New thread for high king test who's apparently too good to make them himself

new thread for high king test who's apparently too good to make them himself.

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I used to ask that question ALL THE TIME


Do I have to namefag or avatarfag or are you guys just a bunch of queers? Genuine question.


liiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiike probably not?????????????????

Nobody cares what you do.


doesnt matter

Just call yourself emma.

both. you have to do that AND we're a bunch of queers.


cupcake are you liiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiike r-tarded????????????? i love and defen the jews(the REAL jews) on the reg???????????

I take that back you got some sick Dr. Evil aesthetics going on dude.

That sounded mean, but I know it wasn't.

No I'm not gay

this is terrible.


Like, I'd never be mean on the internet, man.


thanks for noticing! :DD

when i say real jews i mean israelis not fake gay jews who hate western civilization

western civilization can fucking SUCK IT

Can't wait to look through my current links in 5 years.



down with this patriarchal bullshit.

At least Soto is attractive enough to post himself.

New phone who dis

dis tru

attractive enough and vain enough.

and attention whore enough.

I'm amazed you have that shit, I always just delete everything randomly on my PC

Fish also posts themself constantly.


a-am i.....not attracyive...??

actually fish isn't always vain. sometimes she is pretty self aware.

I save everything I have on external hard-drives, but I have never had my computer die on me.
Some of the videos I am finding I question how I found them in the first place.

might lay down for a bit...

I am not actually repulsed by Fish.
It's not like HRT is going to work wonders on someone, but it could have been like that one streamer Guero showed us.

Hi hello who are you?

I'm not sure I saw that.

tbh I would post pics to prove I'm not a disgusting ugly faggot, but I'm really paranoid for some reason someone from 6 years ago when I was 16 before I dropped out of highschool will recognize me

That's silly.

lie down with me

Whats it to ya.

do it brother lemme see you

I'm aware it's a completely irrational fear but I can't help it, just like I can't help wanting to kill myself.

his autism compels him to seek out the identity of everyone who posts here.


cupcake lets see that dick

Well your autism is gonna suffer cause it's a secret.

Not again.

you have seen it.


all this power and look what it has done for you now.


will you tell me??

still havent gotten the # wtf!

Oh god even if I wanted to I'd have to go fucking shave because I've got fucking scruff, and my hair is all fucked because I was wearing a hat all day, BUT I PROMISE I'M NOT UGLY, I HAVE A VERY GOOD FACE 10/10 ARYAN UBERMENSCH I SWEAR

Ask him for it tomorrow.







That seems to be a common compulsion here.

yes it was a very good joke

You deserve what hell it brings.

Also. Go to bed.



Not that it really matters, I only show up when I have something to babble about.

Only if you can solve this riddle.
What never moves, is covered in triangles and ends up killing itself?

we should all kill ourselves at the same time it'd be funny i promise

but seriously I still fail to understand the purpose of this board.

have a nice nap neziwezi


I didn't click
I just saw the extension and stopped

jewish zionist corporate agenda


I can only imagine what it was.
I usually have him filtered.

Bring me back a pastry.

this dude knows what's up.

neru is legit the smartest poster here.

woke af

I don't give a shit if he's smart, I do care if he's cute

That's the same for everyone, some people are just more compelled to babble.

We suck eachother's dicks.

It's like a really big, complicated 69.

I know I can undo that but now google will always think that I like that and maybe there's some way people can dig up history of that and it's all awful

I don't like sucking dick, but I do like getting my dick sucked, is that okay?

he the cutest one too

Yeah that's fine, you'll learn to like it.


I must conquer his Scandinavian qt butthole. It is my goal now.

That sounds like RAPE

go for it. he told me in private he thinks you're really cute.

I'm down with rape as long as I'm doing the raping.

Struggle snuggles*

My life is very slow paced, so I don't have a lot to talk about, this weeks events were some branches fell, I think the woodchuck in the backyard might be dead, I hate those driveways with a huge lip right at the start of them and it's warmer than usual this time of year.

Only thing to worry about is video suggestions, you will never escape those.


I don't trust you honestly.

To be fair I don't trust myself.

trust no one, not even yourself.

it's 3am

probably won't be a nap if I fall asleeps

well then have a good sleep.


All faggos must sleep

I'll probably fail

I'm not good at falling asleep

tonight I stay up late. tomorrow I can slack off at work and also take a shorter day because I was picked up late from work literally every day this week. got some extra time saved up to squander.

well good luck anyways

This makes me miss Goldfish.

he's been busy with real life stuff quite a lot.

Who even was Goldfish?

I aint even jelly

ana. posted ana.


