Decline in OC

Recently I've noticed the OC thread can barely hit 100 replies and no one's bothering to make content anymore. I think it's because the OC thread used to be the main shitposting thread too, but /leftytrash/ has drawn away that element so people only ever go there for pure OC now.

We need more OC now more than ever - it's Holla Forums that supply reddit, facebook and twitter with leftist memes which has helped the left online to grow so much recently, but now we're getting lazy.

Either we figure out some way to reinvigorate the OC threads, or we merge the OC thread into /leftytrash/. The latter seems easier but if anyone has any other ideas do share.

NAZBOL gang makes good oc

fuck off.

Eat dick.

I'd worry more about actual discussions than MEMES XD.

nigga just bump the OC thread

That's not gonna help anything. Look I'll bump it for you right now to prove it's not gonna un-stagnate it.

So you want to exploit our surplus value. Are you Xirxist memes or reddit?

Can confirm. I make OC all the time. Here's one of my danker memes.


And by the way, just a reminder. NazBol is pulling the strings of the alt right. We /illuminati/ now.

forgot image.

How monkey MLs think socialism works

Jesus christ.

At least this guy has the right idea.

Please die. These memes are complete cancer and and a embarrassment. Only a 10 year old autist would find them funny.

I made this :^)

I made these

the cancer of every board in every imageboard is the fag who says "GUYS WHERE IS ALL THE OC GONE WHY IS THERE NO ORIGINAL CONTENT" instead of contributing something and encouraging others to play along.

This. They're also the faggot that run around other boards bragging about their boards OC.

fresh from the communal meme factory

I used to pump out a lot of OC, but I've been really busy recently with work and the GETchan YouTube channel. I'll try to get back into it.

For now, have some of my older stuff. They're all pretty much just shitty edits, but I've seen them reposted now and then, so I'm happy about that.