Why is Holla Forums so much more chill than Holla Forums?

I'll freely admit I'm a crossposter between here and 4/pol/. With that said, this place seems a lot more chill with far less autistic screeching and butthurt faggotry. What do you all think the reason is for this?

Becuase chilling in my armchair is the good life

I guess because we aren't as amused by dumb one liners, I dunno

Because Holla Forums are teenagers mad they can't get laid while Holla Forums are 20-somethings who don't give a fuck.

Because this board is more easy-going and has more civility. 4/pol/ tries to be edgy for the sake of being edgy, which can be fun if you're 14.

Because we took the third pill.

There is more Bookchin here.

Because even despite not being too literate, Holla Forums tries to take politics a bit more seriously than either Holla Forums ever could. Seriously, open a catalog for 4/pol/ and see how many threads are either current news discussion, memes or shitposting.


Oh, we have our fair share of autistic screeching, usually coming from redditors, tripfags, and 8/pol/.

Probably because originally it all was based on the Enlightenment, science, and cultural brilliance of late European nobility, unlike Nazism with its esoteric-obscurantist-populist revolt against modernity.

Even le tiger-riding Italian bitched about Hitler and Mussolini not being traditionalist enough for his autistic taste

When you are just calling each other degenerate and not white you actually have to contend with theories so if you meme you just end up looking like an idiot. Also a good lot of people here are extremely passionate about what they believe and want to engage in earnest discussion about these books and theories

So…. would you say Holla Forums is philosophy and Holla Forums is surface level politics and current events?

There are a lot more oldfags here and our brand of politics usually requires a little more discourse than one liners.

Not necessarily. We still discuss current events here all the time. It's just that the discourse is elevated. Once you're not approaching politics from the lens that Jews control everything, blacks are all criminals, women are all lying whores etc. you have to approach politics from a more adult perspective.

Because imkampfy works for the FBI and bans people that don't most content that is racist enough.

I think we're, on average, a little bit older
and obviously smarter

Well, I've got my own theories on some of those things to an extent but I don't really discuss them here because I come here to more or less shit on capitalism which you can't do over at Holla Forums without lolbertarian screeching.

Gotta admit though, some of those memes are pretty damn funny.

I like the 'fine folks of Int'l meme but that's about it

what constitutes an oldfag? because leftypol, and Holla Forums as a whole are pretty new

We're more about philosophy than straight up activism.

Actually, we took the actual redpill.

We obviously need to curb sectarianism though.

Political theory in general, there's a bigger pressure to actually try and read things about than just comment. Not that there isn't a talk about the current events of cours.
Pretty much, you know 4/pol/ is unusable when the Grand Gook had to make another flavour Holla Forums to ease of the cancer. I mean, it was like that pretty much since moot put it up, but thanks to the elections it's youtube comments-tier now.

Who? I don't care about these people because of their zero intellectual value. As I said, they're still a part of this esoteric-obscurantist-populist clutter no one should trouble himself with.

Julius "nofap" Evola

because we're not fixated on retarded spooks like miscegenation

Well, some of their memes are cringy as fuck. Like le helicopter man or pepe spamming which has gotten stale as shit but for some reason I've been getting a chuckle at the nord vs Mediterranean memes (probably because someone makes a thread and Holla Forums always takes the bait) lately, along with picardia although the latter isn't strictly Holla Forums related.

I think it's in part that leftist political thought is rich in literature and philosophy that can lead to interesting discussions and perspectives on current events, whereas on Holla Forums the best they have to work with are the Turner Diaries, Nazi propaganda, and their shitty infographics.

Fascism is anything, but obscurantist. If there exists one word to define fascist theory, it's that it is primal.

The only problem we really have is leftcoms & Nazbols, other than that we're fine, ideologically speaking.

I've noticed, the general mode of communication is different here. It seems like people actually communicate using type instead of just shitting out memes that only convey short brutal utterances.

We good bois, we dindu nuffin.

Eh I disagree, pretty much every Nazi is a liar about their true intentions and their infographic shit is just pure BS. They false flag all the time too, I wager about half the 'this SJW said something crazy' stories are originated by reactionaries

I applaud those quads.