Here's a thought, you definitely haven't been gone since 2012 or you probably wouldn't have found us on Holla Forums, so you've been part of the community for a long time but haven't been gone that long. A couple years at most. That's one thing I can deduce.


To be honest I hate going to bed because it's always empty and I want to cry because I'm so lonely but I physically can't. I want to cry so fucking hard all the time but I literally can't make the tears flow.


butthole detective is on the case.

more like deDEUCE


makin' me tear up a little here fam

you get used to it


Good night, man.

Oh wait I just saw bed and kind of skimmed over the post.

I wish I could.

It's been 7 years. I'm still not used to it.

I was just saying I'm gonna stay up for at least another 4 hours.




Hey that me.



Yep, been digging in my stuff from back then.
I just don't post much since everyone left Holla Forums, like maybe once a month or so.

You know I'm going to go on record and say being a night owl and listening to sad music all the time doesn't help me

seek medication


Nice try Moishe, but you're not getting my foreskin tonight.

i dont get the riddle dude just tell me anyway

Consider sleep aids.

Hmmmm. You're narrowing it down and somebody else would probably know then answer, but I just don't.

Oh well.


alright enjoy your torment i guess


I know who it is

How do I be cool enough for test-chan's attention?

I have him on discord, has not even been on it in a little.
Sad days. Drink for the best fish.

I had a dream one time about a evil Jew circumcising qt traps and I beat the shit out of him. It was a weird fucking dream.

AIDS is bad.

Better than jewish medicine

oh great another one of cupcake's buttbuddies just what we needed!

/pours one out for the homie kindly

Yes, I saw this post and had a feeling you do.

But you never help with these things.

Lol good luck loser

Giving up pretty quick for an identity sleuth, I'm gonna go back to grinding hell for now, nice talking to ya.

No, we are not uncivilized like those minorities. We drink the booze and forget it all in a blur.
Like a totally functioning society.

um, that's not the same user.

I read this in Reaper's voice.

later gator

My expertise is in buttholes, nothing more

Wow I'm blind.

well when I pour one out for my homies I pour it into my mouth.

I asked how, fuckboy, not for good luck.

don't forget retarded !

The pony dude is probably just that Game guy.

I just need someone to cuddle and talk to and I'm convinced my problems would go away. Why can't I go to a psychologist and cuddle them? That needs to be a thing.


The implication is that it's impossible, fuccboi.



That's kind of sad, dude.
Just leave the house if you have that sort of crippling loneliness.

Capcom you uh... you okay buddy?

Good boy. Never waste a drop.
This likely is not the first time you have hear these words together, likely in relatively different scenarios.

Admin abuse.


g o t t e m

time to move boards I guess...............................................

I'll just ban you for advertising every time you link it !!!

I don't know how to talk to people in real life. I work, I drive taxis, I deal with people every day Sunday to Saturday, mostly drunks granted, but I dunno. I just want to talk to some one that's like me and also happens to make me feel sexually attracted to them, is that too much to ask?


you're a monster !!!

Test has changed...

You dork.

wow rude...

I'm sure you could pay for a prostitute?

Nothing is impossible when you're as cool as me.

I love you, Test.
Remember that.

what a fag

like hounestly...


Find me a prostitute that would let me cry my eyes out on her shoulder, and even then I wouldn't do it because prostitutes are disgusting

I have no idea why they expected that to work.

War changed you, Test.
The trenches turned that little boy into a sad, power hungry "man".

there's a lot of issues that happened before it got there.



I bully you because I care.

Too many hard-fought battles.

Like coming home and having to go to a new board that everybody was on.

And voting in a strawpoll.

And messaging Bebop on steam once or twice.

It was all very traumatic.

it's very rude to bully !

I refer to him as a man when he is abusing his power just to feel like it makes him a bigger man.


fair enough

How many times did you have to talk Bebop down from the ledge so he didn't shoot up a school?

It really is, is it not? So the only cure is more right?

wait what

you're boring.

I am being facetious.

He went from a 5 foot, 8/10 trap to a sad, power hungry admin with a depression beard.

that logic seems shaky but I'll trust your judgement

Holy shit tsuchi stop being fucking full of yourself just ACCEPT trans people for what they are?


This is one confusing story.

Would he dive off the ledge guns blazing into a school's windows before he hit the ground?

This sounds very depressing and makes me feel better about myself tbh.


That's an idiom, not literal in that.

goodnight my love. give kiss.

The fact that you can't sense the joke depresses me.

um wow no that's not how things work everything you say has to be 100% literal at all times

Wait, are you still a 5 foot 8/10 trap or was that the joke? I have a very poor ability to pick up jokes

With no context that wouldn't be that uncommon on parts of the internet like this tbh

tfw people call you smart andyou know they are being iconic

That is an attitude I respect. An attitude that will also get us in a whole shit ton of misadventures and trouble but it gets my respect gosh darn it.

