Can someone explain the Nazbol ideology to me? Was Stalin Nazbol?

Can someone explain the Nazbol ideology to me? Was Stalin Nazbol?

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socialism with spooked characteristics

Read this for starters. Also we have a bunch of other nazbol threads comrade.

Ethno-nationalism with a Soviet-style socialism (state capitalism/socialism).

Stalin wasn't ethno-nationalist (I guess you could argue the deportations were, but he did also promote anti-racist Soviet propaganda films, see Mr. Twister) but he was very "Soviet" and is a masculine strong kind of leader which ethno-nationalists like.



a some form of nazbol will be the future.
there is no escaping this.




Nazbol is a silly half measure by people too afraid to take the whole red pill.

That is…exactly what I was going to say.

Offer accepted. You are rewarded with the dankest of OC.


Nazbolism have the fate of Ancapism:
Just like the binding of freedom and private property can't last forever in one's mind, you can't combine eternally cass struggle and spooky nationalism and/or racialism.
Nazbols are doomed to turn full nazis or full commies over time, just like lolbert are going Ancoms (mutualists at the very least) or authoritarians.

are Asserist allowed to post here nowadays?
i have seen alot of Asserists here lately,
but i remember the mods being cunts and banning anything that could slightly be impretrated as Asserist not that long ago

why not?

How does that works?

I'm still waiting for someone to get butthurt and b& me.

If mods are reading this. Pls no ban. You'll just ruin your own reputation with your userbase as demonstrated by a good portion of the board who loves these memes. Plus NazBols and Asserists generally make the most OC and are good at converting Holla Forumsacks.

I'd like something to substantiate this claim.
How many Holla Forumsacks got into leftism from Nazbol?

I just recruited one from Holla Forums today. As for statistics, you're not gonna find them because pollsters have more important things to do than track autistic meme data.

Holla Forumsack here, I admit I wasn't big into leftism until some nazbols said on 4/pol/ when they mean worker's paradise, they mean white worker's paradise.

I mean, who wouldn't want that? A paradise composed of well-paid, close-knit white workers?

nazbols wants some retarded pan-euroasian civic nationalist state

ftfy The original NazBol didn't care about such gayness.

yeah you are right, classical nazbols are ok.
I still kind of like Dugins tho, Limonov on the other hand needs to be gulaged

nazbol is fascism without burgoise

To be fair with regards to Dugin though, I'll give him credit, he's a philosophical genius and is effectively pulling the strings of world politics.

Finally someone who gets it

Most Holla Forumsacks are already economically left-leaning - they constantly shit on big capital, Jewish bankers, multi-national corporations. They just need a little push and NazBol with its meme power is perfect for that because these people have been conditioned to react only to dank memes. Also, I'd say that their racism usually fades away over time once they are on our side and are exposed to more materialistic points of view. I've never seen a NazBol being openly racist too.

I'm speaking about 8/pol/ here, mind you. 4/pol/ is irredeemable, it's a literal propaganda organisation for the Republican Party and full of unironic Pinochet-worshippers.

The second great thing about NazBols is that they are a natural fence against liberal subversion. They give SJWs a heart attack. Sometimes I'm worried about the state of Holla Forums when people unironically say that the EU is leftist, for example, or the use of the word "bigot".

doesn't you still get banned for being anti-Trump on 8pol?
most of halfpol is anti trump nowadays.
i'm seeing more and more economically left leaning nationalists arguing with the lolbertarians there lately.

its mostly just the Trump is a kike jew stuff that gets banned. I mean it's probably true but it's hard to have a conversation when some sperg keeps spamming that. On the whole most people understood that Trump wasn't /ourguy/ and was just the best hand possible for nationalists since Buchanon. Some people get sucked into the whole meme about him being a god emperor tho.

Also afaik 4/pol/ moderation is almost nonexistent so not really something that can be compared.

I'd say there is a huge divide in terms of economic policy between the country generals in 8/pol/.

Brit/pol/acks are staunch national liberals/lolbergs, while continentals such as France seem to be more leaning towards a socialist economic policy. German Holla Forums is somewhat inbetween.

Stalin was Georgian ruling over a primarily Slavic country, he had no respect for nationalities, and would mix up everyone up to break up national groups within the USSR

His policies indicate otherwise. I can only speak authoritatively of the Karelian labour commune and Karelian ASSR, but at least there Stalin's ascendancy meant the end of Leninist self-determination and a policy of Great-Russian chauvinism.

When did you realize that NazBols represented the new KGB and that we do it for free?


yeah but we're really in the shit if we end up getting flooded not by ironic nazbol posters, but actual unironic nazbols who've converted from whatever horseshit they believe in at Holla Forums

YPG is not ethno-nationalist, neither is Rojava that's a meme.

The media likes to portray them as a small minority fighting for freedom rather than ebil gommunists.

It's a fucking meme and those who unironically think it's decent haven't read a book.

Why is there always the one ancom poster buttflustered about it?

I've read like… 3 and a half books… does that count?

So basically Soviet Union circa 1950s?

Literally what the fuck?

Nazbol is way more interesting than it seems, in a way it was the first postironic political movement, grew out of the underground soviet punk scene. Instead of trying to shut down the meme we should harness its power for good, its already happening so we might as well make the best of it.

Adam Curtis is Nazbol
Another good article by John Dolan/Gary Brecher/the War Nerd of the Exile fame

Feminism is idpol cancer. So Bookchin really is where all this idpol is spreading from on Holla Forums as of late! I had suspicions as I read "The Ecology Of Freedom" - his essentialist viewpoint of men and women in a single narrative of the former dominating the latter pushes out class warfare, which is once again on the agenda. There is no room for feminism now that it has been revealed in full to have always been an anti-egalitarian sentiment fully compatible with reactionary politics.
And yes, Islamist states should be invaded and destroyed. Don't bring capitalism though, bring communism and egalitarianism!
The "hunting wolves in the Urals" part is retarded, but the point stands that they were tough motherfuckers unlike the bourgeois liberals who are today associated by mainstream culture with "communism".

russian nationalism

I'm inclined to dismiss Nazbol ideology as just another form of idpol. Am I wrong? If so, why?

All Nationalism is idpol to some degree or another, even civic nationalism and patriotism. That being said National Bolshevism has a lot edge appeal and that gives it a cool factor, I'll admit to liking the aesthetics a lot.

Black grill here. So do you guys hate me or not? Im confused.

Be my gf please.

I can't hate someone I've never met.

Maya Angelou was NAZBOL



Nazbols are the best posters on twitter, that's really all there is to say as they aren't a large movement as of yet. They make good memes, are generally less retarded than Communists and Nazis and are more in touch with reality than Liberals and Tankies. Which is why you should just go to twitter where they have a bigger and more active presence.

They are tankies but more racist. Seriously they actually will defend shit like holodomor and the gulags while also acting like Stalin was a really great guy.

read about Asser and murray bookchin, nazbols are just memes

Literally the worst aspect of the Soviet Union

Thanks comrade.

no? race and gender don't matter, those are spooks

but since this is a chan with chan culture

tits or gtfo