Radical Centrism

Is Macron /their guy/? Can he save EU?

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Macron was just the beginning, Martin Schulz is next. Together they will usher a new age with their enlightened radical centrism.

He is our spitzenkandidaten

The global economy is going to crash in a year or two. This is will probably kill "centrism" for good as long as Socdems don't fucking betray us yet again like they did in France.

Le pen should have won. Let the far right carry this pile of shit.

You can bet your ass that those liberals will. I'm starting to think that it's a function of where a group stands within the Overton window - the DSA's platform is what classic socdems advocated for when they killed Rosa, but I suspect that the DSA will be in the position of Luxemburg if anything happens in the USA.

So what I'm saying is that these are the real Rosa killers as of right now and that they will backstab you at the very first chance, even if the right poses no threat whatsoever and the road is clear for everything which they want to accomplish "pragmatically". It's all a ruse. Whatever is center-left within the Overton window of any period, by some weird alchemy, has the exact same relation to what is considered far left. Just look at Bernie and Hillary's plotting with the DNC against him! Look at how Hamon undermined Melenchon! Look at how the Blairites back-stabbed Corbyn! History really does repeat itself, only as repeated farcical tragedy in this instance.

I would prefer Die Linke to win, but I wouldn't mind Schulz.

direct rule by bankers seems like a logical development

In 4 years that will almost be a reality in America.

Implying it already isn't a reality. Presidents have a boner for ex-Goldman Sach's employees.

Thanks for the copypasta, user.

Oh absolutely

So, liberalism?


You had one fucking job frogs.

Proving meme magic to be real?

I love how they conveniently forget the massive amount of frenchies who didn't vote in protest. It won't matter because the EU is fucked anyway, Macron will just keep pumping up austerity and increase the tension.

Can you imagine if the next economic crash results in revolution in a major Western European country?

Seriously, it would just take one. And then it's game over for the capitalists. It's one thing when some shitty backward third world agrarian country has a socialist revolution; it's a completely different ball game when it happens in France. It really would be the ultimate domino effect.


Watching the neoliberal media shill for Macron has been about as Orwellian as it gets.

A CNN shill literally called him a "progressive centrist" yesterday.

The irony here is that he is neither of those things, as the pussy socdem 65 year olds and over in France will soon find out.


Come now, boy.

centrism is just a fancy way of saying 'libertarianism with gay flags'

I don't get why everyone is calling him a centrist. Politically he's barely to the left of Gary Johnson.

How so?

Pro-business neoliberal


Himself and the media have been trying to call him "progressive" at the start of the campaign too, but it looks like it kind of died down by the end, which is a slightly positive sign.

Macron won because the establishment rigged the election with torn Le Pen and double Macron ballots.
Hes less that nothing. Hes a laughing stock.

That's not required, constant media biais is all you need.

no it happened
commission was supposed to look into it even and nothing came of it

I don't think they faked 10+ % points of the votes
It was not required, and even if it was people still largely believe the neoliberal status quo
It doesn't change anything


things don`t need to be "required" for your personal opinion to happen

we commie masturbation fantasy nao

dude looks like he should be on an episode of fucking buffy the vampire slayer

Why are you for the EU?

You know, France is probably one of the best first world countries qualified for revolution. Any first world country with a sizable population and industrial sector are well equipped to lead a revolution really. Germany, Russia, America, are other good examples. A successful revolution in any of these countries could very well turn the tide.

In my dreams right after executing Macron the people of Paris dump Napoleon's body into the Seine and replace it with Robespierre.

Reminder that under Lenin's original plan, the USSR was stuck in a holding pattern until Soviet Germany came to pass. When the German Revolution failed, world revolution failed with it, and the history of ML since then was the result of trying to make do strictly inside the confines of near-feudal backwaters.


My comrades.

Why are you with the nationalist crypto-nazies?

80% of folks over 65 voted for Macron
90% of muslims voted for Macron
Most jews voted for Macron

And guys like this voted for Macron

God I hate that "man".

because it want to get rid of the EU

Arthur Chu gives Anthony Burch a run for his money.

Fittingly for a radical centrist thread, reminder that he has attained pure ideology to within 0.000000001% ppm.

who's worse?