The Alt-Right and Pinochet

What's with the Alt-Right's fascination with and worship of Pinochet? He was literally nothing more than a CIA-backed US puppet who allowed Chile to be turned into a playground for the neo-liberal fantasies of economists who studied under Milton Friedman. You'd think even the most retarded neo-Nazi frogposters would know better than to cheer on "Jewish globalism", no…?

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this is their desire/goal. this is a good thing in their view

He killed the filthy leftists degenerates and that's all that matter.
They don't give a fuck about economics as long as someone is beating the fuck out of the smelly poors scaring their petty bourgs ass.

Pic related is the only reason


The same reason this board jokes that Stalin's only crime was that he didn't go far enough purging kulaks

They're particularists, they literally think it's okay if whites are doing it to them.



Its a step in the right direction though, it means that they value killing their enemies more than their ideology

When the ends justify the means, you can eventually turn it into such thing, that you can justify fighting fire with fire, participating in unions, creating political action commitees and organizing

Said actions slowly but surely turn them away from the irremediably unimplementable lunacy of ancapistani thought and make them more into some kind of succdem; and from then on, its just a slippery slope to more extreme forms.

I believe it is possible to turn an extreme rightist into a far leftist.

polack here:
ladm8 we have the simplest, most basic and easy to understand politics and motivations and goals and economies and foreign policies and diplomacy and military and everything else, how the fuck is this so hard to understand????
that's it god damn it, we dont give a shit about efficient or inefficient production, we dont give a shit about social justice or unjustice, we dont give a shit about oppression or opportunity or fairness or any of that shit

we just want our fucking train to arrive on time, we just want a good price for a good good
we simply realize that we are no pretty little princesses, we realize we have no human or other magical rights (that we cant acquire or defend on our own) and we realize we are entitled to N O T H I N so we naturally conclude that making world a better place does not neccesarily mean making it a better place for everybody

1920's Germany had a lesser violent crime rates and sexual assault at every public festival rate than modern multiculti Germany
Sometimes, surrendering a few civil liberties equal M O R E civil liberties, if police state = peace and quiet, I dont care the SS is inspecting buttholes of outsiders that are ruining my peace and quiet anyway
if I get pressed into service to the regime for 10 to 30 years, I am risking my life if the alternative is no peace and quiet + no rifle anyway


fuck the spelling btw I didnt sleep for 30 hours now, im half drunk, and chinglish is my 3rd language so I dont even care

So basically you go online watch a ton of videos of crimes and social problems, convince yourself that society is collapsing and that fascist dictator is the only one who can restore order.

Mate go outside. I live in a big city there is crime and you have to be careful at night, but its not like some Mad Max tier shit. Things have always been like this violent crime has actually been falling for decades.

Now this is autism.

so 19th century factory workers working 12-16 hours a day just needed some peace and quiet
kill yourself, faggot

Indeed it was falling. But that problem has been solved.
I'm not the guy you replied to.

again, no amount of sophistry or correctness or feelings or children crying on the news is going to affect a right winger about his eternal pursuit of peace and quiet
crime correlates strongly with minorities
less minorities, less minorities = less crime, therefore we dont want or need multiculturalism, we dont care how polite we are, we dont care how popular the opinion is, we dont care what academia or whoever say
we only care about our peace and quiet
this is just one example, but basically everything the right does goes back to this

no, I see a pack of feral minorities chimping out, I dont start a trillion page hypothesis, I just want to rent a cop to bash them into the peace and quietness that I have stated for like a trillionth fucking time I find desirable

top kek famalam
this is why the right never falls into any sectarian traps, we cut the mental gymnastics and stick to the shit that works

aka homogenous tested and proven cultures and ethnicities
meanwhile a pack of feral jamals and abduls create police no go zones out of once first world leftist neighborhoods
and for what?
for what, leftists?
for what?

They probably realize any South American leader didn't have a choice in this, they would be dead if they didn't do whatever the CIA wanted them to do. They like him because he cracked down on the left, it's that simple.

Imagine thinking about blacks every waking hour of your life.

if one had to live around them i can imagine how it might tend to occupy one's thoughts

luckily i don't

its easy being a sheltered, delusional suburbanite leftist that never had to experience the diversity he caused
the actual working people are all turning to the right, far right to be more precise, thanks to your impotent insufferable bullshit

so thx m8, you did more for us than hitler ever managed

I live in east london.

Good job you have seen the relevant jpgs then!


I don't get it.
I mean, yeah, he killed commies.
But if you wanted someone who did it better, why not Francisco Franco or, hell, the U.S.?

Intersting, let's adjust with population density:
Material conditions are more than money you know?

translation: we have no actual coherent worldview, just feels

Pinochet didn't just kill lefties, he killed them with helicopter rides. That's what separates him from the rest. He was a neoliberal piece of shit though. And actually the helicopters were only used to get rid of the bodies.
The Chilean army still looks aesthetic as fuck to this day.

Fucking Stahlhelms, really?