I've never been and will never be a trap and do not want to be one.


why would people make an Icon out of you? you must be pretty cool.

Same, to be quite honest.

neru no. I know you're the smartest one here. don't hide your light under a bushel basket.

they should make a movie out of this

finally someone understands!

I doubt this.


nooo you are just misguided

Neo and Roman?


Surely you can convince him to become a trap.
Go for it.
Send him some DMs.


This is why I must grow my depression beard.

My beard of depression.

Hmm, I think I am trying not to underestimate because you have shown your power level sometimes.

Are you qt or are people lying to me? if you are qt please talk to me.

That takes too much effort, I'm not really into making someone a trap because that's not hot, you're just trying to make a dude a fag at that point, which is gay.

running out of video ideas please help>?????

I figured you meant the image. Not our misadventures.

He's like an even gayer Sci.

Grow it long enough to smack people who call you a trap

do random dr evil quotes from the austin powers movies


yeah no I meant the adventures.


Is it gay to want to be pegged, hard?

I dont think it is tbh


only in stuff that doesnot matter maybe

noo itis not me you are looking for

If you grew a beard it would be invisible though, blondie.

Good idea, but I'll do it with a depressed frown.

I think it would just be a less boring version of Hangover. We could not even rate it cause the things that go down would break the rating system.
We would be rebels, Cups. Fucking rebels.

with or without a cause?

Don't lie to me. You have a Norwegian flag, and all Scandinavians on Holla Forums are traps until proven otherwise in my eyes at least.

It is bizarre that I am the one who has to try to convince you to the contrary, when a few years ago I would have agreed without hesitating.

My facial hair is dirty blonde, pale blonde, brown and random jet black hairs but it's just patchy as hell and looks like I'm trying to rebel against society telling me to be a functioning member instead of overpaid on angst alone.


Sucks to suck.

Without. We need nothing of silly orders.
No cops, no admins. Everything burns.



I can be the charismatic lead vocalist, guitarist and songwriter.
I need you to learn to play bass and be the less drugged out stable element to this garage band.

i've been up for like 40 hours, and i'm a bit drunk stop judging me in your heads.

Irealize that I am not too awful in stuff but at the same time hardly amazing either

I'm too depressed to learn an instrument.

Like winning against Terran.

Hella hetero

I'm too depressed to meme

bad terrans


I don't know if stopping masturbating made me happier or sadder.

Has all of this e-power gone to your head that you can't not have the limelight, you fucking zealot?

try the dutch posters tbh

Stories will be passed down through the ages of our escapades, there will be youtube drama over it for years. At least five well known channels will die from it.
Pewdiepie will lose more than he gains. For one day.
Grim will end up sleeping with an obese tranny juggalo and end up decapiting herhim with a rusty, broken spoon.
Then at the end of some old man's life, as he sits there with the ze or zhe of a grandchild he now has. Realizing all that he has made for his family ends with this weird shit, he will whisper his final words..... Extremely intelligent and analytical.

This is a good point tbh, the dutch are notorious homosexuals.


Yay work is over

At 3 AM?


It always comes back. Somehow.

I just got home

Damn thing doesn't know how to stay gone

How you've became so a megalomaniac from when we were both boys and playing Pop-Up Pirate.

I blame the T virus.

So like my friend is such a sap and fell for some chick that is batshit crazy and is a huge slut.
They just started going out like 2 weeks ago and they already moved in together.

Man this is gonna end badly lmao


I blame college students ordering food at 3am

work isn't over
work is never over

That too.

i'm going to bed goodnight guys

Good night Eva

Night user.

Squiddy you should probably kill yourself

we had mixed scouts whereI lived
but the leaders insisted on being called stuff like balloo and bagera
and the hill to get up there was really long and steep and took tons of effort so
I quit after a few weeks

Same deal here with scouts.


Someone in America tried to fuck a raccoon. They lost their dick.
Seems a fair trade for such stupidity.

trash panda


So you are fat then

wheredid that come from

Fat people are shit at long steep hills

it was winter and slippery

I don't even know but
I'm guessing cosmowright

Subtle, tell me good night.

Good night and sweet dreams ^^

Oh my

Who the fuck

what is this shithole even


Bearkele :---DDDD

majority homos, a handful of traps, a handful of girls, one or two normal straight males

what's with all these people that can't read the board title?


I want to play Twister with Subtle

Sounds like a swell place




What's up buttercup?

