Why do you guys shit so much on Juche?

Why do you guys shit so much on Juche?

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We prefer actual leftist idealogy over dictatorships LARPing as free countries.

Juche is the purest form of Marxism and it stands tall in defiance of your Yankee cuck gods!

You're a fake Communist.


DPRK ain't fascist since it doesn't have a corporate economy

Egalitarianism and freedom worship is the biggest flaw with leftism

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I don't


The latest famine must be pretty bad if you're coming on here to shit up our board.
Why don't you just ask your capitalist buddies China and America to send more foreign aid?
Fucking Juchists read Marx nigger


This is why.



Because socialism should be about the people, not the military.
Also the DPRK incorporates parts of conservative korean philosophy, like the role of the leader of the country as a father for everyone in the society. Shit like>>1650851


Try again ya fucking spook

The ego is a spook

Juche is socialism adapted to suit the Korean people so it dosen't alienate them.
Mao tried to change Chinas culture but he only managed to destroy some minor traditions and historical artifacts,
Confusianism is stil strong in China and it has turned into a capitalism shithole.
Meanwhile DPRK is the only socialist state left that haven't succumbed to capitalism.

Idk, maybe because this is a leftist board? I mean, ostensibly it doesn't differ much from a fascist dictatorship, so their legitimation doesn't count much.

Not an argument.


That doesn't mean I can't criticize it for being shit on the basis of non-korean morals, because the korean morals themselves are shit, fam.


what is good and bad morals is subjective.
To just say you just don't like their morals isn't legitimate criticism.

Juche stands for practically nothing valuable. Watch The Propaganda Game, there's that one Spanish guy who has lived in Korea for years and works in education and foreign relations. I'm not sure exactly how well he knows Juche but it seriously sounds like mystified nationalism with socdem elements.

Planned economy=/=socdem

Greatest brotherhood


Maybe because north korea is totalitarian shithole? Or maybe because the only thing that juche actualy does is mantaining the dictatorship of a dinasty of useless leaders?

Rootless cosmopolitan

I see only fascism in that pic

What do you even mean by saying this?

a fucking anprim

And what it is then? What it is the chauvinistic and irrational pride for one specific country or nation if not a stupid idpol?
Also i'm not an anprim, try again

shut the fuck up caveman you have no right to an opinion since you died at childbirth

its a defense mechanism, read some geopol nigger

It's not irrational. The workers are inherently nationalistic. It's realpolitik. My view is one of pragmatism.
Also, this is now a Juche praise thread.

nationalism is older then fascism m8.
fascism would be authoritarian nationalism mixed with corporatism and possibly imperialism
there is practically no difference between eco anarchists and anprims


pretty sure that flag is for eco-anarchists

so they dont want to destroy civilization just rescue the fuckin bunnies from maybelline?

i guess whatever theyre still useless and probably counterrevolutionary

Why cant you be more like varg

I disagee with this guy a lot but hes kinda chill, at least hes living the life he proposes, also hes got a sweet ass lada

Is this what Juche-followers actually believe?

what's up with all this nationalist idpol garbage peddling?


I havn't heard a good argument so far as to why the DPRK isn't socialist.

It's like you guys don't understand that socialism in this very stage is unable to support your bourgeois lifestyle.

Maybe because your definition of socialism is any retard authoritarian that uses a red flag.

are you retarded?

Socialism will defintely give you vidya and weed though.

I sincerely hope for the death of this country. At least we won't have to hear any more retardation about them.

This is pure ideology tbqhwyf. The question should be "how is nk socialist?"

never said that

its basically seize the means of production and convert it to sustainable energy as soon as possible

I don't see how a focus getting off the industrial chemical fertilizer agriculture cycle and fossil fuels is counterrevolutionary

Especially with the US controlling the petrodollar and our working current example of Venezuela.

Part of the reason the DPRK is able to stand against the US is because they haven't been tricked into buying Monsanto kill seeds and spraying Roundup.

Unfortunately they had a few famines just like Vietnam when it was imported by ariel bombardment.

Juche's regime was extremely oppressive to women.


even if thats true they still aren't corporatists so they can't be fascists

jucheposters are just Holla Forumsyps that don't have the decency to pretend to have read marxist theory and are looking for easy larping on Holla Forums

Its literally far right fascism no different from nazi Germany.

There is no democratic control of the means of production.

Pursuit of autarchy is literally a hallmark of fascism.


Literally Hirohito.

Samefagging Holla Forumsintelpro, get off my board nigga >>>Holla Forums


shit Holla Forumsyp psyops, OP

explain the cockshott meme

Because the state "socialist" system literally collapsed after the famine in the 90's

Profit belongs to Kim family not people of the state. Sounds familiar you turbo autist?

even if that was true it's still not what corporatism is

…wouldn't the average KJU supporter be fucking korean tho

Neither did the Fascist states. The vast majority abandoned or never even implemented corporatism, opting instead for mass privatization and deregulation within slightly less liberal capitalism.

Bitching about / trying to affect culture and politics is useless unless you have a new mode of production to implement. Read the cybernetics thread and transcend the Law of Value with a cyberneticised economy.

Are you retarded, user?

the juche ideology is loved by many nationalities

how do i become a citizen of the great state of north korea?

you don't, you should be encourage instead to adopting glorious juche in your country

DPRK should just start t-shirts franchise with Kim's face printed on it. I'm pretty sure you guys will buy enough quantity of those to support one last true socialist country, especially now that China has officially BTFOed 'em with cutting crude oil.

This, there were Juche Parties worldwide

I can't find their sites again tho, but I remember there being German and Spanish one

Do you believe otherwise? Has the DPRK succumbed to capitalism?


ffs please tell me more of the supposed genocides that the North Korean government are responsible for

Especially when you are surounded by US puppets. And you don't have enough resources to guarantee prosperity for your people so you have to choose between being anticapitalist and increase living standarts for a bit but it is not guaranteed
I don't like this personality cult too, but maybe it is fine for them

Yeah fuck me for believing in imaginary gulags
Also, again where the fuck are the free unions
Why label an autocratic kingdom commie
(This is why we shit on Juche)

so when did DPRK actively try to exterminate an ethnic group?
source on you're claim first
It's not communist it's socialist.
hereditary rule is a necessary evil, oherwise some fifth columnist will be elected sooner or later, somebody that either introduces capitalism like what happend in Vietnam and China or destroy the country like Gorbachev and Jeltsin

How about killing off thousands through sheer neglect in the hunt for nukes that porky shits on 5 mins after launch
We shit on Juche because you wouldn't surprise anyone in your support if Pinochet labeled himself "socialist".

The only real communist states were those Jewish Kibbutz things.


How did dismantling Libya's nuclear program work out for Qaddafi again

Le ardous march

I don't know, bad example since he at least had a semblence of socialistic thought in him. (actually feeding his people for instance)

Everyone who criticises Popular Korea and its Supreme Leader is a filthy petit bourgie that needs reeducation.