Yes you don't do mental gymnastics solely because you are not good at thinking

at this point I don't trust your opinion on what works and what doesn't work.

excuses are like assholes, everyone has one
being right wing means you dont bother with excuses tho, excuses are fundamentally a leftist thing…

and the best thing is, our trains arrive exactly on time, our feels describe reality more precisely than your trillion pages of arcane theoretical isms
give me your special snowflake brand of leftisms po box, or a physical address, or any sort of existing example: pro tip, you cant

we like pinochet cos he liked hitler, and we liked him too, if we called the shots, we'd do the same thing pinochet did

superior germanic master warrior race only lost the war because of the jews!!! ;;; 🍀🍀🍀🍀🍀🍀
t:austrian naziman

Fashies never cease to amaze lmfao

non neocon right wing are capitalists, so they make jokes of a capitalist dictator in order to parody your gulag/nazis gas chambers jokes

it's origin is more like a "this is how retarded you sound", of course retards probably take the joke seriously

If i'm correct, he simply dumped their bodies out of helicopters into sea, didn't kill them by throwing them out of helicopters - which would've been grossly ineffective.

enjoy debating your theory while having to grind soles of your boots into flour cos the central planning fucked up even tho in theory it was perfect

you win some, lose some, that's life..

Note how those involved were apologetic and or ashamed of their actions,

"I was ashamed to see them. They were torn into pieces. So I wanted to put them together, at least leave them in a human form. Yes, their eyes were gouged out with knives, their jaws broken, their legs broken … At the end they gave them the coup de grace. They were merciless. "[…] "The prisoners were killed so that they would die slowly. In other words, sometimes they were shot them by parts. First, the legs, then the sexual organs, then the heart. In that order the machine guns were fired"[3][4]"

Also note how the people involved weren't very targeting leftists - it was also a message to any planned right wing counter coups or disobedience among military officers,

"It seems to me that one of the reasons for the mission was to set a drastic precedent in order to terrorize the presumed willingness of the Chilean people to fight back. But without any doubt, it was also intended to instill fear and terror among the commanders. To prevent any military personnel, down to lowest ranking officers, from taking a false step: this could happen to you![5]"

The entire 'helicopter execution method' is a myth

Enjoy being in the exact same shitty life after all the jew bankers were replaced by white bankers.

Jesus Christ i'm relieved you guys are only tools for the ruling class and not the ones in charge.

peace and quiet is the goal, if i get exact same life just minus all the flamboyant leftists screaming in my face while i mind my own business, and if also all the feral minorities disappear, well, yeah, that's a cause worth fighting for

strawmans work both ways
we arent religious fundamentalists, didnt the nazis invent like half of the 20th century tech anyway?
if you can experimentally, measurably, physically prove x is better than y, we are obviously going to do x

but there is no case of leftists actually doing anything, just mental masturbation for the purpose of feel-good circlejerk
yall need pipe the fuck down on the excuses, and actually do something for once
just watch out not to end up on the right after actually trying to do something for once tho

What objections could you have against fully automated communism? Become a Stalinist if you're so autistic about 'degeneracy'

literally none, that is the perfect endgoal outcome thing

it's just that getting there could be a bumpy ride
30% of arable land no longer being arable, and more and more mouths to feed
most productive oil wells going dry, and we keep using more and more oil

i view fully automated gay luxurious space communism the same way i view.. spaceships
cool as fuck, but what about the daily bread tho? where's my guarantee that i wont starve tomorrow??

i also do not view the west as some sort of hyper ultra unfair turbo system, where we all work in the gulag 20 hours a day for a glass of water and piece of stale bread, while shitposting on the internet…………………
no, the west isnt idealistically fair, but you of all people shouldnt bother with idealism
the west is fine, just fine, i like it, has too much flamboyant leftists and feral minorities that interfere with my peace and quiet, but is otherwise fine

Pic related never did anything with his life, it's well known.

then whats your fucking problem?
capitalism itself already provides automation, which will only be accelerated under socialism
and you think this can't be fixed, or capitalism is sustainable?
renewable energies fam
cool as fuck, but what about the daily bread tho? where's my guarantee that i wont starve tomorrow??
what part of 'full automation' don't you understand?
marx himself had high praises of capitalism though, there is no contradiction in saying 'things are good, but they could be better'
Marx BTFOs idealism though
spooks prevent you from supporting a certain economic system?

we know what helicopter rides are, autismo

this is a whole another level of larping
also, they look like plastic toy helmets

Mussolini's Italy was notoriously inept when it came to running trains, ironically.
In which possible world? Each and every single police state that existed heretofore created more problems for its citizenry than any failed state (other than Somalia :—DDDD) possibly could.

I understand why rightists won't simply admit that they want to prosper at the expense of others — the answer, of course, is doublethink — but I will never stop being frustrated by their shameless lies.

There's this meme page on facebook that tries to justify why Ancapistan should have a Pinochet

Because Franco, while embodying many of the principles of any good Fascist movement, ultimately turned out to be a gutless faggot when it came time to exerting and expanding the control of a newly nationalistic Europe during WWII. Had he joined in league with Germany and Italy, he might have been able to use his starting geographic advantage to take and hold North Africa from the Jew-puppet allies.