Veracious SUCC

I scared him away didn't I?

Maybe you should have been a bit more Subtle about your affection.


Kanna and Riko playing Twister tho.

Yeah like that.


lmao 206

Idek if Kanna's doing these things intentionally to mess with Riko anymore, or if she's just oblivious to it.

That last bit definitely makes it seem intentional.

Who advertised on /lewd/?


Rolled 6 (1d7)1 - For Honor
2 - Go make cawfea like a responsible addict
3 - Fallout 4
4 - Skyrim
5 - SA2B
7 - FFCC
8 - Fap
9 - Cyber Subtle
10 - Write ikt x Subtle fanfic

Oh. I skipped six. Guess that's a reroll.

Rolled 6 (1d7)

wew lads

I still need to watch the latest Maid Dragon, Konosuba, Akibastrip, and Kuzu no Honkai

Good job





Whyw wouldm anybody want to advertise this board


I went to go see for myself

Some nigger is linking those fags over here

Well the board is dead anyways lol


Buy it for my birthday

I have no clue. I don't really mind it but just, why?

Same. Why?

Maybe they just want a few sci-tier posters away.

You really are obsessed with that show, huh?
Well to be fair Demi-chan has gotten pretty boring tbh

I wonder if it's the same user that told me to come here?
Still no clue who that was.

i may have to treat myself to it when i eventually land a fucking job

Its even more confusing because the board has been dead for I don't really know how long.

Deffo one of the few things I've actually gotten really really into.
It's not really obsession, though.


demi-chan is neat don't bully

we killed it! yay!

Nah, discord did tbh.

Hikari-chan's so negligent.

Himari-chan's so caring for her sister.

got a couple to look into today, and one inquiry about my CV from some agency to reply to.

fucking jews

I dunno man, the loli kills it for me.
Maybe I just ain't a lolicon anymore

I'm finally cured

Himari's choker


Whatever you say.

I miss katia

Also what are you supposed to do when your friends gf starts getting naked in front of you two and starts tying herself in a bondage sorta thing and she asks you how it looks on her

I told her it looked great on her then looked at my friend and gave him the "Dude, I think your gf has had enough to drink" look

It was pretty awkward tbh
She wasn't even that cute

i miss nefel

Had class actually :3


Do you think you would stand a chance against me?

I can almost reach my toes mind you.

Yeah, but you're smol, and Subtoe is like, rly tall.
Taller than me.

Tall Subtle :3

Keep trying and soon you can put your palms on the floor

Shut up you're smol too

rly tol*

M A S T E R is really really big and strong!
I look up to him!


D-do you enjoy looking down on smol ppl?


what's up niggas


Problem is most tall people aren't cute enough for tol, so it never gets used.

That's offensive

Oh, right, I forgot.

You like having someone completely dependent on you.

Time to break my legs.


only to faggot ass faggots

Wait, Subtle visits Holla Forums at school?

Does that apply to subtle though?

You're a faggot ass faggot

totally not one

Idk, lol.
He's more tol than me, at least. :^)

I-I'm sure there are easier ways

Decided to work on the tutorial on my home PC

Love me. :(

Why did Ubisoft count story modo in that...?

Like, progression I... kind of get.

Why even live?



Her tits aren't that big.


akko is thicc


Her nerdy friend is.

I thought it was a dude at first.

A lot could happen between now and never.

I-is that a no...?

But if I were to go out of state I'd rather go to the Netherlands or UK
I'd go visit Guatemala again too tbh

Canada seems pretty meh
What is there to do out there anyways?


Also you totally just stole my line :3

someone do all the shit i need to do today for me so i can stay home and slack

me too

dual wielding redbull tryna get mah motivations

I gave up.

want breakfast... adulting is hard

opt a: make it my damn self
opt b: goto restaurant for it

both options require effort, time and resources

wat do


i see, like me you have self control issues... we are brothers you and I.

I am you, you are me, we are one.


so it is written, so it shall be...

cooking can be fun and it will set you up for life the more you do it. plus its probably cheaper than restaurants

I've practically been awake since Tuesday, have the worst headache ever and am about to lose everything I've tried to build these last 6 months.

But I have a vanilla milkshake so life can go suck it.

this animu made me sad

...agree to cheaper tho


I believe in you, tokekekekai


No I just can't find a thing.

*drinks milkshake*

well shit... there goes my misguided, self-imposed sense of comradarie and belonging to something

but moeblob


I will cut you

she dies at the end

*patpatpat isok*

It's mine now!

Admire the rocks, and trees?

