brain and be an antisemite?


Have these kids never gone to a graduation before? It's terrible masturbatory garbage 99% of the time.

I think you responded to the wrong person, either that or you're proving my point about the intelligence of antisemites


Good point and good question. I figure that educating the masses, by definition, demands a mass movement. When you're taking time to educate someone on the ins and outs of capitalism and socialism, you're effectively recruiting a comrade. But like you said, there's the temptation to take a shortcut and do what commies did; instead of educating someone to recruit him, first you recruit him and then indoctrinate.

I suppose the same choice will be available in a putative revolution in modern capitalism, altho arguably educating is now easier than ever. Commies were under desperate circumstances and had to recruit miserable peasants from villages spread all over the immensities of Russia and China, and God only knows how many of them even knew how to read. It's entirely possible that they didn't have this luxury of a choice between education and indoctrination.

I think there's at least one example of the educate-then-recruit model: Sendero Luminoso. The leader, who had gained a reputation as a bloodthirsty psychopath, was actually a gentle, mild-mannered philosophy professor who spread his ideas first throughout universities. And from these they reached the Indian villages, and I don't mean poor but civilized rural town, I mean a collection of hovels in the middle of nowhere. The students and city-swellers didn't just educate them, they lived among them, partook of their food, treated them as equals. This is something Peruvian Indians never experienced, especially with mostly white, urban university students, who where offering real equality for the first time in Peru's history. The leader started recruiting in his university at some point in the 60s, and by the time he gave the go-ahead in 1980, he had an entire fucking army ready, springing up from the ground like mushrooms after the rain. They made their mistakes, of course, but his strategy is worth studying. It created an extremely dedicated, ruthless army. And incidentally, one of the few far left groups with high female participation: about 40%.

>The term describing the technique was coined in 2008 by Edward Lucas in an article for The Economist.

He tried to negotiate a merger between BPP and SNCC, my dude. Almost succeeded but got COINTELPROed to fuck.


i know its arrogant, but cant help but get that feel…

Public Policy is a good degree for nerds. We need good Socialists with a grasp of implementing public policy.

Neck yourself. The only way to oppose racism is to destroy the concept of race. It is ridiculous that people who claim to be progressive would so willingly embrace racial distinctions that were literally created to justify slavery. We should be rejecting these distinctions altogether.

It's just the public sector and NGO version of the "business degree," though. Administration skills can be trained, and the actual "policy" stuff will fall away in usefulness with the context of class rule.
Nerds are better scientists and theoreticians imo, and economic planning takes technical and quantitative skills well above and beyond what these degrees cover. Become an actuary or something, kek

I'm a federal bureaucrat and I can tell you that a public policy degree is actually pretty decent if you're willing to pay for it.

Just where do you think you are?

pic related

Answering obvious bait as if they're serious only encourages them.

I treat blacks with the same distrust I treat all humans. If they manage to hurt me, I've obviously fucked up. That doesn't detract from the stupidity of your brand of id-pol.

They're fucking gene stealers nothing more.