What a slacker, it's just a rehash of an older cartoon.


wow, only two labels, that must be a record for him

Who is he calling the good guys?

*Hears chorus of faint agonizing autistic screeching in the distance*

I want to see the day he actually incorporate anime into one of his comics even if it's poking fun at it.

The only way to stop Islamic terrorism/radical Islam is to stop fucking bombing them. The west needs to let Assad win and stop supporting Saudi Arabia and Israel.

He's getting rich on that patreon dosh

The only way to stop radical Islam is to nuke them all.

careful with that edge

Hitler liked Islam though.

How hard is it for right wingers to realize the best way to stop radical Islam would be to stop fucking arming and supporting them.

Hitler liked whoever he could use to secure the 1000 year Reich.


Exactly. Wouldn't it make sense to expect more tragedies if Le Pen took office and enacted policies that antagonized Muslims?

That's not why muslims are attacking people. They aren't going psycho because white people are being mean to them. That's a liberal lie. They are being radicalized by Saudi (and therefore American) backed Islamic movements and ideology.

Simply existing 100 meters of muslims as a kuffar antagonizes them.


Fuck, I remember back when he was still a libertarian before appealing to the aut-right, his comics were far more detailed.

Now look at this shit. A man held by some straps with the classical "political correctness" and Islam cutting him.

The other comic is just a man committing seppuku with the same words.

Portugal gets little migracion, they are poor kek

Actually that might be the case in France. It's a very racist country, and has been for a long time.
Garrison is a retard who knows shit all.

Holy shit, it's like you can hear the paranoia from this comic alone

Right, but surely enacting religion-based policies will radicalize the rest, right?

I mean, even you know the majority aren't being brainwashed by Wahabbi preachers.

Don't be retarded. Unless you're referring to the muslims or africans there, not the french. Africans are racist for sure, but I don't know if it's the same with arabs.

Why would anyone want to learn Arabic in Europe?

Wh.ite genocide is real

Because that's their language. Walk around and it's pretty common to hear someone speaking arabic.
I think in the mosques they only pray in arabic, so there's that too.

Wow it's almost like 'common sense conservatism' is intellectually vapid

So whats it called if whites were actually rounded up by the family and sent to death camps? Super genocide?

You're right, it's in their interest to be closed off and not learn a non-euro language. I'm sure that'll serve their security interests well

It says right in the pic you posted that the main reason they decided to teach Arabic is to ensure people interested in learning the language would do so in public school and not in some random mosque.

he's referring to the banlieue situation

Western Europe is going to burn itself to the ground and it deserves it. European social democrats have betrayed the left and the European worker and will be punished by history for it.

I don't like Islam, but the way the far right handles it is retarded. Stop funding them and destroying their region and they'll settle down.

The west literally cannot stop itself from tearing the middle east to pieces. Western capitalists need that area under their control and expect the rest of us to simply foot the bill for them. Multiculturalism is an ideology that passes the social cost for imperialist wars onto the workers instead of the state that is doing all of the actual killing and destruction.

They're not victims. They're expansionist hell bent on subjugating the kuffar wherever they find him, immigration to infidel lands is a fundamental part of jihad. They dont come to France to work hard and drink champagne they come to abuse welfare, spread Islam with the womb, and poison white people with drugs.

Most native terrorists barely even went to the mosque. Hell, cops even found a copy of "Islam for Dummies" in Mohammed Merah's personal belongings. These people radicalize alone on the Internet, not in some shady mosque — it's like the evolution of porn access, really.

Except that one time when the USSR invaded Afghanistan, of course

As it should be the case for any secular, non-retarded country.

What I read in this post:

They were invited to enter the country. I don't see your point.

You can't Nuke 1 billion people, that would result in nuclear winter. use gas chambers

Not an argument, keep making pretend muslims are your friends, all we need is more non white minorities in our societies to make them even more atomized and fractured, it will make the ensuing Nazi masturbation fantasys that much more satisfying 😉

The easiest way to "kill" muslims would be to "kill" Islam by empowering muslim women via the state apparatus.

sure, but that wouldn't make it to history books.

Make the minorities atomised or making society atomised? How can you conduct a mass scale civil war when there is no bond between people?
Are you saying we should keep an equal proportion of mexicans, asians, muslims and africans so that they won't join forces?

