Is this seriously what passes for economics in Holla Forums?

Is this seriously what passes for economics in Holla Forums?

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Yeah unsourced infographics and Hitler quotes make up the foundations of everything in Holla Forums


Holla Forums is full Nazi now, basically stormfront with shitposts and memes

This is pretty close to the economics of greens.

No, the nazis got run off by the Trumptards. Now they are just Lee Atwater's "extra chromosome Republicans" who also happen to subscribe to the jews-rule-the-world conspiracy theory.

when will Holla Forums become ethno-primitivists?

This shit is hilarious.

I love this. They expect capitalists to be satisfied with an unmoving profit margin. Never mind that this eliminates incentive and leaves no avenue for improvement beyond cannibalizing other industries. This is from the people who believe in "human nature." And how is this absurdity going to be enforced on these tremendously powerful individuals? Why, the state will control absolutely everything they do of course! Top-fucking-lel.

Oh, and forget about resource acquisition. They are just going to keep flowing in at the same rate and price. Why wouldn't they?

Hmmm… Now how can we accomplish that? We could start a bloody war of conquest that will get a significant portion of the population killed have the state tell everyone to use condoms.

What do you mean "classes all possess opposing material interests?" They will just ignore what's good for them to support the glorious fatherland!

and they call commies unrealistic and naive

Their complete ignorance of how capitalism works is kind of bizarre. Their stated goals of production based on actual needs rather than exchange and such obviously require a sort of actual Nat. "Socialism" to make any sense at all, but since capitalism is the right wing thing to do we instead end up with this absurdity of state-enforced stagnation and failure.

Everybody already knows Holla Forums is retarded. You wouldn't believe what passes for critical thinking in Holla Forums though.

And that's exactly what normies and Holla Forums think socialism is, except with fat gay liberals with blue hair yelling at "cishet white males". Mein gott, it really is projection of their pure ideology onto an imaginary other!

Exactly what you'd expect from illiterate, mud hut-dwelling peasants from the asshole of Europe.

This is what you get when all of your knowledge of the world is filtered through the twin ideological lenses of Common Sense and "books are for faggots that's why I get my information from blogspot."


This is a whole new level of unsourced Holla Forums .jpeg retardation.

Did Schmitz put put a new video?

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Rare Dr. Seuss poem from the late '50s (unpublished)

Considering the Nazis had almost crashed their economy by '39, and had to start constant wars to steal money and resources from other countries, I'm pretty sure Nazi economics can be summarised as clinically retarded. They also had to pay back the countries they stole from - albeit slowly.

There's also kek tier stuff like how the Nazi's had to promise big business they'd have enough soldiers back from the front in time to make sure profits didn't fall - such as during Barbarossa, where the Nazi figure of a Soviet collapse in 6-8 weeks was partially based in assurances to big industry that they'd only need to borrow a few million men for a relatively small amount of time.

to be fair, hitlers economic advisors were more like normal muh free market economists, hitler was a military keynesian who was illiterate about economics other than the fact that he wanted a larger military

Why did they even bother with trying to appease the Capitalists? Why didn't Hitler just nationalize everything?

Why do Fascist and authoritarian regimes always waste time trying to appease the Capitalists when they have the motive and the powerful state capable of taking their property for themselves? Even if the government was filled with bourgeoisie or the dictators got there with their help, why continue the alliance?

because they're capitalists

Because the German military regularly ignored pleas from their logistics department to do so - just as they had in WW1. The German government seemed to fear some sort of military-industrial complex backlash if they attempted to cement too much control - and were reluctant to nationalise big business even in early 1943 (when Total War was declared). It wasn't just Hitler pushing this view - the notion that it was Hitler alone making all the poor choices was a myth developed by Wehrmacht generals in their writings for the American army. The corruption, incompetence and nepotism in the Wehrmacht, SS and Third Reich as a whole was staggering, and is a major cause of all these economic blunders.

Because he didn't want to. He bought into the social-Darwinist "captains of industry" meme.

The Nazi economy basically consisted of a string of monopolies offered to certain companies in exchange for political loyalty.

People should remember before the Nazis, Germany was dominated by powerful industrial cartels who actively worked to dismantle the Weimar republic and did everything in their power to demolish the workers meagre rights - regularly backing far-right parties wherever they popped up

Holy shit source? This is basically ponzi scheme-tier kek.

B-but muh order and leadership! Muh efficiency and trains running on time!

I can understand the sentiment though, in the US the economy is largely ran by incredibly opaque banking operations that are meant to confuse people (subprime mortgages) and a horridly complicated tax code (by design, there's a huge tax-software industry that lobbies against simplified tax reforms).

These all are focussed on military manner, but all do end up referencing the relation between big business and Nazi military planning, and in general are good for debunking Holla Forumss understanding of WW2 and Nazi economics