Why the FUCK aren't you a vegan? Pic very related

Why the FUCK aren't you a vegan? Pic very related.

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I'm part of the species that is the apex predator of the entire planet, its as natural for me to eat meat as it is for an owl to eat a mouse.

I know what is going on in slaughterhouses and so on, but I pretend I do not know.

The only reason I'm pretty much vegetarian is because it's cheap. Superego guilt tripping is for liberals anyway.

Because I like to eat meat.

Is it natural for you to pump pigs full of drugs and keep them in the dark from birth while they develop tumours and abscesses from their nutrient deficienct slop, which they remedy by cannibalizing each other and leaving each other with open infected wounds from which they slowly die from and infect the pigs that feast on their corpses? All so Joe faggot who dreams of being petit bourgeois and votes republican can get his bacon in the morning?

jews were probably right about pork tbqh. disgusting fucking creatures.

We get it, you're a liberal. Improve on hiding your disdain for the working class next time.

Blow me, class traitor. Don't you have some trashcans to fight?

Don't play tough pal, we both know you had to add that last sentence about 'Joe faggot' to express your disdain for the working class.
I'm not a lifestylist, you are.

Because i fucking love the taste of pics related.
The key is not trying to eat meat at every meal quantity

mainly because there very very little evidence that it is healthy over the long-term.

Vegetarianism has been a dietary fad for thousands of years, but there has never been a sustained culture on Earth that did not eat meat except for brief periods when no meat was available.

Conversely, the Inuit tribes have been eating meat-only for around 5000 years, as they lived in a climate where (for the most part) edible plants do not exist. If not eating plants was bad for you, the Eskimos would have died out a long, long time ago.

You don't know what you miss.

because fuck you and your pets

Because meat and dairy taste good and I can't consistently afford that fancy vegan eating anyways.

I'm a veggie. That's enough effort as it is.

u wot m8?

Because being Vegan accomplishes even less than picketing your local KFC every day, and doesn't amount to anything other than a feel-good liberal lifestyleism meme.

Texas might be an awful place, but Texas BBQ is the shit.


Enjoy your cancer. pic related is superior in every regard.

Cuz meat makes you manly you fucking faggot.

The diet you are on is not a healthy one if you need to take B12 supplements or otherwise you get dementia.

Might makes right

Healthy Lifestyle yes. Excuse me for taking care of my body. I can't afford good meat. I refused to eat processed garbage because it is full of shit.

Because it's a bit awkward to have to turn down roast dinner at someone else's house after they made such an effort to cook something nice for guests.

Because random isolated one man boycotts serve no purpose other than to serve ones narcissistic ego
Look at your teeth, you are an omnivore, go hunt your food yourself if you want to feel clean of animal cruelty
Let me guess you are from the West coast middle class and will eventually turn into a Succdem or pic related

What does this pic mean

Hippes became yuppies and vote for Clinton's and Obama's in the modern day

There is not much of an alternative though

While it will be environmentally necessary for people to wean themselves off of meat and animal products, without anything to enforce a reduction of animal consumption it is just masturbatory lifestylism.

Typical capitalist liberal hypocrisy. Joe has more integrity than cunts like you, afraid to say

Shut the fuck up city boy

I agree with you (I wont lie though pork breakfast sausages are my guilty pleasure)

Funny to see "leftists" side with the people who vote in favour of capitalism and apologize and defend it to the death just so they can get their salty meats. KYS, classcuck.

Right, the only way to get meat is through the slaughterhouse, there's totally no other way to do it

You own a farm?

Eating meat is natural, its never going be "replaced" unless you mean a fucking chemically created substitutes that probably ruined more nature by being created than your eating habbits ever will

I love eating meat and I eat it everyday mmmmm

I have family who do, yeah. We get stuff from them and farmers markets. I also hunt, gut etc myself, the whole process. Doing what humans evolved to do. I actually prefer bow huntng, I feel it's more pure, silly as it sounds. This isn't really uncommon where I live, it's why your prejudices are foolish and stereotypically ignorant, fed by porkys divide and conquer policy of framing the narrative.
Being vegan would be redundant out here

kill yourself OP

people like you, who made the left about anything except that the workers' well-being, are the real problem, you know?


the discussion so far was very little about that, as you can see, and i'm pretty sure it was not op's first concern. but maybe i'm wrong.

why the FUCK aren't you a nudist? Pic very related

We need a better way to do. I see it as nature tbh. I just think we should be less cruel
Or the meat not coming from animals. U know some science shit
That most ethical
But likeā€¦.most people don't really want to change their diet. The food we eat is deep in our culture.
I believe the science meat thing is going to end farm things u know. More than veganism can. I believe we should kill less animals, smaller farms, kill them in painless way until the day comes

veganism is mostly for people who just want to feel good about themselves, i view it as good if the animals just have a good life before we kill them. also i try get more ecoligical food, but that shit expensive

I don't really care for beef anymore after learning it takes 10x the amount of water as chicken to produce. That's the best I can do though.

Because i wear only hemp clothes i grew myself

checkmate MAAAN