The Golden One

He's having a meltdown over the French Election.

Does anyone else think he's a closet case?
I wouldn't mind fucking him everyday.
He's hot, even if he's a dumb nazi.

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Why is his ab game so weak?

Holy shit is this guy actually serious?

How can you make an image like this and expect anyone to take you seriously?

He made a video about it called "Elf Physique" or some shit. He avoids abs and core to keep his weight down.

I don't like this face, kinda horsey and feminine

This retard abuses steroids that's why he has facial hair to cover the roid chin
He's a not that attractive to me

He's gay right?

He's a faggot and a Christcuck.

t. Holla Forums

I hope he realizes he looks like a filthy barbarian in that Spartan picture
Hi ass would be stomped by literally any Spartan Hoplite who saw that shit

OK seriously do aut-rightists really believe that spartans went into battle wearing only speedos and helmets?

Oh my fucking god, he'd be on the front lines and shot immediately if he was in a fascist society

So he's purposefully trying to have an awful body?


I'll never be able to get over the fact that this guy is for real.

Yeah, I ship him an contrapoints because contrapoints seems to really like to focus on him and might harbour some feelings for him deep down.

Additionally the Golden One is not against homosexuality and usually when a fascist takes that view point often they are also themselves pretty gay.


Holy hell, how long do you guys think until he comes out of the closet?

==O H S H I T I S T H A T A M O T H E R -
F U C K I N G N A Z B O L R E F E R E N C E ?==

To be fair every Neonazi organisation in Germany uses that flag since it's the only symbol which isn't banned.

come on now, no need to be transphobic

eh? Core is like the most important bit

hes p fucking gay

He's a narcissist.

Dumb ass

The nazbol/strasserist revolution begins now. We will be the socialist vanguard.

When is he going to come out of the closet and admit his love for black cock like Milo did.

There's really only two options with these types. Either they won't shut up about how much they bash queers, or you can measure the amount of dick they've been through in miles.

One of the few and biggest major surrender was the second World War, which is when their ideal French society under the fascist Vichy puppet regime ruled by the Nazis was established. These guys don't know what they want.

I have never seen a more gay man in my life.

You keep saying that, he's an ugly goblin looking fuck and his physique is a dianabol deca bloated puffy mess.

Go on /fit/, he's utterly unremarkable, there are much more aesthetic amateurs out there and they're not butthurt no-gf Nazis either.

Fit is full of pretend larpers from pol who get their images off of Google.

Wonder if his muscles are bullet proof?

Also the autism in that thread is unbelievable.

Like are these people even real?

the golden gay

Here's the picture

Get some fucking taste OP.

i shiggy diggy

Yes, OP does have bad taste for thinking this human monstrosity is attractive. He looks like a side villain from fist of the north star and I have an intense desire to punch him in the face; especially because hes a nazi.

he actually isn't a nazi lol

You'd do more damage if you hit his tummy, no abs makes him a weak bitch.

I am pretty sure he has autism

From my experience around the bodybuilding/fitness scene, the "bodybuilder" physique is very popular with a certain niche of gay guys.

And these people are better than liberals how?

My Guy Look Like Dat Nigga Ax Battler 😂😂😂

holy shit

Ax Battler is the one with the sword. Gilius Thunderhead is the dwarf.

I know.

the golden one is a top tier lolcow, right upthere with sargon

God he's such a LARPer though. I love it when they themselves use the term "culture war" like it's not polite-speak for the struggle in between people who do and don't autistically sscrech at people minding their own business

let's make him nazbol


Be honest, if you lived in Skyrim and he approached you saying he damanded you be his personal boy puss during his travels on the road, you'd all say yes.

life isn't a video game, Holla Forums

Golden One is the biggest case of LARPing I've ever seen.

"Greetings, sons of Rome"

fuck off lol you're Swedish


I've lost control of my life


I prefer twinks famalam. All those muscles are fucking gross.

Morrowind is better anyway.

Because folks like this Golden One they don't lie about themselves, they show exactly what they are and what they believe in.
Liberals are corrupted to the core, but they like to pretend they are very good people with very good intentions.
Which is why i will always have much more respect for politicians like Trump and Marine Le Pen over Macron, Hillary Clinton and Obama.



Well they were trained from birth to fight, so yeah most likely

Probably genetics. Steroids don't affect your bone structure. HGH however does. HGH is extremely expensive though (like $900 a month) so normally only professional athletes or professional body builders use it.


Women don't find the body builder body attractive, but you always see these guys with beautiful women, why is that you may ask. Women do however find social status attractive. Being the biggest p in these social circles will make you the alpha, and thus attractive to women.

I think he's a leftist under 9000 layers of irony

Are you using photoshop, and if so, which filters?

Are you in a parallel universe?

Gimp -> color -> color balance -> give it more red

save as -> .jpg -> bring down the quality to nearly zero

one sincere viking vs 1000 irony leftists

how many retweets can destroy his abs and splinter his shields?

Thank you so much. Prepare for a NAZBOL revolution now.



No having abs makes you a weak bitch. Strong Fat/Bear mode is the strongest there is.

>not >>>/r9k/
that's what you get for not using forward slashes with board names


All the strongest people are fat manlets.

We weren't talking about over all athleticism, only strength.

Do weak, sick animals get to mate? In the sphere of inter-weaved ideologies that "The Golden One" is in, he's probably around the top in physical shape.

Exactly, and the fact that alt right guys worship him, means women will think he's leader, and will like him for that.
Frankly, if you think women are infatuated at the site of a leader, you probably haven't much social interaction in your life.

the strongest people are not always fat, plenty of the chinese and Central Asian lifting champions are just burly compared to most bodybuilders. You don't have to let your body look disgusting to move a lot of weight by any means

Human beings are base animals with base desires. Even those who supposedly eschew such desires still feel them: to attempt to rise above the animal is absurd, idiotic, and impossible. Groups and "sub-cultures" serve as a pack, a community, and the popular in those sub-cultures are more likely to have mates than the rank and file grunt. Personalities serve only to guide a man-beast to a pack of similarly minded individuals.


There's no women (female) in the altright for him to impress though.

I checked the comments on his instagram. It looked like 5-10% were female commenting. One of them was even decent looking.

I just find it amusing that he's always posing with his fellow nazis.
It's like he knows that coming out will get him ostracized from his fantasy nazi comrades.

idk maybe not, it seems like they want to fuck him

Tons of women are unironically right wing though. To be honest RW women are preferable to liberal ones. The Golden One is an obvious closet case though.

Weak males of certain species will present themselves or rather their backsides to the stronger alpha males in an attempt to fit in with the herd for the benefit of food and safety.

Dunno but one gun totting Pisspig can put him in the ground

You mean the guy who went on a modelling tour through syria?

Such fights should be barefisted anyway, or I'll could just as well put a breivik with a massive bomb against pisspig while he's sipping his coffee with cum.

A larping retard. Pay no mind.


Dude can't wait to go kill some orcs

Bash queers as in sex them?


Adam Kokesh is hotter by far.

For far right though, i would choose lias Kasidiaris as the hottest.

Respect the troops

We should convert him to communism. He is really hot.