ISIS and Al Qaeda both stated they wanted Le Pen to win because it would help push muh clash of civilizations

You know what also helps push that narrative? Electing war mongering (you are a war monger if you support the US and its many "interventions") neoliberals.

Well I guess Le Pen lost so they'll ease up on the terrorist attacks now huh

It's not a "liberal narrative". ISIS and Al-Qaeda openly write in their own journals that anti-Muslim discrimination and populist policies in the West are highly beneficial to them and their indoctrination effort.

It wouldn't. Many nukes were detonated for testing and we're ok. It'd be more expensive than needed though.

Bullshit they did. All they needed to do is one attack this week and Le Pen would've won. Instead they put the attacks on hold for a while so their candidate could win.

You talk like a person whose never read a book before.



Those who live in glass houses shouldn't throw stones.

our philosophy requires massive amounts of reading

Our go-to philosopher Marx wrote 4 fucking door-stoppers on the entirety of capitalism's functions and contradictions.

Your furher's short story was a self-insert about a whiny faggot rejected from art school who blamed all his personal shortcomings on da j00z and didn't cite any evidence whatsoever.

You guys just can't keep up.

I see threads here all the time because people can barely hold their attention enough to read the communist manifesto.

I did. I have a copy of it right fucking here. It reads like an Alex Jones rant set in the 40's.


It's times like these where I love leftypol

you know he's right

What I said was because the guy criticizing my writing fucked up his.
Oh, please. Your Das Kapital uses a billion pages and doesn't even mention basic things like boxing. Try to guess which of the two wins in number of prints despite being banned all over the world.

Of course you can

Truly the downfall of the west shall be political correctness

The blade isn't swinging it's just going up and down.

as clearly represented by the kynetic lines. doesn't look like a swinging motion at all


We need a better edit. The pendulum could be easily edited to say "neoliberalism" Label the guy in the bed "the proletariat"

This is no time to mention the irish, nazifag. We're talking about Marx, stay focused, you ADHD-ridden mutt.
The fuck does that have to do with anything?
This is why you illogical fucktards lost the war, you can't even reason correctly.

A yoyo wouldn't leave such a wound. And if it is indeed a yoyo it can't kill him, since it has already reached once its lowest position (leaving the wound).

IMO they are drawn there (taking 1/3 of the image) and in a non-transparent color just to cover up his epic perspective fail.

Radiation doesn't stop at borders

This is what simple thinking does do people.

It's Orsimer, plebeian.

Underrated post


Just fucking shut your ass up. Clearly you don't know what you're talking about

I for one am looking forward to Islamic socialism in Europe. We'll get used to it.

Wahhabis are basically Islam's version of the alt-right.

Good goy



Can you mix up the country names ( "burgers can't into geography" meme) ?

And how did you become radicalized? Were SJW's mean to you?

and that's a bad thing?

at least try and hide your cuckoldry

I hope this is okay.

Ben Garrison needs to have a title saying "cartoonist., but other than that it's p good.

white grills won't fuck meeee mommy help genocide mommy theyre genociding me


Kekked hard.

what did he mean by this

ummm…. islam hates socialism even more than the right wingers…

why are you celebrating?
i dont understand the marriage of islam and leftism at all.
islam is so fucking far right wing that is doesnt even appear on the normal spectrum.

gay post

Because they might want to interact with those who don't speak a european language or find other cultures interesting. You got people in Holla Forums trying to learn japanese despite not living in japan. They had a chinese class in my high school, it wasn't forced but the option to take something other than standard spanish/french was a nice change of pace to fill humanities credits, but I guess according to you it's because chinese have infiltrated and destroying american culture.

Sometimes I wish I had something that would infuriate me as much as political correctness does people like Ben. I mean, look at all the motivation it gives him, to draw all these comics.

The military-industrial complex, intelligence agencies, Rockefellers, Rothschilds, Soros, et al. all transcend this ideological squabble over "left" and "right" politics. Their only motivation is to cling to power, extract resources and economically conquer the world. They will try to buy out and co-opt any movement, even ones that would be considered "leftist" on the surface, as long as it would benefit their long-term geopolitical strategies. It is an oversimplification to merely call these globalist powers "right wingers." Ideological right wingers are often just pawns and proxies of the globalist powers, whose main job is to help subjugate the masses.