Holla Forums BTFO.


Is cuckchan finally getting sick of Holla Forums?

I think so. The fact that Holla Forums got along so well with /mlp/ kinda revealed that they were pretty gay.


I was under the impression that most oldfags were happy with the change as it temporarily cleansed Holla Forums of r/T_D newfags (who tried to spam their precious Trump general to no avail.)

On second thought, what I wrote before makes no sense. Plz disregard.

Then please explained better, because i haven't gone to halfchan in 6 months at least…

Well /mlp/ was merged with Holla Forums during april fools, and they actually got along very well. Which sorta revealed to everyone that Holla Forums was comprised of many cartoon horse fuckers and that Holla Forums was pretty gay.

Wasn't it revealed that a lot of CIA are bronies and they were a large part of the founding of bronyism? Does this mean Holla Forums and the CIA really do get along just fine?

I remember that autist RPing or ERPing, didn't know there were more of them or that they were big movers among the Bronies. Sauce?


Horsefucker here

let me explain.

yes and no. Holla Forums was shielded from t_d kiddies due to the pone posting and /mlp/ had a red board to post porn.
Both had practical benefits, not necessarily from an ideological pov. Most horsefucker just love ponies and don't like too much mixing them with nazi shit, so not everything is lost. Now that the mlpol bullshit ended many horsefuckers are now more disgusted by politics shit while others are now full Holla Forumsyps.
But overall you can say that it's a neutral board.

Bronies themselves are neither nazi or commie. They represent the global demography in politics. But i can say that for the most part they are overall on the liberal side.

thread is kill wut is the context?

I would really like for Holla Forums to be more accepting with us. This board would have more allied

Furfag here.

Why can't you ponyfags just admit you're equiphile furries-in-denial? Ponies are anthropomorphic too, you know.

Why don't you just admit it already?

We may discuss it, but not here on Holla Forums and not now.

This is a board about leftist politics and not our sexual fetishes.

Posting things that deeply trigger and offend cancerous groups of people (Tumblr, Trumptards, etc.) makes them go away. This has always been the key to having a decent online community.

Holla ForumsMLP/cuteboys/fur/ alliance when?

Being furry is an identity not a fetish. Wanting to fuck the blue chick from Avatar does not make a person a furry. Creating a sexual identity around wanting to fuck the blue chick from Avatar makes a person a furry. If you are a furry, then what you need a good de-spooking.

Why am I not surprised.


Fuck, forgot image I was trying to give to you

you are the spooked one my friend, furry is a fetish


Bronies are furries you fucking retard.

I would pay for a /leftypone/ board

I accept you bronies. I think you're nice people…the right winger bronies can be saved.

fuck off back to /mlpol/ with you

I remember April 1st a bit differently.

Ponies can be revolutionary too



Oh god no. The entire horsefucking fandom is so utterly cancerous and cringy that only a handful of guys in the smaller communities are worth talking to. /pone/ is the least shit place with horse pussy on the internet, and that's saying something.

b2/pol/ fag

Im with him tbh



nah that's just you, we own every board now and mods suck our dicks
look at your stupid lame faggot picture lmao
you will always be the autistic uncool kid that everyone beats up, just end yourself

Trump getting elected has absolutely BTFO of Holla Forums, just like we said it would. It has been fun to watch.

Shit, does this mean things will finally get back to the way they were?


If the chans actually begin rejecting morality like they used to, it will.

God I hope so.
Between antiquity and enlightenment there is always a dark age

You don't own anything to your name actually

You live with your parents


I was really hoping you'd be gone forever.

I don't understand this. Most boards of half chan always hated /pol. Why are you acting like this is an actual thing?

fuck off. i say i don't have a problem with bronies and i'm accused of being Holla Forums for it.
I'll never show my beta side again on this board, i'll just go back to saying how all american are cunts then.

There there, ignore the anarkiddies, everybody else does.

Relations between the boards broke down years ago
It's all about the /mlp/x/d/x[s4s] Axis now

Pls no
Holla Forums is not the place for this shitstorm

Finally he did something good. This is the first time he did something good, sense the muslum and and gutting TPP. Fuck Turkroatches and there Sultan. Turkey belongs to the Kurds and Greeks, Turkroatches belong in Central Asia.

fucking secular christians

This right here is what led to the post in the OP of this thread. I went to Holla Forums and /polk/ after the hack to read what they thought of what happened with /mlpol/, and as it turns out, 4/pol/ decided that they hate /r/t_d just as much as they hate us. There was a post where a Holla Forumsack was saying that the experience taught him that literal cartoon horse pornography is less cancerous than Reddit, which is absolutely true. Trump's actions in Syria shortly after cemented that sentiment.

Fug I'd be there.

I Demand You Remove My Personal Photographs From Eight-Chan

There's more to being a furry than the porn and the suits.

No comrade sorry for this misunderstanding, we leftist horsefuckers are on a defensive stance now because of mlpol, that is why my gb2 pol.

So leftypone when?


I don't really understand the point of an International/random board at all. That is actually pretty much the whole point of an international board anyway - general discussions with flags. Halfchan's /int/ board is fucking gutter though.