Do you like Varg as much as I do?

do you like Varg as much as I do?

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why so
isn't he the most entertaining youtube vlogger

>>>Holla Forums

"National identities do not exist. They're a made-up, fabricated, artificial construct. 'Nation' means nothing."

— Varg "No Borders" Vikernes

isn't he right

Is he actually an anprim or you guys are just memeing?


We all know this is super duper irony posting, but just gonna remind ya'll that Euronymous was better, vastly more important to black metal, and actually sort of leftist.

he's an anprim but he still believes in white supremacy and tradionalist bullshit



Nothing by Euronymous beats burzum

he has a good grasp on pagan theology but he's a fucking moron in practice

he will literally claim his "ancestors" didn't do something if he doesnt like it

We wuz vikangs and shit fam

The only person who likes you is yourself you narcissistic fuckboy. You couldn't get a blind chick to touch you with a face like that anyway, go listen to BBC cuck porn and cry.

I like Varg but not because I think he's right or that he makes interesting commentary, but rather because he's a big dumb fucking meme and I enjoy watching the likes of him and guys like the Golden One sperg out and LARP on the internet. Also Burzum is okay so that's a bonus.

what does Spencer want then?


It sounds like he wants to start some sort of massive hwite supremacist war of conquest. At least he's honest. I was getting sick of all those pissweak little nazis who'd say 'boo hoo we just want a home for our people'. It's like, man up cumskin, you want to be a private in the army that rapes and burns the rest of the world to death, just be honest about it.

He REALLY wants to conquer japan for a qt japanese waifu.

oh wait i get it now, he seems to want some pan-white state…

Spencer is married to a russian girl

He's well on his way to nazbol


Varg is actually really close to being an independent thinker, he doesn't take up memes or alt-right bullshit (to which he could pander way more if he wanted fame or money).

Even his ideas about race, admittedly dissent opinions, are often well-researched. The problem is he always deducts some "oughts" and "shoulds" from genetic composition and sort of ignores environmental conditioning. But he is nothing near the retardation of Holla Forums who focus on autism level. Someone get him to read Bookchin. I'm not a Bookchinfag but his work seems to be tailored for someone like Varg.

Oh and his music is amazing. I recommend everyone to watch Until The Light Takes Us. Vargs opinions in there are a bit more insufferable (since he was a Neonazi in prison) but it's a great movie about where the whole Black Metal movement came from, which, I believe, is still influencing him even if he wouldn't admit it

"my ancestors could NEVER have eaten mushrooms that people clearly ate that we have evidence of and CERTAINLY not for spiritual growth bc DRUGS R BAD!!!!!!!!!" - varg unironically

Why not just reply to his videos and see if he can get educated?

I might as well do, he seems to answer to most comments. Probably have to get myself a faggot pagan profile picture.

Interesting to see what your ideology of choice evolves around

tbh he'd fit right in on this board

When will Holla Forums stop bullying Varg?


Ignorant backwoods white welfare whore.

but thats base of the left

Republicans aren't on the left retard

I've been watching varg and he is getting more distant from the right each video. He is almost going like ted kaczynski where he is not part of the left or right at all but still anti-civ.

Euronymous was nazbol
not even meming, literally nazbol
because like all nazbols all he was looking for was the maximum edgy contrarian position

He's right you know

Tribalism is the one true spook.
Taking care of your clan and those looking like you is the ultimate evolutionary mechanism
Borders are just divisions of power/administration that serve to somewhat channel the above, but is utterly meaningless

now, defending pagan religions is both spooked and cringy

if we ever ascend in to a true communist society do you really believe that people would not form communes/communities based on racial ethnicity.

Yes, and unlike most he is practising what he preaches


i didn't mention weed?

i'm not even advocating anything i'm saying that varg doesnt even entertain the possibility of a historical phenomenon that there's plenty of evidence for just because he doesn't like it


He literally straight up said he just pretended to like Stalin to be edgy. To him Communism = lots of dead people. There's a reason Varg was sortve a protege of his for awhile and a reason he ripped people off often like the ancap he really was
Necrobutcher, his only longtime friend, stated that he put on an act around the younger people who idolized him, and since he was in his 30s that meant he was just playing a character around anybody that wasn't Necrobutcher & Metallion
He was an economics graduate, his behavior indicated a

we have come full circle

that's it, I completely believe in dialectics.


Post more Comrade Jones.



This is now officially a Alex Jones thread



But /ourguys/ have already BTFO'd Molymeme twice before:

he sounds like he's on the verge of stirner posting tbh