Rightwing Violence

I remember reading that police statistics tend to show right-wing groups are generally the most violent. Anyone have any statistics or studies in regards to this? I would be very appreciative.

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ecn.org/antifa/article/357/AZIONI FASCISTE

something like 70% of all terrorist attacks in the U.S. after 9/11 have been right-wing dipshits


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if you count islamists as right-wing then sure

they're mostly centrists

well, yeah, of course they are, but despite the most media coverage going to islamists, the majority of terrorist attacks are carried out by white right-wing lone wolfs (in USA at least)

I remember the study was quite dodgy as it counted stuff like a neonazi shooting his girlfriend as 'terrorism'. imo stuff like this are just product of the general liberal obsession with 'using right wingers own logic against them', which is of course stupid, because you are implicitly accepting the ideology of the security state. for violence to really count, it has to be 'terrorism', ie. a serious, scary, organised threat requiring immediate response from the security state, which is of course, politically neutral and unambiguously good.


i don't think it's a study, i think it's straight from FBI crime stats
and yeah if you ask for crime stats it makes sense to quote the security state using their formal definitions of crimes

This. IIRC the Muslim that shot up the military base over "US war crimes" was counted as a workplace shooting, not a terrorist incident

International Foundation for Protection Officers. 2003. The Protection Officer Training Manual. Butterworth-Heinemann. ISBN 0-750-67456-3.

As of June 2015, right-wing attacks since the September 11 attacks (9/11) had claimed more lives (48) than attacks committed by jihadists (26)


As of July 2016, the New America Foundation placed the number killed in terrorist attacks in the U.S. (since 9/11) as follows: 94 killed in jihadist terrorist attacks, 50 killed in far-right attacks, and 5 killed in far-left attacks.


Considering the similarities in belief held by far right wingers and Islamists/ jihadis, you could consider Islamic terrorism far right.

if anything US warcrimes are far clearer examples of 'terrorism' than a mentally disturbed alienated bug person shooting up a bunch of people and rationalising it to himself with an incoherent political manifesto, which is what passes for 'terrorism' in this day and age.


If we are going by just terrorist "incidents", historically Puerto Rican Seperatists outnumber most groups. Eco-groups tend to also have a high amount of incidents as well. As for actual deaths though, a lot of the data is skewed (i.e. Racialy motivated killing vs A racist person killing as well as the exact definition of right wing, at least in the US), but going by pure numbers Jihadists currently outnumber right wing groups in both deaths and incidents.

You know its not true and you'll craft whatever narrative you want so enjoy the brown pill until you're getting beheaded and watching your black son graduate on a collage scholarship.


It's not "similarities", Islamists are far right.

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Well yeah, I mean 9/11 is kinda a biggie.

Btw, does anyone know how those families doing the Saudis are doing?

It, suprisingly, got through to the federal level and has been set to proceed. Ironically Trump helped push them through with his backing. However,


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Once again we see Holla Forumss inability to deal with reality. You talk about wanting antifa declared a terrorist organization as if it were some scourge on society, when in reality it's your ideology that advocates for genocide of children, and the death of innocents, while you hide behind quantum levels of irony on the internet.

fuck didn't know island born puerto ricans had it in them, is it making a come back ?

Isn't a terrorist attack by definition an attack carried out intended to create fear in a population? Targeting a specific person or persons that fit a specific role like the kids that Brevik killed wouldn't really qualify as a terrorist attack as much a mass murder.

the concept of 'terrorism' is not supposed to make any sense, its supposed to be a blunt instrument the security state and its propaganda apparatus use to beat you over the head.

It makes perfect sense. It is simply a tool used to put a population in fear. There is nothing abstract about the actual definition.

The actual definition stopped having any relevance once George bush started calling "terrorism" "terror"

Yes, I'm aware that the term is used incorrectly. I'm saying that we should be using the term correctly and not labelling mass murder or political violence as terrorism.

If you call someone a cuck, you win

Nationalist terrorist attacks

ecn.org/antifa/article/357/AZIONI FASCISTE

This is an italian site who trace neonazi violence against people in Italy.
Ok It's an antifa group, i know that someone on Holla Forums don't like them, and it's in Italian. But mind that the vast majority of links (not all of them) talk about different violent acts from nazi kids. They trace those violent acts since 2005, and are really a huge number.
It angers me everytime i see Holla Forums saying that Antifas are terrorists while ignoring all the violence that nazi group have made in the recent history.

Looks like it's dead.

why limit yourself to the recent history? almost two thirds of attacks during strategia della tensione were from the far right.

Dunno if it's more deadly or happens at a higher rate than Islamic terrorism in the west, but in terms of sheer numbers there's a lot more of it than any other kind:


Neo-Nazis are a special kind of scumbags. You should see the videos of them skinheads attacking migrants in Russia.

Being non violent is nothing to boast about, it should be Marxists at the top of those lists.

It should also be noted that in addition to Nazis/white supremacists, Islamic radicals and black nationalists are also right wing, so that means the death toll from right wing terrorism is even higher than most people acknowledge. Practically all terrorism in the U.S. is right wing, there hasn't been a leftist terror group since the unibomber or Symbonese Liberation Army.

This. White supremacists and radical Islamists honestly have a lot more in common than they think.

Same as NationalSocialists and Communists


I don't think he can really be put on the spectrum tbh, he was clearly reactionary and the beginning of his manifesto was about how much leftists suck.
He has a lot of the same values as both the left and the right imo.