Happy victory day, comrades!

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Nice Holocaust denier.

In retrospect, I really wish Churchill woulda been an absolute madman and gone through with Operation Unthinkable. The Soviets woulda turned turned all of Europe and the Mediterranean red by now.

Its over, back to work.

Putting up a flag on a building and on top of that, fighting a war in the first place?
Sounds like OPPORTUNISM.
Those Soviet fellas should have read Bordiga.

Hurray for state capitalism!

this, fuck stalin's bolshevik cult bullshit, Russia could've been much more powerful and efficient military power as an actual capitalist state without these degenerates masquerading as the communist vanguard. Perhaps ww2 could've ended much faster

I think not, my friend

Where do those numbers come from?

I had never hear of Unthinkable before now, and holy shit they could have actually done it. Also

Our world leaders were absolutely fucking insane.

It's a good thing that Roosevelt and Truman kept Churchill on a short leash. That dipshit never missed an opportunity to be colossally stupid.

Pre-bolshie Russia already was a growing European industrial country, the question was, would it be a capitalist republic or the bolshie autism a la "we're-n-not-really-capitalists-senpai". Sadly the idiots duped everyone. Kys and never come back.

He was right though. The Soviet Union needed to be stomped out.

No it wasn't. Over 80% of the Russian Empire was agrarian, and industrial working conditions were horrific.

Meant to reply to

No harm in making plans. Actively pushing them is what loses you a reelection and parliament majority, though. :^)

so they became better under idiots?

'the soviet union' needed to be weeded out from the beginning, unfortunately the whites weren't determined enough

Turns out that greed and spooks are no match for starving people with drive, who woulda thought?

If the Bolsheviks had spent resources on attacking Poland to reach Germany instead of fighting Makhno, maybe we'd all be under real communism by now.

not really, since bolshies themselves suppressed revolts of starving people with drive quite well. It was just lack of determination and scattered white forces.

your anime girl looks nothing like Emma Goldman



Yeah, by a lot.

If Makhno spent resources on building a time machine and assisting Spanish anarchists in 36, maybe we'd all be under real anarchism by now.

this only means they'd be much better under non-idiots

He literally did nothing, lol.

Yeah right. Read a real book nigger:

Don't worry tho, the plan would have failed spectacularly…because a USSR spy sent copies of the plan to Moscow ahahaha

Have you even been to Russia, massive assclown? Perhaps me and my relatives know much better how things really are and were than some clown with his magic numbers, since we lived here for generations. Oh boy, don't get me started on it, I dare you.

It's the steppes niggers i tell you! It's their fucking fault. Damn you steppes niggers!

Then after the war he talked shit about the people who actually gave their lives to fight fascism. American republicans and British tories who fought in WWII to help defend their respective Empires literally did more for the socialist cause inadvertently then Bordiga.

Let's not forget Bordiga's 1946 prediction that the UK, US, and USSR would become "fascist" and democracy would not be restored in those countries. Instead they became so liberal their brains fell out… to be fair he wasn't the only radical who thought the allies, esp Western allies would go fash. But look at it context and it really seems more like simple self-justification on his part then a real scientific analysis.

Well… neoliberalism is something akin to the totalitarian nature of fascism, and there never was any real democracy in those countries.

Allen is literally a world-renowned economic historian. Kinda funny how everyone on the internet is suddenly Russian when the topic of the USSR comes up. That's cool if your living in the new Russia tho enjoy your flat-tax, two-and-a-half shoes a year, and complete irrelevance on the world stage.


A major political party in the greatest and most powerful country in the history of the planet has accused Russia of interfering and changing the outcome of the elections last November and hacking every state department to then give the informations to wikileaks.

meant for

There's only one democracy in whole of the western world, it's Switzerland.
If there's a king, it's not a democracy. If only two candidates are allowed to receive coverage from the media as well as debate on tv, it's not a democracy. If one party gets 34% of the votes and still elects the most number of officials in the parliament, it's not a democracy. If one party gets more than on million votes and elects 0 oficials in the parliamente, it's not a a democracy.

bordigists are just social democrats described as leftcoms

Next you'll tell me that the DPRK is a relevant country in the 21st century bc America bitches a lot about it. Americans have been constantly accusing their political opponents of being in the pay of Russia since 1917 if not before even then. If Russia fell off the face of the earth there would be conspiracies about how that the Russians just wanted Americans to think they went extinct.


North Korea has the most nukes? You may want to re-read that post.

We're talking about Russia user…Russia has the most nukes. USA 2nd, France 3rd.

Are you shitposting from the 1960s?

toppest of keks
you reinforcing my image of Russia as literally a nation of cucks with PTSD and Stockholm syndrome

Ivan, go drink some vodka and pray to God that your new masters will be able to prevent the construction of the pipeline in Syria
or else you will share the fate of Venezuela

Comrade Putin speaking right now


Invade us like you did to Iraq then you cultureless american cunt :D

yea those priest cucks will really increase your military performance
they will cast buffs on your tanks, kek

but anyway, nobody is gonna invade you cucks because daddy USSR left you with a highly advanced nuclear arsenal
but nevertheless you can be killed economically, because you have a weak industrial base, and your bourgs are cucks like the rest of you
hell, you cucks can't even produce your own much needed oilfield equipment
it will be a massive blow if we simply embargo your ass
also, you dipshits can't even feed yourselves because you completely fucked your own agriculture

you're irrelevant, you're weak
no amount of military parades is gonna change that
deal with it


Wait why is the UK separated off here? We aren't planning on leaving NATO.


what a fucking shitshow
and here I was thinking that muricans were the top larpers in the world

Is it just me or did almost all the soldiers in the pictures look very handsome?