The DPRK is a CIA vassel state

Jucheists BTFO

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Tweet this to Roo and have him debunk it.

Mind. Blown.

Didn't watch. Most likely imperialist propaganda and isn't worth 15 minutes of my life.

kill yourself

It's 7 minutes long and made by a fellow NazBol.


an american nazbol…yeah right


The DPRK is a Fash Ethno State.

He has other videos where he's interviewing godemperor Dugin.

Come back to Europe then my man…that's not your land. Come back to the country of origin of your great grandparents! You will be with your kind and you will finally see what a country with actual culture looks like :)

How long before Jason Unroo goes apeshit on this?

Plus there's actual parties where I might fit in in Europe…..
vid related….

I actually kind of want to see that… hmmm I post with the nazbol flag because there's no Asserist flag however Dugin is very fascinating character to me. The fact is, I think he's pulling a lot of the strings with regards to some of the things going on in the world.

Might actually give this a listen later. Thanks user.

Closer to neo-fuedalism with a dash of social democracy.

dugin is interesting because he has alex jones tier lolcow beliefs but at the same time has a indeterminate amount of power within the russian government

Is he Nazbol?

Me I'm wondering how long before it's on DP.


Jay Dyer is a reactionary cunt and probably financed by Russian interests.

The DPRK is a Russian ally.

Then why is he such a shill for Russian Orthodoxy and Dugin?

meh, Alex Jones is pretty basic bitch, I wouldn't compare him to Dugin who actually seems well read in philosophy.

What a fucking clown

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Like fucking clockwork.

literally read bordiga

how much of a literal cuck do you have to be to be an american nazbol? lol

it's said that even the Kremlin finds Dugin to be an idiot, he's only useful in appealing to non-russki idiots like the saps on this board

Take a gander at this one too:

Fuck this retard

ehh, I'm using the term very loosely because people hear the word "NazBol" and just think of worker oriented nationalism.
If you want to know what I am specifically. I'm a Neo-Strasserite National Syndicalist, I hope that's an autistic enough description for you m80.

It's literally proletarian.


Hollywood controls everything according to Mr. Dyer. He's a buffoon.


We are Holla Forums now.

Does he think Chavez was an actor too?


that's true of most people that govern us tbh

I'm an idiot
I expanded the pic expecting the spoiler to be revealed

I will make a thumbail trick pic one of these days, though

this is the best I achieved