Marxist-leninists and ancoms/syndicalists put their differences aside to work together

What happens


Democratic confederalism: the dialectical synthesis of M-L and Anarchism.


we've got no reason to trust marxists tbqh

I'm sorry, but how? Anarcho-syndicalist economics, or decentralized planning in general, aren't very compatible with central planning, and the DeLeonist model that a lot of non-national state syndicalists seem to enjoy would not function with ML vanguardism.

The real point, is that with all the USSR Gorillions memes, there is pretty much absolutely no chance anybody is going to join an ML revolution every again

Literally this. Speaking from experience I can say Rojava is the only project that can unite leninists and anarchists. Anything else ends in disaster

We simply allow the people to vote on what they think is best



Czechoslovakia tried to do that, they called it "socialism with human face".

A proto-imperial system where the ML centre of power allocates resources and land to autonomous groups and organisations while retaining the option of forcefully preventing economic or societal disaster. I'm not a tankie, I swear. There anarchofriends and other tendencies can organise as they want. The society as a whole can then adapt based on what happens in these smaller units.

How about these groups focus on acquiring their own solidarity with workers or any class that they see has revolutionary potential to bolster their numbers and just agree to not kill each other throughout the revolution.



Whatever do you mean?

Tankies have their territories, ancoms have theirs; collective military/police force under a council of those from both sides

explain ?

Someone is trying to divide us. We should make the revolution and then discuss about our differences.


Democratic confederalism unites the horizontal collectivist ideals of anarchism with soviet democracy and the vanguard party.

Now go to Rojava and fight/work.

Also the tankiest tankie organisations of the region and anarchists are fighting side by side with Communalists there.

So the question is: why don't we have like a 1k strong leftypol brigade in Syria rn?

We don't even have a 1k strong leftypol shitpost brigade yet.

leftcoms get to sit and laugh as your opportunism leads to the collapse of your revolution

This isn't how dialectics work, you illiterates.

Unsurprising tbh

People who do that become leftcoms


well glad about that, you're usually a pain in the ass to be around

Literally nothing. Neither ancoms nor ML's have any influence on the real world now.

Have fun alienating the proletariat from the communist movement by forcing another failed revolution.

I honestly think that we should unite under the banner of democratic confederalism. I'm an ML and I'm willing to make concessions for a better world.

have fun living under social democracy you liberal

Dead anarchists and a failed revolution. That's what happens.

These men gets it.

Fully automated luxury space communism.