It's because you're so big and tol and I look up to you, M A S T E R.

but it was ok



it wasn't
is sad

*mutters something incoherent laced with colorful metaphors

Though I have a new goal in life.
Gonna try to become a history teacher.
hope that goes better.


maybe I blocked that in my head

am getting sad just thinking about it

get yourself a milkshake bub

My goal in life is to not be so fucking bad at everything.

theres always room for improvement, but you may not notice it once you place yourself on a pedestal :3

make me one

Taking on everything at once is fairly impossible though.
Why not start with one?

but I've never made any!

I'm just upset my pokey-holey for documents thing is gone.

Cold blood killer.

now's a good time to start

You're good at something! What do you study :3

It's annoying how Parries have a chance of just not working in this game.

My only skill worth appreciating is my ability to do everything.

i like this webm

me too

not like... taking cooking classes or anything. already know how to cook.

...and im the one you decide to take it out on.
fine... im a big boy, lemme have it

i would enjoy having more like it

Everything for happiness

but we're out of milk

Why not try to change that then?

so whats for breakfast?


scrambled eggs, fried potatoes and bacon

mundane but good tasting i guess

heheh I'm hallucinating


Watch Konosuba!

Death for happiness?

It's okay to kill those that oppose your happiness

i debated on making a fritata...

which is?

From what I can tell it's not that they have a chance of not working, it's that the timing is not really very obvious most of the time.

For what it's worth, I'm pretty sure you can't do it too late; hitting it too late will just come off as a block, so aim late rather than early.


i dun like mixing my foods into an even blend like that. makes the meals taste boring

make some

But what if they were accidentally making you not happy?

The anime show the weebm is from! Is very good. Watch.


What are you hallucinating?

...i have all the ingredients to make really tasty one but instead chose to take the low (read: easy) road



what is it about though?


am not a cow

do what jesus does

weird color beach


are you okaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay?

*lobbs your opinion towards the circular file


Parody-comedy take on RPG anime/games.

Make wine from the blood of your enemies and get shitfaced?

engaging discourse this

..y-you want a semen milkshake?

in what sense do you mean


is that an offer?
yes pls

I play peacekeeper.
When I try to parry and it decides "nah" she enters attack frames and I just get hit.


I don't understand.

What did you do anyway this week?



You can still block with reeeekeeper, and you need a valid block in that direction to parry anyway with the lights, iirc.

Yeah, that means you're hitting it too early. The timing is generally later than you'd think. At least I think.


When peacekeeper attacks her block shuts off.

And you can't reset it in block.

reset it in attack*

bongiorno mi famiglia...

nope, am empty.


Become severely fed up with everything about my courses, stress out majorly about all the things I need to do, regain my insomnia, have fever and eh. had a milkshake

Are you saying you're impotent?
I feel so sorry for rin

Ay, papito.

no but I fapped a lot to try to sleep.


mio figlio

And you didnt' save any?
how selfish

What's up?
You have been around more the last few days.


they're my cummies

The point is that if you're hitting the parry too late, no attack will come out because you'll be in the brief block "stun". I'm pretty sure every character's attack cuts out their block. If you're starting the attack animation, your parry is too early. The timing really is just awkward to get used to.

but now i have no milkshake

nm, finishing breakfast. lots going today but ive had more time in the mornings to slack a little so i come here and engage in the wholesome bastion that is 4channel

Either way it is good to see you.

I'm going to go play games.

and I still can't sleep

are there lots of examples of accidental exposure?

jack off again

I said I'm empty

jack off on camera



is the dawnguard expansion for elder scrolls worth the loot?

never stopped me before

and this is the preferable method for her to obtain a hot protein injection...


gtg, lates

The timing exactly as stated is when the red arrow flashes.

If I go by that, then I miss half my parries, and just as many of my peacekeeper dodges.

What I mean is peacekeeper reverts to neutral stance the second she attacks, blocks, or does just about anything.

time to clean room, get muffins and coffee and forget I exist by watching Netflix.


you started it with your lewd milk shakes

Hell, I get hit in dodges that shouldn't have, but I'm iwlling to accept latency for that one.


Now I went and tested it, it seems it's not quite as late as I thought, and there is a gap between the parry window and the block actually going though. Weird. Though I always found the red arrow flashing a weird indicator because the "flash" lasts forever.

Sure you're not trying to parry light attacks? I knew the parry/deflect window on those is super tight.

Latency usually isn't the case in this game, I've found. I can play fairly well with americans without noticing much problem. Dodging actual attacks is weird in this in general, because some of the hitboxes are kinda odd and you don't actually get iframes normally.

*shakes tokais straw*

There's the indicator turning red to indicate an attack, and then it flashing a moment or two before impact.

The flash is when you're supposed to parry, or PK dodge.