Also Franco and Salazar's insistence on integrating the crypto-kike Catholic Church back into their governments was among the greatest acts of sabotage against their respective political programs outside of leftist infiltration/subversion. A new Iberian mythos and history was needed to solidify national identity and allegiance to the new state, likely integrating historical anti-"moor" sentiments with a greater emphasis on restoring the old Empire more than Papal fealty. Maybe then the people might have had the good sense to replace Juan Carlos with someone with more backbone when that inbred moron decided to go liberal.

Franco was ultimately a simple ultraconservative, closer to Bismarck than Mussolini. Defending the Catholic faith and church was one of his primary goals.


Why are Fascists such losers that they need to make up shit out of thin air to feed to people? Literal WE WUZ ATLANTIS shit.

"I have no knowledge of Iberian political history"

It's the other way around you lying fuck. You want some people to prosper at the expense of the average person. You want porky to profit off my people's back by lowering the salary of those who do manual labour. You want niggers and sandniggers to profit at my people's expense by taxing us to pay for all their food (which includes cruel shit like halal), electronics and living quarters in our expensive cities (all of which, again, direct money from the people to your swine masters). You want us to have to live with the military patrolling our streets like we're in some kind middle-eastern country so your pet apes can't kill us too quickly and ruin the plan. You want us to bleed and sweat just so you get some brownie points. I want them out.

Helicopter memes trigger some people and so on. I hate him for being a neoliberal agent.

We aren't liberals
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Most of the libertarians/ex-libertarians really like him for some reason. Libertarians really bother me tbqh

He enacted lolbert economic policies on top of killing communists.

If Allende wasn't such a dumpster fire Pinochet wouldn't have been able to resuscitate the economy and look somewhat like the good guy.

Holy shit I love Orwell.

The term "neoliberalism" was literally invented to describe him.

Graph says nooooooo.
(see 73-90)

Rightist have very small brains.

How many people did he even kill this way? I mean, if anything, it's incredibly inefficient.

Doesn't make it any less of a forced meme, in the end. I mean, we would have far more historical references of Communists beating fascists.

You lost the last bit of what little intellectual worth you had going for you.

Then I regret to inform you that he was a Socialist. Also I love the idea of having peace and quite too, which is why I don't want a capitalist taking the surplus I make.

People who keep talking about trains are likely autistic.

inoperable autism

[citation needed]

Pretty sure '20s Germany didn't have the statistical tools to allow for comprehensive and reliable crime statistics.

The helicopter memes are gay and cringy as fuck. With that said, they're not associated with the Spencerian alt-right. They're associated with the milo/lolbertardian wing of the right.

You're not exactly the sharpest pencil in the box are you?

t. philosophy major


"X is corrupting our society!" is literally the foundation of right-wing politics.

that pic is retarded af, as any politic position has to give a solution to a problem.

The alt-right don't actually care very much about economics and are easily seduced by authoritarian aesthetics.

And that pic somehow suggests that political positions don't give solutions to problems?

The difference is that, unlike the under-evolved niggers of the world, white people have actually achieved great things over our expansive history. Blacks have to make up their people's past nearly wholesale in order to justify their continued existence; we on the other hand have the luxury of embellishment purely for the sake of furthering our own ends and self interest.
At the end of the day, whether the narrative is 100% factual is irrelevant. The victory of Western culture over the rest of the world is inevitable and desirable, so whatever means are taken to hasten that process is self-justifying. Just as conquerors of old shaped history to their will, so too will we do so to modern history, bleaching the stains that is your lot's interference.

pork pls go complain about "muh SJWs" somewhere else

Dive into the shallow end of a pool headfirst.




look, i do jokes about the holocaust and "ford falcon verde" (if you know about the helicopters, you should know about them)
but the helicopter rides are just autistic

As an ex-fascist, I see these Pinochet worshipers worse than fascists. Atleast with fascists, the workers do get some rights in the end. Fascism is just privatized syndicalism.
(though they suppress the real solutions). These libertarian "fascists" want to suppress those who speak out against them and neglect those who don't. It's essentially an ideology that will only benefit the few.

You also have to keep in mind, the Nazi side of the Alt right has basically been purged leaving the capitalists to take over. Once I saw this, I just gave up on the alt right.

I used to be a janitor at walmart. I can confirm how awful and gross whites can be. I live in a majority white town too. Some days I used to walk in the bathroom to find abandoned underwear with like a bucket full of diarrhea. Other times, I would see literal shit on the wall too.


They didn't kill them that way. The victims were tortured and executed beforehand, then they dropped the dead bodies to the sea from helicopters. The whole point of doing that was so that the bodies could never be found and be traced back to the military junta.

Holla Forums has this huge misconception about evil communists being thrown out of helicopters like they were pirates walking the plank, but in reality it was one the most cowardly things military juntas did because they were afraid of the victims ever being found in the future. The only body found from helicopter rides was a female teacher, that should tell you enough about the shit Holla Forums edgelords worship.