So there is no practice of deliberately preventing the facts or full details of something from becoming known in fascism? I thought that's what obscurantism means

It's chill because no one has any reason to be needlessly antagonistic and rude

I thought you were referring to obscurantism as in a lack of clarity in thought, not in the prevention of intellectual growth. They are duplicitous yes.

Eh, actually the right has some pretty fascinating philosophers and orators, Evola comes to mind with regards to the former. Along with Jonathan Bowden with regards to the latter.

Holla Forumss problem is that they don't bother to actually read and their politics seem more based on memes and hero worship rather than real understanding of their own philosophies they supposedly subscribe to.

That seems true for the most part.

I don't live on the Internet.

Idk I wasn't the guy who said it originally. But even in that definition I kind of disagree, of course fascism is deeply tribalistic and primitive but it's also bizarrely anti-human (for lack of a better word), that is to say, check out that Holla Forums economics thread, the whole thesis is basically how to control humans' desires to self actualisation, how to limit what people want, etc.

I generally think of old 4chan users as oldfags. Usually pre-chanology, but I wouldn't consider someone from 2009-2012 a newfag. Someone that's just been on Holla Forums from the beginning isn't an oldfag in my opinion. Really these labels are fairly loose though.


I do admit exaggerated a bit, however off the top of my head I can only really think of Asser, Evola, Heidegger, and Spengler. I'm not a very well read person but from my general impressions it seems like there is much more material to digest on communism than there is on fascism/traditionalism. I realized this pretty much the second I stepped foot in here not too long ago. On Holla Forums anyone can really jump into any thread and understand what they're saying because they just communicate through memes and simplistic reasoning, whereas on here many times you need at least a basic understanding of one or two philosophers and their works to even follow some of the threads. That's not to say this is some high brow place but the level of discussion in some threads surpasses Holla Forums by miles.

Your second point is pretty much spot on though. I think the reason for that is due in part to that it started as a news board, so it never had a foundation in politics and evolved as a place for people to just argue about current events and post opinions. In a way it's more akin to a comment section of a news site sometimes than it is to a discussion board.

The sort of essentialism Holla Forumsyps love is incompatible with anonymous commenting. For racial essentialists, it is important where a message is coming from. If it is from a jew or whatever other pokemon they don't like the contents of the message can't be trusted. On the internet (especially on an anonymous imageboard), nobody knows you are a dog. This is why there is so much autistic screeching about kike shills and whatnot.

That's because most of us actually get laid

That's just regular imageboard shit. You should've seen the waifu wars /a/ had like 5 or 6 years ago.

We're actually volcel.

I'm pretty sure that death threats were unironic, fam
some people really take imageboards too serious


It plays with fascism's double meaning of human nature(see the doctrine of fascism) where the individual human when divorced from the state/society and tradition becomes disconnected with their purpose, and love for life, and engage in nihilist behavior.

Because people here like to think of themselves as rational intellectuals who have freed themselves of ideology and witnessed the cold hard material facts, whilst Holla Forumsacks think of themselves in more romantic terms as the besieged last line of defense against the degenerate hordes which threaten to overrun their traditional culture at the behest of the cultural marxist intellectual-political elite. One runs on faux-intellectualism, the other on emotional romanticism.

Some people take death threats way too serious.

even by 4chan standards Holla Forums is a rabid board, go on /his/ or /lit/ and most other boards and they are also chill.
the only problem is Holla Forums is constantly leaking

I read a lot of the far right philosophers but whenever is made the same points they did, I was called a shill and a commie. I just wanted discussions that were deeper than "poo in loo".

It did frustrate me when I kept seeing the same memes and basic bitch arguments. "Poo in loo" was what really grinder my gears. Some Indian guy can say very deep thoughts and Holla Forums responds with "poo in loo"
It's the same with Canadians.

I went to lefty pol and noticed the huge change. I kept going ever since.

LDR a shit, I haven't had sex in like 6 months. Maybe that's why the election is getting me down so much.

Because most of us aren't so deep in the closet we've found a portal to Narnia, tend to be skeptical about moral panics or Sky Is Falling posts/news, disdain mainstream candidates and politics and have opinions based more on reals rather than feels. Our willingness and ability to self-medicate and get laid probably help overall too. We're also much less reliant on virtue-signalling memes and don't see them as a win button for arguments.

