So what's Holla Forums's take on this movie?

so what's Holla Forums's take on this movie?

Looks like some sort of whimsy, hipsterish indie flick. I instinctively dislike it.

it's anprim: the film

So basically Into the Wild 2.0? What a painful watch that was, I still remember how cringy it could get at times. Uninventive cinematography geared towards eco-normies and nonsensical idealist claptrap presented as some sort of mind-bending philosophy.

Probably my favorite movie of 2016. Made me depressed after seeing it because that's not my life and because the ending fucking sucked. Even though the characters are leftists I wouldn't really say the movie is.

It's a little hipsterish but it's not like what you'd expect from the poster.

It's nothing like Into the Wild.

to be honest i don't think the ending was depressing/bad at all

i took it as like

idk motivational shit

i guess i was just riding off the high that the copout bs hollywood optimism

the whole movie i was fully on the ruse cruise and idk if that just makes this movie great or if it makes me dumb

How high are you right now, comrade?

i've been awake for like 17 hours and i just watched a shitty movie just let me shitpost

naughty naughty

what did he mean by this?

Movie certainly had its moments (like the jesus freak outbreak when the cops entered the bus) but I cringed a bit at the dialog. It sounded like what a dumb person thinks a smart person sounds like.

The ending feels like its just the dads fantasy than anything else.

nothing bc he celebrated noam chomsky day anyway

tbh i feel like the ending wasn't bad content wise, but execution wise

like, if it had been given room to breathe (i.e. have the children actually react instead of getting like one line about their grievances with the father) it would've been perfect

i have no issues with the actual events tho

jewish capitalism will save you goy, the movie

I'm enjoying it so far.

It's an okay film.

I've never heard of it but the poster seems a good decade out of time

This movie is shit. Its the epitome of smug liberalism. Clearly written by someone who thinks they're very intelligent but isn't.
Featuring such great lines as:

Ben: [about flirtatious girls] Go talk to them. We got time.
Bo: Ask her what she thinks of the working people creating an armed revolution against the exploiting classes and their state structures?
Ben: Well, Marxists can be just as genocidal as capitalists.
Bo: Or weather or not she's a dialectical materialist and accords primacy to the class struggle?
Ben: Avoid Marxism. Or telling her you're a Trotskyite.
Bo: Trotskyist. Only a Stalinist would call a Trotskyist a Trotskyite. And I'm not a Trotskyist anymore. I'm a Maoist.
Ben: Right. I forgot, sorry.

oh my god this is terrible

I think the dialogue is supposed to be off, considering it's spoken by extremely eccentric, knowledgeable characters.
Why would the dad fantasize about that when he was the one who was more extreme?

It's just absurd that a family of radical Leftists who have lived in the woods their entire life and are all extremely intelligent and well-educated would want to go back into a society they don't like and that doesn't like them while going to a public school that would teach them nothing except things they would go against their beliefs.

Half of those lines are clearly jokes, while the line was "Fascism is an authoritarian state that collaborates with big business" which is literally the definition. Showing Guns, Germs, and Steel was kinda silly.

That scene was great, stop being such a fag.

It doesn't sound great user it sounds bad

That's because you're reading the lines and not hearing them spoken by talented actors in context.

I think we're just going to have to agree to disagree on this one user. My main take away from that movies was that its written by a super woke liberal.

That line about Christians especially pissed me off. I'm not Christian but it totally epitomizes the smug new atheist attitude towards religion except its even worse because the liberal who wrote it is probably one of those "Islam means peace" faggots.

Also that is not a good definition of Fascism. Its actually a lot closer to a definition of bourgeois democracy.


It's almost like it's cringe comedy for a leftist audience.

classic American Hollywood movie uuuuuugh

The commie references were ok at least, the Noam Chomsky day made me giggle

Ya, it probably was written by a liberal, like most Hollywood movies. The Christian line was obviously a joke and it was delivered as such. And that is the exact definition of Fascism, and it is the definition that applies to Fascist Italy and Nazi Germany.

kys you illiterate retard

Try giving a counter-definition instead of shitflinging like a Holla Forumstard.

Is that a definition of the USSR?



Do you have any arguments?