This also. Most of us can usually take a fucking joke.

And this.

It's because Holla Forums is the new Holla Forums.

That's unfair to pre-2008 Holla Forums.

flags are cancer

Because the ironic Nazi posting made stormfaggots think they were actually welcome, and now there is so many of them that you cant have a serious discussion without being called a Jew.

that's really adorable

Holla Forums was 99% ironical tho.
Holla Forums is filled with retards that take it seriously.

Why is N A T S O C wordfiltered?

Holla Forums was ironical until gamergate/us election basically. Kinda like how Holla Forums used to be ironic retardation then it got filled with actual retards.

No, Holla Forums is ironical. Racism is much more rampant in people than marxism, so the logical conclusion is that the marxists are being ironical.

Because fuck you


Because they arent socalists. At most they are ethnostate social democrats.

the perfidious leaf must be removed by any means necessary.

Most Nat|Soc/Nazi posters on old-Holla Forums or even /n/ when that was a thing was ironic. Kind of like that kid in kindergarden who watched his brother playing wwii games and drew the swastika, and when the teacher told him to stop drawing it because it was a bad symbol everyone started doing it.

The fact that you have had any sexual contact at all makes you better than about 3/4 of Holla Forums.

Social democrats have a pretty good track record onii-fam. (Nat|Soc don't though.)

t. Norwegian

Forgot to turn off shitposting flag.


daily reminder it's okay to be retarded if you're only pretending

Ironic shitposting is still shitposting.

It feels good that even the poorest man in your country is a millionaire

I'd say Trump and Pepe worship.
Both and cancer and need to go.

Ironic retardation killed my favourite board, so I'm still bitter.
It was fun seeing janitors quit out of frustration though.

means nothing without price indexes

Holla Forums is literally born from /news/

4chon/new/ was p good


Less schizophrenics and 14 year olds from r/T_D.

Easy to say when you use oil fields to fund government spending. Also gib them back you thieves!
t. Danefag

Are you implying that getting laid is positive in some way?

underrated post

t. r/the_donald

is it just me or has half/pol/ become more critical of capitalism lately, there are alot more flame wars betwen ancap/lolbergs and stormfags, traditionalists, Asserites then i have seen before on that shithole

This. Norway is just Venezuela with more disgusting food.

Trump's betrayal of the Nazis seems to have opened a bit of a rift between them for sure.

Because the mods silence anyone who does not parrot the party-line


It helps you relax man. If you are a man it's almost obligatory if you want to chill without having to resort to drugs.
You should try it some time.

Because Holla Forums is stupid and sad enough to actually have beliefs, in a world too cynical for it.

/his/ has gone down the shitter as of late. Bunch of "hitler dindu nuffin wrong" and "white ppl invented everything" bullshit.

Everyone on Holla Forums is mad all the time.

So we seem relaxed and chill in comparison.

And then there's the smug animeposter with a superiority complex.

I kinda wish Holla Forums had as much autism as Holla Forums sometimes. The weaponized autism that starts fervent campaigns every month and tries to kick the hornets' net. The walls of text OP's everywhere and the vehement bloodthirsty language.
It's just all directed at the wrong people

Holla Forums is castrated and is based on a Holla Forums majority site, I'm sure those autists have effort to try to sabotage discussion here 24/7

They're not wrong though /lefty/ is full of smug pseudos. Granted, smug pseudos are still infinitely better than the screeching morons that make up most of the internet but that doesn't excuse them from from the constant talking over each other, casual dismissal of alternative viewpoints, and self-indulgent circlejerking.

Who is she? (he?)

because no idpol

I don't often see blonde greeks.

every fucking time

This is the most stressed board.

being a leftist is pain. that's why we need to be chill.

But you're not.

Say my name.


**For "research" purposes…*

Chill Bill, Mr Cool Ice, Chill Moe Dee, The Chillain Villain, Chillton Gaines, Definitely Chill Not Stressed.

w-what the fuck how

Because we know that there’s more to politics that social issues.

Holla Forums: incel
Holla Forums: volcel

go to sleep wizchan

If only /r9k/ would enlighten themselves, and join us.

It'd be nice but it would never happen unless we garuntee them a gf in socialism or something. They're a lost cause my man, forget about them